Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The zither's alluring sounds

After fighting Long Xiao Yu for so long, there would be no way that she didn't understand him. Yet never did she think that Long Xiao Yu would actually touch Mu Zi Ling She must've really underestimated Mu Zi Ling’s skills if she actually made Long Xiao Yu admit such a thing..


Once they finished their breakfast, Mu Zi Ling took Xie along with her to explore the Qi King’s Manor. Yesterday, she wore a bridal veil over her head, so she couldn't see anything. Once she took off the bridal veil, she had been immediately taken to the Yu Han Palace. Not once did she have chance to carefully look at her surroundings. She had no idea that the Qi King’s Manor was this huge.

All the decorations were just luxurious enough to still radiate a dignified and magnificent aura. They were elegant but didn't lack taste. Mu Zi Ling stopped as she gazed at her surroundings. The back garden was even larger and prettier than the gardens she saw on T.V. It was resembled the differences between the mortal world and the heavens.

They walked all the way to the You Shui Pavilion. The scenery there was very beautiful, and it was also very quiet and secluded. No one else was here, other than them.

You Shui Pavilion had two floors. Mu Zi Ling had originally wanted to take a look at the second floor but couldn't find a way up. Could it be that one had to fly up there?

In this world, though there was qing gong. Long Xiao Yu’s martial arts must be strong.

(TL Note: “Qing Gong” is a martial arts that allows user’s body to be faster and jump higher.)

Only he would think of this sort of design. This way he wouldn't be bothered by anyone. If he committed a crime, no one could find out. Mu Zi Ling silently pursed her lips.

“Xie, go find me a zither.”

In her past life, whenever she was stressed from work, she would play the zither to get rid of the stress. Looking at this beautiful scenery, Mu Zi Ling suddenly felt the urge to play the zither.

“Young Miss, what do you need the zither for?” Xie asked confusedly. Her Young Miss had never been taught how to play the zither.

Mu Zi Ling looked at how stunned Xie was, and she understood what Xie was thinking about. Mu Zi Ling only laughed and said, “Hurry, go and look for it. I will surprise you with it.”

“Yes.” Xie replied, a before running off.

Mu Zi Ling found a spot to sit down. Her feet were sore and hurting, so she took off her shoes and socks.

She started the Stellar System, and the took out an elixir that could cure pain and aches from her sleeve. Then she started to massage the elixir into her feet.

While Mu Zi Ling was massaging her feet in relief, she didn’t realize that Long Xiao Yu had been watching everything she did on the second floor.

Long Xiao Yu had originally planned to take a nap. However although Mu Zi Ling and Xie didn't make any sounds when they arrived, Long Xiao Yu’s subconscious instincts still woke him up when they stepped foot inside the Pavilion.

Expressionlessly, he moved to sit on his bed, while looking down at Mu Zi Ling.

The pavilion’s design was very special. When looked down from the second floor, it was as if looking through transparent glass, but when looked up from the first floor, one could only see darkness.

As he watched Mu Zi Ling take off her shoes when there was no one around, Long Xiao Yu’s eyes revealed an unusual emotion as well as anger. However, he chose to ignore it.

Moments later, Xie ran back while carrying a zither.

“Young Miss, I found the zither.” Xie walked over as she gasped for breath.

“Set it down here. Look at how rushed you were. Go rest for a bit, I will play the zither for you.” Mu Zi Ling smiled slightly at Xie. She put her shoes back on and then sat down in front of the zither.

Play the zither? Young Miss wanted to play the zither?

She had been with Young Miss ever since they were young and grew up with her. She had never seen Young Miss learn how to play the zither. Young Miss, could people even listen to your zither without crying in despair? Could this servant not listen to it?

Xie was thinking sadly to herself. Then she put on a face of bravery as if she was facing death and silently comforted herself. As long as it was Young Miss playing the zither, even if it was ear piercing and demonic she would still have to listen to it, and act as if it sounded amazing. Her Young Miss was finally interested in something, so she couldn’t let Young Miss down.

Mu Zi Ling sat down, dropped her eyes and face, and entered the calm world in her mind. Her pale and beautiful fingers were like floating clouds and flowing water as they brushed the zither’s strings. Her pair of clear and limpid eyes contained a charming light. This made people unable to resist her gaze and they would unconsciously be drawn into the music, making them intoxicated.

Elegant and smooth melody, easy and refined singing:

The ink has entered the water, creating a flowering black pool.

Holding onto the last bits of evening, and picking bamboo to take home.

If you could see the scenery in my heart with your eyes.

I will pray for you every step with a lotus flower.

Those long-living grasses hasten the years of life along.

With a smile, the beautiful flowers and birds decided fate.


I only leave behind a cup of budding tea.

Those long-living grasses hasten the years of life along

With a smile, the beautiful flowers and birds decide fate.

(TLnote: My translation to this song wasn't that great so please don'tkill me! I have linked the song at the end of the chapter. I highlysuggest you to listen to it!)

As it seeps into a pool of water, ink will turn into black flowers.

Only when the last evening lights arrive do I carry harvested bamboo back home.

If you can see the scenery inside my heart through your eyes.

Then I will plant a lotus for you step by step.

Know that like a field of grass, people will age as the years float by.

The moon, wind, flowers and the birds all smile as their fate comes to an end.

Leaving behind a light colored sprout tea.

Know that like a field of grass, people will age as the years float by.

The moon, wind, flowers and the birds all smile as their fate comes to an end.

(Panda Note: Lol I tried to edit the song for but some parts like the sprout tea and the second line confused me (what even is sprout tea) )


Finishing the song, the rising sounds of the zither reached higher and higher. It was as if it was a fog slowly creeping through the heart.

Xie, who was sitting off to the side, had already been immersed deeply into the music.

“Xie, Xie, how was it?” Mu Zi Ling looked at Xie, who seemed dumbstruck and stupefied. She seemed to doubt her abilities earlier, but now she was entranced by the music.

“Young…. Young Miss, you… you knew how to play the zither? You can even sing? It sounded so good. I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life. Young Miss looked so beautiful just then, like a goddess descending to the mortal world!”

Xie said excitedly. It was so incredible! Young Miss was actually so amazing! When did Young Miss learn to play the zither? How come she didn’t know?

Mu Zi Ling laughed naughtily, “Do you want to learn? In the future when there’s a chance, I can teach you.” Mu Zi Ling has already considered Xie as her own sister.

“No, no. Young Miss, this servant doesn't want to learn. This servant only wants to listen to Young Miss play it.” said Xie as she shook her head and waved her hands. By no means did she ever want to learn how to play. Just listening to her Young Miss play it was enough.

“Then I will only play the zither for you, ok?” Mu Zi Ling's gentle face was filled with smiles.

She nodded her head, and then shook her head, “Young Miss should also play for his highness Qi King.” If His Highness knew that Young Miss wasn’t useless and without virtues, but but was simply hiding her skills, then he would definitely like it!

If you want to hear the song that Mu Zi Ling was singing it is here:

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