Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Just unbelievable
An image of his cold face popped up into Mu Zi Ling’s mind. She shook her head vigorously and said, “Why would I play for him? I will only play for you, Xie.”
Long Xiao Yu wasn’t anyone to her. He was only her husband in name.
Their marriage wasn't even blessed! How far they could go wasn't even clear.
She wasn't a love sick fool anyways. There was no way that she would act like the girls in ancient times. No way was she going to waste all her time on trying to win a guy’s heart.
One small deed would feel amazing if the couple was really in love.
There wouldn't be any love in a relationship where schemes were used to woo a person. Such a fake relationship could not be called love.
Although she wasn't sure if she would ever experience such an unforgettable love, she knew that she would never share her husband with another woman.
“Young Miss, that wouldn’t do. If…. if that's the case then I won’t listen to it either.” Xie said with a firm look, as if she had resolutely decided on something.
“Haha. Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s getting late, let's go back.” Mu Zi Ling looked helplessly at Xie, who sat there stubbornly.
Everyone had already assumed that Mu Zi Ling was a useless idiot. If too many people found out that she had all of a sudden changed, it would cause too much suspicion.
It would be better if she kept a low-key profile and do things slowly step by step. It would not benefit her in any way if she revealed herself too early on. In addition, she had still not forgotten the reason why she was married to Long Xiao Yu.
However, Mu Zi Ling didn’t realize that her performance had been heard by three other people. On the second floor, Long Xiao Yu had been encaptured by Mu Zi Ling’s performance
Since Long Xiao Yu’s psychological strength was so strong, no one and nothing had ever affected him mentally before. However, unexpectedly, he had actually been encaptured by Mu Zi Ling’s song.
A half filled pot of green tea evoked homesickness, while a thin sheet of muslin encased the mortal world.
As he watched he master and servant pair walked further and further away, his eyes revealed a strange emoti
on that even he didn’t notice. Mu Zi Ling, who exactly are you?
Gui Ying and Gui Mei who were hiding in the shadows were also shocked by the zither’s sounds.
Although they couldn’t see the Princess herself, the moment earlier must’ve been beautiful. Wasn’t the Princess an idiot?
How was it possible that she was capable of such beautiful and amazing music? This was too unbelievable. How was this an idiot? This was clearly a genius!
A white figure floated up onto the second floor. He wore a white robe and his face resembled a piece jade. His clear and gentle eyes added a few points of charms to his appearance while still managing to look natural. If someone was caught unaware, he could easily slip into their hearts. He really was a handsome man.
Long Xiao Yu’s head slowly cleared and he swept his gaze towards at the other man, lightly saying, “How is it?”
A sliver of hesitation appeared on Le Tian’s handsome face, “Xiao Yu, Ling Long’s blood has started to reject the heart protecting grass. I’m afraid that the next time the Madam’s disease acts up…” Le Tian trailed of.
Long Xiao Yu was very clear about this. His cold and arrogant eyes focused onto something in the distance. The deepest abyss of his eyes were covered in frost. A moment later, he coldly asked, “What medicine will we have to find this time?”
Le Tian shook his head and sighed, “Dragon Palm’s Blood. I have heard that the dragon palm’s blood grows in the Sheng Hen Canyon. The landscape there is practically inaccessible and is very dangerous. It will not be easy to find.”
Long Xiao Yu stayed silent. His eyes were cold as if he was deep in thought.
After being married for 3 days, everyday she spent in the King’s Manor was more uneventful than the last. Ever since that one time she encountered Long Xiao Yu, she didn’t bump into him anymore. She had no idea what he was doing. It was like he was a dragon whose hands could be seen while its tail was hidden.
(TL note: This saying is referring to someone who appears suddenly at one moment, but quickly disappears at the next moment. This basically means that the person’s where abouts were a mystery.)
Originally on the third day of the marriage, she was supposed to return home. However the Old
Madame has already returned to the Qing An Temple.
Currently, other than Mi Yi Xue and her mother at the manor, the manor was empty. Moreover, Mu Yi Xue’s body should still be covered in large bumps from last time. If she returned now, it would be catastrophic.
Deducting one less problem would be better than increasing the number of problems!
“Xie, go and prepare two sets of male clothes.”
Mu Zi Ling thought about it for a second. She had remained here for so many days already, yet she still hadn’t gone outside yet. She wanted to go and take a look to see if there were any suitable stalls. There was so many medical supplies in the stellar system that she could open a medical stall.
Although with the title of the the Qi Princess and her dowry, there wasn’t anything that she lacked. However she needed to find something to do. Carrying around the tittle Qi Princess would attract attention to her wherever she went, so her only option was to disguise herself.
“Young Miss, what do you need male clothing for?” Xie confusedly asked.
“We’ll be going to browse around outside. Seeing as it will draw a lot of attention if we go out, we can only leave while dressed as men.
“Yes, this servant will go prepare immediately.” Xie was also very happy.
Ever since they were little, her Young Miss rarely went outside. Now, she could finally go out with the Young Miss.
The streets of ancient times were really lively.. There were tearooms, restaurants, pubs, and pawn shops on both sides of the streets. Many people were bustling around in the streets. This street was even more noisy and crowded than the streets she saw on T.V.
Mu Zi Ling’s attention was completely focused on trying to find a good stall. Suddenly her focus was interrupted by an unwanted person.
“Third Sister in law, Third Sister in law, wait for me!” Long Xiao Yu jumped and ran towards Mu Zi Ling.
Ever since he was locked away in the Yu Han Palace to reflect, he had experienced a full three days of mental torture. Once he left that place, he had learned to be obedient.
During that time, he also realized something: In this world other than Third Brother, Third Sister in law could not be offended!

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