Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Curing the poison

Long Xiao Yu stopped, but he didn’t turn around.

Mu Zi Ling ignored him and continued speaking, “Both of them have sustained heavy injuries, one of them is poisoned with the Misty Rain Soul Break. It has almost been four hours, and the poison has entered his five of his viscera and six bowels. He needs to be treated now. In another hour, he will melt into a pool of blood.”

Where on earth did they go? The Misty Rain Soul Break was a fatal poison that could penetrate a person’s soul. Whoever used this poison must've been extremely ruthless. The poison would only show itself after four hours had passed.

However the second that the poison kicked in, the victim would feel as if their soul was being removed from their body, before turning into a pool of blood without anyone knowing what had happened.

Although Mu Zi Ling was curious, she didn't ask.

She could tell that Long Xiao Yu was being very secretive about this matter. Even if she asked him, he wouldn't answer her. Besides if she knew about their secret, then her life could also be in danger.

Right now she only needed to save him. There were things that she didn't know about, and it would be better if she kept it that way.

Long Xiao Yu’s expression remained cold. His brows wrinkled, and he looked towards Mu Zi Ling who had just tidied up her clothes. It was true Gui Ying had been poisoned for almost four hours now.

If Gui Ying was poisoned with a common poison, then he would’ve known about it. However, this time Gui Ying had been poisoned with something he had never seen before.

This woman barely looked at him yet knew what he has been poisoned with. She even understood the poison this thoroughly. Could she really cure him?

If what she said was true, then the poison would kick in after entering five of Gui Ying’s viscera and six bowels. If it was true, then by the time Le Tian arrived, it would be too late.

As he thought, Long Xiao Yu looked at Gui Ying who laid unconscious with a pale face.

Although he doubted whether or not Mu Zi Ling could actually save Gui Ying, with the way Gui Ying was suffering now, it was obvious he didn’t have enough time to think about it.

Long Xiao Yu said coldly, “You, save him?”

Mu Zi Ling nodded her head and said, “I can save him!”

Long Xiao Yu stood there like a statue. He looked over at the wet clothes on Mu Zi Ling with disgust. He wanted Mu Zi Ling to change her clothes first, and said, “You go-”

He hadn't even finished speaking when he was cut off by Mu Zi Ling, “We’re running out of time. His condition is very severe.

She already knew that Long Xiao Ze was very disgusted by her through his eyes.

However, his own subordinate’s life was in the line. She didn't believe that Long Xiao Ze would just let somebody die because of his mysophobia.

She purposefully made the situation sound worse than it was. She didn't even care that she was soaked so how did Long Xiao Yu have the right to care?

Long Xiao Yu’s eyes were dark. He didn’t say anything further about Mu Zi Ling’s clothes, and instead coldly said, “Go.”

Then he turned around and continued onwards. Although Mu Zi Ling wasn't sure if he meant that she could treat Gui Ying or not, that word alone was worth more than gold.

Mu Zi Ling dwell on it too much. Her number one priority right now was to save a life. She then ordered, “Xie, go to the Yu Han Palace and bring me the wooden box under my bed. Hurry!”

To avoid suspicions, she brought out a medical box from the Stellar System. For convenience the box could only be unlocked with her fingerprint.

The box was made from special materials and was a very advanced piece of technology. Since in this era, you wouldn’t be able to find anything like it, she slightly changed the medical box to look like a regular medical box. However, you would still need to use a fingerprint to open it.

Although the box didn't look very big, the space inside was much larger than a regular medical box.

No matter how many items she put in there, the box would still weigh the same. Thus she had placed many items in there for emergencies.

Other than with her fingerprint, no one else would be able to open the box. That was why she wasn’t worried about people discovering the box’s secrets.

“Yes, Young Miss.” Xie saw that the situation was very urgent. Although she was really curious as to why Mu Zi Ling knew how to cure the poison, she didn’t have enough time to ask. Instead she hurriedly ran off.

She followed Long Xiao Yu into a courtyard. Gui Mei gently set Gui Ying onto a bed.

Mu Zi Ling took out a bottle of medicine from her sleeve and calmly said to Gui Mei, “Your injuries are not a joke. Use this medicine on yourself to stop the pain for now. Once Xie arrives with my medical box, I will treat your wounds. For now I have to cure his poison first!”

Gui Mei was very skeptical about this. He turned to look at Long Xiao Yu confusedly. Only when Long Xiao Yu nodded his head did he start applying the medicine, “Yes Princess.”

Mu Zi Ling began to focus and entered a concentration mode. She ripped open Gui Ying’s outer clothes without any shyness or bashfulness. Then she took out some silver needles from her sleeve and aimed them at his acupuncture points before inserting them accurately and firmly.

This process was supposed to go by fast, but her forehead quickly started to form a thin layer of sweat. She didn’t bother wiping it way, and took out some medicine to sterilize Gui Ying’s wounds instead.

She would rest once Xie came back. For now she couldn't take out too many items otherwise she would be exposed.

After doing what she could do, she fixed her gaze onto Gui Ying in order to avoid Long Xiao Yu.

However Mu Zi Ling didn’t realize that Long Xiao Yu’s gaze hadn’t left her since she started.

He ignored her wet clothes, and watched as she cured Gui Ying’s poison professionally and calmly. She seemed completely opposite from how she was before.

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