Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Caught while wearing messy clothes.

Mu Zi Ling hurriedly waved her hands, “ It’s fine. We still have something to do, so we’ll take a leave first.”

Without waiting for a response, she grabbed Xie with one hand, and Long Xiao Ze with the other and quickly walked away.

The young woman didn’t even have a chance to ask for their names before Mu Zi Ling and the other two had already disappeared from her vision. She paused then turned to her maid and said, “Dong’er get some people to investigate them.”

She had sneaked down the mountain to look for her elder brother. However she fell into a river by accident because she thought she saw her elder brother.

Not only was she unable to find her elder brother, she would have lost her life if not for that stranger.


Elsewhere, Mu Zi Ling pulled Long Xiao Ze and Xie back to the King’s Manor.

Xie was indifferent, but Long Xiao Ze was glaring at the hand that Mu Zi Ling held.

Why was Third Sister in law holding his hand again? He wanted to let go, but a small voice in his heart told him not to. The ice cold yet yet still pleasant feeling in his palm traveled all the way up to his heart.

“Young Miss, why did you kiss that girl earlier?” Xie finally managed to say the words that she had been holding in for the whole journey.

Once Mu Zi Ling realized that they had already left behind the commoners, she let go of their hands and explained, “That is not called kissing, that is called artificial respiration. I blew air into her mouth, and got her to spit out all the water in her stomach.”

Long Xiao Ze saw that Mu Zi Ling had let his hand go, and hid the lost feeling in his heart.

Listening to Mu Zi Ling’s explanation, he was dumbstruck. You can save people that way? How come he hasn't heard about it before?

“Then Third Sister in law, if it was a male that had fallen into the river, would you use the same method to save him? Would you also give him artificial respiration?” Long Xiao Ze didn't know why, but he felt compelled to ask.

“Depends on the situation. In front of a doctor, there is no such thing as the boundaries between man and woman.” The most important thing was the human life. Who would think about it that much? Mu Zi Ling answered his question without even thinking.

The ancient times sure was feudal! Everywhere you go, you had to be careful to not to raise up suspicion.

As Xie listened to Mu Zi Ling’s words, she was so scared that she was starting to soak in cold sweat. Right now, her Young Miss was the Qi Princess. Although the other party was a girl, they still shouldn’t have such close contact.

Although his highness the Qi King didn't have any feelings for the Young Miss right now, she would still have to carefully watch her Young Miss. That way her Young Miss wouldn’t do anything so shocking again. Her Young Miss wasn’t useless and dumb. She believed that one day the Young Miss will impress his highness the Qi King and he would change his opinion of her..

Long Xiao Ze was secretly glad inside. Thank goodness the person Long Xiao Ze saved was a girl.

If it was a guy, once Third Brother found out that Third Sister in law was acting like this... Plus the fact that all this happened under his presence… He didn't know how many more days he would have to spend in the Yu Palace.

Although Third Brother didn't have any feelings toward Third Sister in law, she was still the Qi Princess. If rumors were to spread to the Royal Palace, the Empress Dowager would definitely make a move.

Close to the King Manor’s front door, Mu Zi Ling saw Long Xiao Yu dressed full in black. At the moment, his eyes only contained coldness. His brows revealed novelty and arrogance.


Beside him were two shadow guards who were heavily wounded. They were just about to go through the doors.

Long Xiao Ze also saw them. He took the initiative and went up to Long Xiao Yu and the other two. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with a serious look when he asked, “Third Brother what happened to Gui Ying and Gui Mei? Why are they so heavily wounded?

Gui Ying and Gui Mei were Third Brother’s strongest shadow guards. Normally, there would be no chance of anyone hurting them. Just where did they go? Who could have wounded them to such extent?!

“It’s fine, go get Le Tian over here” said Long Xiao Yu coldly.

“Ok. Third Sister in law, I will be off now.” said Long Xiao Ze to Mu Zi Ling quickly. He knew that the situation was urgent, so he immediately ran off without wasting anymore time.

Then coldly, Long Xiao Yu looked at Mu Zi Ling. Not only was she was in male clothing, she was also soaked from head to toe.

Mu Zi Ling had ran the whole way here so now, her hair was a mess, and her clothes were all disarrayed.

If you looked closely, you could faintly see the garments that she tightly wrapped around her body, revealing a good figure

After staring at her for a few seconds, his eyes filled with disgust and instantly flashed with a cold glint of anger. He didn’t bother with her and walked straight through the front door. Gui Mei carried Gui Ying, who was unconscious and followed him.

Mu Zi Ling shuddered. She looked down at her clothes. She was almost naked! She quickly adjusted her clothes, with an uneasy feeling.

Did Long Xiao Yu see anything earlier? Arriving with her clothes in such disarray would probably give many people the wrong impression.

What kind of expression did Long Xiao Yu give her? Watching Long Xiao Yu’s cold back, Mu Zi Ling felt like she did something wrong.

However, it wasn't the time to worry about that right now. Earlier, she had used the Stellar System to check the two’s injuries. One of them was poisoned badly and if not treated immediately, it would be too late..

Although she didn’t want to expose herself, a person’s life was the more important. At the moment she just didn’t care whether or not she would be exposed..

As a doctor seeing a person with such heavy injuries, how could she just watch without taking action?!

To save one’s life was more rewarding, than to build a seven-storied pagoda!

(TL note: This means that saving someone’s life is better than being worshiped)

Anyways, Long Xiao Yu had helped her before so this could be counted as repaying a favor.

She could tell that Long Xiao Yu was really attached to the two. She looked at her wet clothes again. It would be better if she saved the person first before changing her clothes.

“Wait.” yelled Mu Zi Ling.

However, he didn’t stop walking so Mu Zi Ling hurriedly chased after them. Since she was in such a rush, she forgot her own title and shouted, “I can save them.”

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