Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Your princess isn’t simple.

It wasn't her fault that she had to lie. Some questions just couldn't be answered. Questions like those would definitely come up a lot in the future, so she was going to have to find an excuse sooner or later.

She wasn't afraid that they would question her further. Even if they tried to look for him, it would be impossible since they are trying to find a person who doesn’t exist.

Le Tian should already be aware that there were some divine doctors that are antisocial and mysterious. So her made-up master shouldn’t be too unrealistic.

It was likely that there really was someone like that who existed anyways. Le Tian realized that she didn’t want to answer anymore so he stopped asking. Even if he kept asking, he wouldn’t get anymore answers.

“Young Master has really good medical skills even though he’s is so young. This one is very impressed.” said Le Tian admiring as he looked at Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling shook her head and said modestly, “No, no. I’m not great at all, I only know a few things.”

“Young Master shouldn’t be so modest. May I ask what is Young Master’s name?” asked Le Tian.

“I am called…” Mu Zi Ling wasn’t done when someone cut her off.

“This King didn’t realize that this King’s Princess understood poison so well.” Long Xiao Yu coldly said coldly, cutting off Mu Zi Ling. Watching the pair talk so happily in front of him, he felt somewhat offended.

Long Xiao Ze shivered and scratched the back of his neck. Why had the atmosphere suddenly become so cold?

Mu Zi Ling secretly shot a glare at Long Xiao Yu.

Why did he have to cut her off? Besides he could’ve just said her name but, instead he had to use “this King’s Princess”. Was he scared that people didn't know that she was his wife?

Le Tian was surprised, and doubted Long Xiao Yu’s words. The person in front of him wore male clothing and looked extremely messy. Was he really the Mu Manor’s eldest miss Mu Zi Ling who had no talent or virtue?

She was even able to hide the fact that she could heal poisons!

When he first saw her, he knew she was special. It was obvious that she stood out from others. He looked at Mu Zi Ling and smiled while saying, “So you are the Princess. I’m sorry if I have offended you. This one is called Le Tian.”

Mu Zi Ling smiled lightly, “Young Master Le. It is an honor to meet you.”

To be honest, she didn't know who Le Tian was. However, she picked up the way people from this era spoke and this was how they greeted people.

At first glance, Le Tian seemed very cultured and well mannered. He gave off an aura that compelled people to let down their defenses. She would naturally want to interact with such a handsome man.

“Sometime when Princess is free, would Princess like to discuss medicine” said Le Tian his smile widening.

His instincts told him that the Princess wasn't simple and was hiding many secrets, so this could be a good chance to get to know her.

“I don’t deserve your compliments. It should be this Princess learning from you.” Mu Zi Ling replied while smiling back.

People from ancient times were really troublesome. Even when talking, they were so modest and respectful. However, she still really wanted to get to know such a handsome man.

The two completely ignored everyone around them and kept on conversing. It was as if they were the only two there.

Long Xiao Ze couldn't stay silent any longer, he looked at Mu Zi Ling with worship and said “Third Sister in law, why didn't you tell me that you could cure poisons?”

Mu Zi Ling shot him a glare.Why did he have to interrupt her conversation with the pretty boy?

“Curing poisons isn't the only thing this Princess knows how to do. This Princess also knows how to poison others. This Princess cans secretly poison other people!” Mu Zi Ling deliberately paused in her sentence. She said the word “poison” with more emphasis. It was obvious she was asking if he wanted to become her test subject.

The second Long Xiao Ze heard the word “poison”, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he then quickly shook his head.

Last time, when Third Sister was toying with him, he didn't even realize she placed honeydew on him until bees started going after him. This time, he was too afraid to say anything else in she did anything else to him. He wouldn’t even have enough time to cry if she acted.

“Enough. Gu Ying has been cured. You can head back now.” said Long Xiao Yu to Le Tian in a deadpan.

After he finished talking, he grabbed a bag from his shirt and threw it to Le Tian. Then he signaled to Le Tian that he could leave.

Mu Zi Ling trembled when she heard Long Xiao Yu’s voice.

What was wrong with this man? He was the one who called Le Tian over, yet now he was trying to kick him out. Something was very wrong here.

Le Tian heard Long Xiao Yu telling him to leave, so he started to leave after catching the bag. Once he felt the bag’s contents, he looked surprised but silently continued to leave.

He looked over at Mu Zi Ling and said, “Princess, this one will leave now. In the future when I have time, I will come back and study medical operations with Princess.”

As he walked, he passed by Long Xiao Yu and said in a voice only they could hear, “Your Princess isn’t simple.” after that he picked up his foot and left.

Long Xiao Yu knew there were other meanings in his words. He just needed some more time.

Mu Zi Ling felt that she should really change clothes now. Especially since Le Tian just left. Her clothes were sticking to her body making her extremely uncomfortable. Without looking at Long Xiao Yu, she walked over to a desk.

Looking at the rows of writing brushes on the brush holder, Mu Zi Ling crinkled her brows and gritted her teeth. Then she picked up a writing brush and started writing down a prescription.

Although the prescription wasn’t long, Mu Zi Ling ended up using multiple sheets of paper anyways. Since she wasn't used to writing with a brush, the words she wrote were large and thick. The only good thing was that they were legible, if only barely.

Although the Stellar System contained all the needed medicines, she wasn't going to give them out for free. They were only to be used in emergencies.

The ingredients Gu Ying needed weren't even that precious. Even if they were, there was no way that the Qi Manor wouldn't be able to afford them with its size.

Then she handed the prescription over to Long Xiao Yu, “Your highness, Gui Ying’s poison was cured, but his injuries are still severe. After taking this medicine for a few days, he should recover back to normal.”

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