Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The despised palace feast

Long Xiao Yu took the prescriptions and folded up the thick stack of paper. He under the assumption that it was so thick since a lot of ingredients would be needed.

However, once he looked at the characters… He had to ask did a woman really write these words? They were so crooked. Even if this was her first time writing, it was way too ugly. It was too unbearable to even look at at the sheet.

She used so much paper just to write down a few ingredients. His usually cold face gained a few touches of resentment..

Mu Zi Ling looked at Long Xiao Ze’s expression. She rolled her eyes. It wasn’t like she purposely made her writing look so bad.

The brush was too soft and difficult to write with. In addition, this was the first time she tried to write with a writing brush before so of course her handwriting would be terrible.

If she had been using a fountain pen, people would be blinded by her writing. Her handwriting was just beautiful while she used a fountain pen. She would obviously need to prepare a few charcoal pens later so that she couldn't be made fun of.

A maid came over then and said, “This servant greets the Qi King, the Princess and the Sixth Prince.

“What do you want?” asked Long Xiao Yu coldly while still staring at the prescription.

“I’m here to deliver a message from the Empress Dowager inviting the Princess to attend the Palace feast tonight.” said the maid respectfully.

Mu Zi Ling quivered a bit after hearing her words. What was destined to come would indeed come back after time..

Ever since the day she sent the Empress Dowager the handkerchief of chastity, there hadn’t been much movement from the palace.

She was curious as to why the Empress Dowager was so calm. It turned out that it was because she had prepared another show, the palace feast.

There would be a lot of people at the Palace feast. The Empress Dowager could easily find a group of women to humiliate her which would also humiliate the King’s Manor.

Although fighting a group of woman fighting was really boring, it’s already a few days since she was married. Sooner or later, she would have to go and greet her husband’s parents.

“If His Highness doesn’t have anything else to say, then your wife will leave to prepare for the Palace feast.” said Mu Zi Ling seeing that it was starting to get dark. Wet clothes were really uncomfortable to be wearing.

Plus she shouldn’t waste anymore time. Who knew what kind of stories the Empress Dowager could pin on her if she was late? There was a saying that said, “following your husband was like following a tiger.” It would be best for her to be careful.

Instead of looking at her, or speaking, Long Xiao Yu nodded his head in agreement.

Long Xiao Ze wanted to follow Mu Zi Ling’s example and leave but Long Xiao Yu stared at him. Forcing him to stay nervously. .

Earlier, as he was standing by his Third Brother’s side, he had already felt uncomfortable. If he had known earlier, then he would’ve slipped away while everyone was still there.

Although he knew the reason why Long Xiao Yu was looking at him, he refused to say anything.

“How many days do you want to stay in the Yu Palace this time?” said Long Xiao Yu. His voice was cold and the hidden meaning was clear. He was reminding Long Xiao Ze what would happen if he didn’t speak.

He said it in an ordinary tone yet Long Xiao Ze looked as if he was undergoing some kind of heart wreaking torture. He gritted his teeth.

In the end he ended up confessing everything!

He recounted everything that happened after he ran into Mu Zi Ling. They met on a street, ate at a restaurant, met the restaurant’s owner, and even how they saved someone near the river. He even repeated their conversations without missing a single word. Apart from the promise he made to Mu Zi Ling about keeping quiet on her decision to buy a shop and the bit where she pulled him and ran, he spilled everything. He systematically said everything in full detail.

Once he was done, he scolded himself for having no courage. However, even the definition of courage was lost while he faced his Third Brother.

He had betrayed Mu Zi Ling in less than a few minutes. I’m sorry Third Sister in law. However, even if i was on the verge of death, I still won’t give up the secret I promised you to keep.

The Yu Palace is too scary. I never want to go there again. Besides, you never said anything about not telling my Third Brother what happened and I haven’t made any promises against it, so it’s technically not my fault

After Long Xiao Yu was done confessing, he secretly glanced at Long Xiao Yu. Although Long Xiao Yu’s expression didn’t change, he didn’t even seem to be listening to what Long Xiao Ze had said.

He could barely breathe from all the pressure here. He should really take advantage of the moment and escape before his Third Brother exploded.

If he was forced into the Yu Palace again, he couldn’t promise anyone that he would stay sane.

Cautiously Long Xiao Yu said, “Third Brother, I will also have to go to the Palace feast later today, so I will take my leave first.”

After he was done, he gathered up his courage and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared.

After seeing Long Xiao Ze leave, Long Xiao Yu’s face was still calm. Walking out of the doors, he thought to himself and looked at the direction of Yu Han Palace.

Once Long Xiao Ze left, Long Xiao Yu walked outside while thinking. He looked towards the Yu Palace without any change in expression.

Even though he knew that Mu Zi Ling had secrets, he was still shocked time and time again by them. At the beginning, he had been skeptical of Mu Xi Ling’s medical skills.

Nevertheless as he watched her work so calmly and skillfully, it became obvious to him that she was extremely experienced in medicine. It was clear that she was no idiot.

Since he wasn’t a doctor, he couldn’t tell what Mu Zi Ling had been doing earlier. Instead, he just assumed that the way Mu Zi Ling had been jabbing needles into Gu Ying earlier was how poison was normally cured.

However, now even Le Tian has confirmed that she wasn’t simple by just her medical skills alone.

Who could be the mysterious master she talked about? He somehow even managed to teach her medicine without anyone else knowing.

Even her method of saving a drowning person was peculiar. Although he wasn’t there personally, it wasn’t hard to imagine the situation. As he kept on thinking, a trace of anger that even he didn’t notice, flashed past his eyes.

No boundaries between men and women? Artificial respiration?

Mu Zi Ling, I don’t care about how many more secrets you have or how deeply you’ve hid them, Nor do i care about who you are or who you work for. However if I find out that you’ve come to the Qi Manor with bad intentions, I won’t let you off so easily.

At the Yu Han Palace, Mu Zi Ling took a bath first, before Xie started to put on her makeup.

“Xie, for the makeup, just make it simple. As for the jewellery, just choose a few of the most precious pieces.” ordered Mu Zi Ling

She didn’t want so much makeup that powder fell from her face as she walked. She would look like a monster instead.

She also didn’t want to wear too much jewellery. However, since she was representing the Qi King’s Manor, she couldn’t afford to lose the Qi King’s face. In the end, her best option was just to pick out a few of the most precious pieces of jewellery .

“Young Miss, this servant barely ever leaves your side. How come I didn’t know that you had a master?” Xie was finally said what she had been dying to say as she combed Mu Zi Ling’s hair.

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