Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Mysterious Boss.

Originally he was heading over to the Qi King’s Manor to look for Long Xiao Yu. However he had unexpectedly run into Mu Zi Ling on the street.

He could recognize Mu Xi Ling even through the male clothes she was wearing, making him curious.

“Young Miss, it’s the Sixth Prince.” reminded Xie.

Mu Zi Ling looked toward Long Xiao Ze who had just run towards them. Thinking to herself, she wondered, how could he still recognize her in these clothes? Did Long Xiao Ze have eyes of fire and golden pupils? Then she came up with a crafty scheme.

(TL note: Fire eyes and golden pupils is referring to someone who can see anything.)

She looked at the empty wallet on Xie. She then pointed towards a large restaurant not too far away, “Xie, I’m hungry. Let's go and eat over at the Night and Rain restaurant.

Xie looked at the restaurant and replied, “Young Miss, that restaurant is the most expensive restaurant in town. Just one dish will cost hundreds of taels. We’ve only brought a few taels with us.”

“It’s fine, some one will be treating us.” said Mu Zi Ling without thinking. Then she smiled and looked at Long Xiao Ze.

Long Xiao Ze finally caught up to Mu Zi Ling and gasped for breath, “Third Sister in law, it really was you. Why are you wearing male clothing? I almost didn’t recognize you. Where are you two going?”

“That restaurant looks pretty good. I want to go eat there.” as Mu Zi Ling was talking, she pointed towards Night Rain restaurant.

Long Xiao Yu’s eyes followed Mu Zi Ling’s finger. He then dog-legly said, “Third Sister in law you sure have good eyes. Night Rain restaurant is the most famous restaurant here. All of their food is top notch. Let's go, I will treat you two to a big meal.”

(TL note: “dog leg” is used to describe someone who has a sugar coated mouth, or praises a person a lot)

Mu Zi Ling didn’t expect Long Xiao Yu to be so generous. She had played him a few days ago, yet he was still being so generous, treating her to a meal.

She thought that she would have to think up a plan to trick him. However, he was a Prince, so his wallet should contain lots of taels. She then stopped being polite, and walked straight into Night Rain restaurant.

Right as they walked up to the front of Night Rain restaurant, Mu Zi Ling noticed that there was a crowd of people. However, most shops near the Night Rain restaurant were empty. This made her feel very suspicious.

If there was so many people in this section, why did no one open a shop here? If someone opened up a shop here, then the income they would receive would be enormous!

“Why does no occupy the shops next to Night Rain restaurant?” said Mu Zi Ling curiously.

“Young Miss these shops are all in the Night Rain restaurant’s territory. The Night Rain restaurant was opened a year ago, and the people who dined there were all high ranked officials and rich people. In addition the boss was very mysterious. He would always wear a mask, and no one ever saw his appearance. Rumors say that he doesn’t like loud noises, so he bought all the shops around the Night Rain restaurant. The small vendors were also afraid of offending the boss, so no one dared to open a shop near Night Rain restaurant.” said Xie mysteriously.

Mu Xi Ling sighed. Was there really a need to be so tyrannical? Such a great spot, it was a shame that all these shops were empty. It would be superb if she could open up a medical stall here.

Thinking about this, she wanted a mile after receiving an inch. She asked Long Xiao Ze, “Aren’t you a Prince? Don’t you think that the boss will give you some face and sell a shop to you?”

(TL note: “Winning and inch and wanting a feet” means that you get a small advantage, but you are taking that further.)

Long Xiao Ze was confused after he heard the question. He then stupidly asked, “Third Sister in law, I have enough money to spend. What would I need to buy a shop for?”

Mu Zi Ling rolled her eyes at him, “It’s not for you to buy. It’s for me to buy.”

Long Xiao Ze became even more confused, “Third Sister in law, are you lacking money? I can give you some. You don't have to buy a shop.”

Mu Zi Ling knew that Long Xiao Ze was generous, but she didn’t know that he was generous to the point of giving her spending money.

She didn’t want to waste any more words on Long Xiao Ze, and lazily said, “I have a use for it.”

“Third Sister in law, even if you use the royal name, you still won't be able to buy land from that boss. I tried it once with Fifth brother. However, if you really want to buy a shop, then you can get Third Brother to help. Third Brother would definitely have a way.”

In this world, who wouldn’t give his Third Brother face? If his Third Brother came, even if he wanted the whole street, het would be able buy it.

Find Long Xiao Yu? She believed that with Long Xiao Yu’s abilities, he was capable of buying it. However, she didn't want his help, anyways she was too scared to ask. He was so powerful. How could she get him to condescend and help her?

Furthermore, she didn't want Long Xiao Yu to know that she opened a medical stall outside. She wasn't sure if Long Xiao Yu would care, but she still didn't want him to know. Whatever, she would have to think up of something herself.

Mu Zi Ling shook her head and warned him, “It’s fine, I will think up something myself. Also, you better not tell him about any of this. If you do, I will let you have a taste of my honey dew every day.

Long Xiao Ze immediately clung on tightly to his face which was still swollen from bee stings, and said with a face full of caution, “Third Sister in law, rest assured. I wouldn't tell Third Brother anything.”

Mu Zi Ling satisfyingly nodded, “Let's go. I’m very hungry.”

The three walked into the restaurant together. The restaurant’s decorations had a unique style. With just one look, you could tell that the boss had an extraordinary taste.

Mu ZI Ling and the other two wanted the wanted the most elegant room on the second floor, and ordered the most expensive dishes.

With such a big meal, they scammed Long Xiao Ze of all his money.

Long Xiao Ze has always been very generous, so he didn't even feel a bit unhappy. .

In addition the money had been given by his Third Brother, and Third Brother had a lots of money. Mu Zi Ling also didn't have a single clue that she was using her own household's money.

After eating till they were full, they started to walk downstairs. Suddenly they heard an uproar from the third floor once they reached the bottom.

“Look quickly! It’s Boss Ye!”

“I come here very often to eat, but this is the first time that I’ve seen Boss Ye.”

“He’s so mysterious.”


“Third Sister in law, that person is the Night Rain restaurant’s mysterious boss. This is the first time that I've seen him.” said Long Xiao Ze to Mu Zi Ling beside him.

Mu Xi Ling was kind of curious. She looked towards the commotion and saw that a man wearing red clothing with a half-silver and half-butterfly mask was coming down the stairs.

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