Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Does your fall still hurt?

Mu Zi Ling coldly glared at the bottle in Mu Yi Xue’s hand. She used the Stellar Chip implanted in her to analyze this so called “Scar Removal Elixir”.

Although this medicine really could be used to remove scars, it also contains a substance that causes the skin to rot when applied, similar to sulfuric acid.

However, this substance is better than the sulfuric acid. This substance reacted very slowly and the skin would begin to rot only after a few hours. After the rotting begins, it would slowly expand across the skin.

Mu Yi Xue thought to herself that with the slow reacting rate of the Flesh Rotting Potions, by tomorrow Mu Zi Ling’s skin would be totally disfigured and no one will suspect that it was caused by her.

Then again Mu Zi Ling always had a timid personality and she wouldn't even have to courage to say anything. Even if Mu Zi Ling knew that it was her that gave her the potion that ruined her skin, an idiot like her would not dare to expose this fact.

Mu Zi Ling’s eyes flashed with sly glow as her lips slowly curled and she gently said, “Thank you little sister but I’ll do it myself.”

She said this as she reached out for the bottle, however her feet suddenly staggered and she fell forward onto Mu Yi Xue.

Putong! The two of them fell onto the floor. Mu Zi Ling fell on top of Mu Yi Xue, using her as a mat.

This fall was not a light one. Mu Zi Ling could even hear the sounds of Mu Yi Xue’s bones hitting against the floor.

Although this girl is young, she had quite a poisonous heart. Although she wanted to disfigure her, Mu Zi Ling did not put her in her eyes at all. But if she didn’t give her a lesson, she wouldn’t know why the flowers were so red!

“AHHHH!!” Mu Yi Xue gave a deafening pitiful scream.

She was not screaming because of the pain, but rather she was screaming because the Scar Removal Elixir had spilt all over her face and body, with not even one drop left. How could she have time to think about the pain? If her face was ruined, then she wouldn’t be able live anymore!

Mu Zi Ling has already covered her ears. Her eyes sparkled as her lips formed a cold smile, slowly standing up.

“Aiyo! Sorry, sorry, I suddenly felt dizzy, and my legs turned soft. I…...I couldn’t stand properly anymore. Are you hurt?” Mu Zi Ling’s tone sounds apologetic, but her eyes were filled laughter.

Mu Yi Xue did not hear a single thing Mu Zi Ling said. The medicine in her hand that spilt all over her has caused her to fall into chaos. She started shouting out as she awkwardly stood up from the ground, “Ah…...Someone prepare some water, I want to take a bath right now.”

The maids hadn’t even come in yet, and Mu Yi Xue had already run off like a mad dog.

Mu Zi Ling revealed a cold smile. Even if Mu Yi Xue could wash off the Scar Removal Elixir, the pox fragrance that was spreaded on her won’t be washed away even if she rubs her skin off! It won’t be long before you’re covered in spots!

Mu Yi Xue could’ve harmed anyone, but she just had to harm Mu Zi Ling. What comes around goes around. She would count this as her first gift for Mu Yi Xue.

Since the little pest had left, she could finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

Xie quickly ran inside the room. With a face full of worry, she asked, “Young Miss, are you ok? This servant just saw second miss run out like a crazy person. Did she bully you again?”

“I’m fine, she's the one that you should be worried about.” Mu Zi Ling said with a light laugh. This little maid seemed to be very obedient. She seemed like she was around 15 to 16 years old and had a delicate face.

Xie was a bit confused. What can happen to second miss? Today her mistress seemed different from before, however she can not pinpoint exactly what was different.

Today, the mistress was suddenly speaking more than normal. The words she had said over the years added up could not compare to how much she’s spoken today.

Mu Zi Ling ignored that look of surprise and said, “Xie, I’ve hurt my head and have forgotten everything. Can you tell me what happened?”

“Mistress did you lose your memory? It's all this servant's fault not taking good care of mistress and letting mistress get injured!” At this point, Xie was already kneeling down with a face covered in tears. If she had been able to stop the second miss from leaving with the mistress, then none of this would have happened today.

“Alright, I’m fine, so get up now. From now on, you’re not allowed to kneel in front of me. Others kneel down in front of the dead and seeing how you are kneeling and weeping, are you cursing me to die faster?” Mu Zi Ling’s revealed look of helplessness. This girl, why is she kneeling so readily? This truly made others feel uncomfortable.

“No, no, this servant wishes the mistress to live a long life of a hundred years.” Hearing what she said, Xie quickly stood up and wiped her tears.

This mistress in front of her really did seem to have changed. Usually her mistress never said more than three words to her, but now her mistress seemed to love talking and has even knows how to make jokes. This was fine too. From now on she won’t have to talk to herself all the time.

“Then tell me a bit of my past. As well, tell me about why I’m getting married tomorrow.”

Xie nodded her head and started to speak, “Mistress, you are the eldest miss of the Mu Family.

From what Xie has told her, this was the Ming Yue Continent. This Continent had never appeared in the modern history she learned. The Ming Yue Continent had four kingdoms, the Jia Luo Kingdom, the Bei Ning Kingdom, the Qing Lan Kingdom, and the Nan Feng Kingdom. She was currently in the Jia Luo Kingdom.

She was the eldest daughter of the loyal subordinate Mu Zhen Guo, Mu Zi Ling. Mu Zhen Guo was a strong general that had won many battles for the kingdom. In his lifetime he married two women, one was his main wife Li En and the other was his concubine, Bai Su Su, but he only loved Li En.

Bai Su Su has once saved both Mu Zhen Guo and Li En’s life. In order to repay her favor, the husband and wife pair had promised Bai Su Su a single favour.

In the past, Bai Su Su was hugging the one year old Bai Yi Xue, who was now Mu Yi Xue, without anyone to rely on. Li En had a kind heart and decided to take the mother and daughter pair in.

Li En knew that a woman who wasn't married yet with a child, will be ridiculed by the public. She then allowed Mu Zhen Guo to marry Bai Su Su as a concubine and they also recognized Bai Yi Xue as their daughter and changed her surname to Mu.

When Mu Zi Ling was three years old, Li En suddenly fell ill to the point where she needed help with everything.

Mu Zhen Guo later retired from the battlefield, accompanying Li En day and night. He brought her to a quiet garden and did not come home for a long period of time.

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