Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Le Tian the beautiful guy

Although Mu Zi Ling looked very pitiful right now, the aura she gave off had completely concealed her appearance.

Mu Zi Ling! Which one is the real you?! How many secrets are you still hiding?!

After Gui Mei applied the medicine, his wound immediately stopped bleeding and the pain disappeared. He stared at Mu Zi Ling in amazement.

Just who exactly was the Princess? Not only did she know how to play the zither, she could also cure poison! She was nothing like what the rumors had said about her!

A few minutes later, Xie arrived with the medical box. Mu Zi Ling looked over, at Gui Mei and quietly ordered, “Wait a moment.”

After she finished speaking, Mu Zi Ling went back to staring at Gui Ying. Soon enough, black blood started flowing out of the holes from the needles continuously.

Then she took the medical box and opened it with her fingerprint. She took out some elixirs and gauzes from the box and started to patch up Gui Ying’s wound.

After Gui Ying’s wound was treated, Mu Zi Ling started to treat Gui Mei’s wounds. Gui Mei watched Mu Zi Ling’s hands as she worked. The way she moved was very skilled, like she had done this many, many times before.

He looked over at Gui Ying and saw that his skin color had returned back to normal. He then knew that Gui Ying’s poison had been cured. Shedding tears of gratitude, he kneeled down before Mu Zi Ling and said, “Thank you Princess for saving this one’s life.”

“Hey, hey, no need to kneel. This Princess doesn’t like people kneeling down to me. As a doctor, it is my duty to save and cure people.” Mu Zi Ling had been frightened by Gui Mei suddenly kneeling down. She stepped forwards trying to help him up.

Gui Mei rose just before she could help him up. His Highness was still here so he couldn't allow the Princess help him up.

However, why was the Princess so friendly and approachable? She didn’t seem arrogant in the least. He was starting to gain more respect towards the Princess.

Suddenly Long Xiao Ze rushed in with Le Tian and hurriedly walked over, “Third Brother, Le Tian is here.”

“Xiao Yu, what's going on?” Le Tian asked confusedly, looking at the small silhouette by the bed.

“Poison.” said Long Xiao Yu lighty. He didn’t say anything else and gestured for Le Tian to look for himself.

Mu Zi Ling looked as a white-clothed, gentle and jade-like man walked over. This man was really beautiful. He was more beautiful than even a woman.

This must be the Le Tian that Long Xiao Yu was talking about earlier. He even referred to Long Xiao Yu with his first name so they must be close.

Le Tian looked at the Gui Mei’s messy hair and sorry figure. However seeing that Gui Mei’s wounds were taken care of, Le Tian nodded his head albeit doubtfully and carried on his way.

He then started to check on Gui Ying.

Gui Ying’s poison was completely cured, and his wounds were treated with precision. The needles on his body were in located acupuncture holes that even he even he didn't know about.

Le Tian’s face looked more and more amazed. This young master looked even younger than him. However, he could still completely cure Gu Ying of the Misty Rain Soul Break within such a short time.

However, it was a good thing that that he cured Gui Ying’s poison. If they had waited for him to arrive, Gui Ying would probably already be dead.

Curiously Le Tian turned to Mu Zi Ling and said, “May I ask where did Young master come from? Your needle technique was really advanced. This one has never seen those acupuncture points. The Misty Rain Soul Break poison is a poison that pulls the soul from the body. However, Young Master was able to force out the poison in such a short time.”

If it was him, he would still need hours to try and cure the poison by using different medicines and comparing their properties. To be able to cure the poison with only a few needles was not something that he could do.

Suddenly, Mu Zi Ling was at a lost for words. How was she supposed to answer his questions?

Was she supposed to say that she studied traditional chinese medicine in the past? That the first step in her studies was to memorise all seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points on a human body? Among those that included live points and lethal points? With that knowledge, pricking a few needles would become a simple task.

The other Mu Zi Ling never went outside, where would she have found a master? If she claimed that she read through books and learned it by herself, no one would believe her.

Disregarding fact that the other Mu Zi Ling couldn’t read. Even if she did read and learned medicine, she still shouldn’t have been able to tell the type poison with merely a glance. Added onto the fact that she cured the poison in such a short time span, that would have been just be too heavenly defying.

Long Xiao Yu and others standing off to the side were all staring at her. It felt like everyone was waiting for her answer. Since no one was about to let her off, she would just have to come up with something on the spot.

Mu Zi Ling switched expressions and smiled while earnestly saying, “My master taught me. I only know a bit, it’s nothing to be surprised about. It was just like a blind cat running into a dead rat.”

Only know a bit? Blind cat running into a dead rat?

(TL note: “Blind cat running into a dead rat” means that one just had blind luck.)

Such a far-fetched reason, no one who heard it would believe it. Looking at her smile so purely and harmlessly, with a pair of starry and watery eyes, Le Tian suddenly felt incredulous.

In Jiang Hu, other than his master the ghost doctor Bai Li Qiu, who else in the world could also have such heaven defying medical skills?!

Could it be that it was his master? No it couldn’t be!

His master had already taught him all the medical operations that he accumulated in his lifetime.

Besides, his master didn’t know any exquisite needle technique that could so easily cure the Misty Rain Soul Break. Either way, his master was far away in the Spirit Mountain and it had been tens of years since he last came out.

There were skies beyond the sky, and people beyond people. Could this world really have a divine doctor with skills on par as his master? Le Tian then asked out of curiosity, “May I ask who is your master?”

“My master is very mysterious, even I don't know what he’s called. Every time I’ve seen him, he's always wearing a mask. He would always be the one who comes looking for me so I have no ways of contacting him.” Mu Zi Ling said guiltily.

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