Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Saving people

When the man in red walked pass Mu Zi Ling and her companions, he suddenly came to a stop before slowly turning his head towards Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling stared back him. The two stared at each other for a few seconds until the man retracted his gaze and started to walk away.

As the silhouette disappeared from her sight Mu Zi Ling came back to her senses.

Although the red-clothed man had a mask on, Mu Zi Ling couldn't help but notice his familiar clear and alert eyes.

It felt like she had seen them before.

However, she had only arrived a few days ago, and today was her first time outside. When had she received a chance to encounter such a mysterious person?

With him being so mysterious, it was obvious that buying a shop from him would be almost impossible. If she couldn't buy a shop here, then she would have to go buy a shop elsewhere.

“Let's go.” said Mu Zi Ling to Long Xiao Yu and Xie as she stopped thinking about it. They then proceeded downstairs.

As they passed a bridge on their way back, they heard somebody call for help, “Help! Help!”

Mu Zi Ling looked towards the sound. It looked as if someone had fallen into the river. She turned towards Xie and Long Xiao Ze and said, “Let’s go and see what happened over there.”

Walking closer to see what happened, it appeared that there really was someone who had fallen into the river. Although a number of commoners were all surrounding the area while talking amongst each other, no one went down to save the person.

Once Mu Zi Ling saw what was happening, she threw off her outer robe silently and threw it towards Xie.

Putong! She jumped into the water and swam towards the person’s side, before dragging the person to shore.

“Young Miss!”

“Third Sister in law!” screamed Long Xiao Ze and Xie at the same time. They were both shocked by Mu Zi Ling. Why did she just dive into the water?

They only recovered when Mu Zi Ling brought the person ashore. Xie cried as she ran over, “Wuuu~ Young Miss, you almost scared this servant to death.”

“Third Sister in law, why did you….” Long Xiao Ze’s face was also full of panic.

“I’m fine, save her first.” Mu Zi Ling cut off.

She looked at the person she had just saved. It was a girl around the age of sixteen or seventeen. Mu Zi Ling put her hands over the girl’s nose and mouth. She had already stopped breathing. She immediately started CPR for the young girl. Mu Zi Ling slammed her small hands onto the young girl’s precordial area methodically.

Still no response? Without saying a word, she started to execute a extrathoracic cardiac massage.

Suddenly, the person who had been calling for help, ran over. After seeing that Mu Zi Ling had used her fist to hit her Mistress, and was now pressing down onto her Mistress’s chest, she hurriedly tried to stop Mu Zi Ling, “Stop! What are you doing to my Mistress?!”

Mu Zi Ling didn’t have enough time to explain, and only stared at her while she talking in a stern voice, “If you don't want her to die, then shut up.”

After she spoke, she continued her extrathoracic cardiac massage. She opened the young girl’s jaw and prepared to do an artificial respiration.

After Mu Zi Ling had lectured the maid, she was scared that she didn’t dare to say anything else.

Long Xiao Ze and Xie, like the commoners, were shocked at Mu Zi Ling’s actions.

“Why was that Young man hitting her? And now he’s even trying to kiss her!

“Yeah, he’s in front of so many people, yet he’s still touching her body.”

“He should feel ashamed of himself!”


The commoners were all talking about Mu Zi Ling.

“What is Third Sister in law doing? If she wants to save her then why is she hitting her? Now it looks like she is going to kiss that person.” murmured Long Xiao Ze with a face full of confusion.

“Young Miss….” Xie was also very confused. Right now her Young Miss was in men’s clothes, so why was she kissing the young girl in front so many people? She wanted to stop her but didn't know what to do.

“Cough…. Cough….” the young girl on the ground woke up. She coughed up two mouthfuls of water, before slowly opening her eyes.

Seeing Mu Zi Ling so close to her face, she harshly pushed her away in surprise. What did this man want to do with her?

The young girl screamed, “Get away from me, you stupid rogue!”

Mu Zi Ling was not prepared, so she was pushed onto the ground.

“Young Master!” Xie hurried over and helped Mu Zi Ling up. Then she turned towards the young girl and screamed, “What are you doing?! My Young Master just saved you! Why did you push him?!

“Xie, I am fine.” assured Mu Zi Ling while holding onto Xie’s hands.

When the young girl’s maid saw that the young girl was awake, she quickly rushed over and helped her up, “Mistress, Mistress, are you ok? Just now, it was this young man that saved Mistress.”

The maid pointed at the Mu Zi Ling who was putting on her outer robe. Now she knew that Mu Zi Ling really was trying to save her Mistress. However, why did he hit and kiss her Mistress? She looked over at Mu Zi Ling strangely.

The young girl shook her head and said, “Dong’er, I am fine.”

She looked at the person who saved her. Although she was angry earlier, she decided that this person was rather strange.

Although no-one else noticed anything, she did. When she pushed that person away earlier, she clearly felt something on that person’s chest. That person was definitely a female!

Now she was sure of her earlier guess.

Since she wasn't wearing a robe earlier, the young girl caught a glimpse of Mu Zi Ling’s chest which was wrapped in white cloth. Through her tight, wet clothes, she also saw the two ear piercings hidden in hair.

“I’m sorry for my actions earlier, I misunderstood you. Thank you for saving my life.” The young girl was very confused on why this woman in front of her was dressed in male clothes. Also why had she been kissing her?

Once she realized that the other person was a female, she wasn’t bother about it anymore. Either way, she was still her savior. She probably had a reason to be dressed in male clothes, so it would be better to not expose her.

Mu Zi Ling wasn’t paying much attention to the young girl’s words, instead, she was focusing to the commoners’ gossip.

Only now did she remember that she was in male clothing. Earlier, she was just trying to save the person and didn't care. However, what the commoners saw was her touching the girl's chest, and almost kissing her.

Although she was saving someone in her own eyes, it didn't mean others would see it the same way. In a narrow-minded person’s eyes she was just a flirtatious playboy. She should probably leave now….

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