Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Attending the Palace feast with her

“He always arrives at night while you are asleep so it's not surprising you wouldn't know.” Mu Zi Ling said carelessly.

She knew that the moment Xie found out that she

had studied medicine, Xie had been desperate to ask her about it. She looked like she wanted to ask her but was too hesitant to.

Xie nodded her head foolishly. She had complete belief in Mu Zi Ling’s words. So it was because of this…. No wonder she didn't know.

Young Miss really was too amazing! Not only did she know how to play zither, she was also such a skillful doctor. From now on, no one would be allowed to say her Young Miss possessed no talents or virtue.

Soon, the princess had been placed in a gown. Yet she wasn't wearing much other accessories.

The three thousand black strands of hair were held back with a jade pin. A pair of eyes filled with intelligence, a lovely smile, two light and gentle dimples, fair and clear skin, light makeup, and no color added onto the lips. Her body was covered, and she looked noble and graceful.

“Xie, let's go!”

Mu Zi Ling looked at herself in the mirror. She sucked in a deep breath as if she was about to go on the. She sucked in a deep breath as if she was preparing for battle.

She carried all the arrogance that the Qi King’s Princess should possess.

Xie looked at Mu Zi Ling, her eyes almost misting up. Then she replied, “Yes, Young Miss.”

The two walked outside to see two carriages that looked the same but was different in size. One of the two carriages was bigger than the other.

Mu Zi Ling thought that the large one was for herself, and the small one was for people who accompanied her.

Originally Mu Zi Ling assumed that the larger carriage was for her and the smaller one for attendants but as she approached the larger carriage, she saw that Long Xiao Yu in there.

Was this Long Xiao Yu’s carriage? He was also coming?

Mu Zi Ling originally want to take advantage of when Long Xiao Yu wasn’t noticing, to get on the small carriage.

At first Mu Zi Ling was going to get onto the smaller carriage when Long Xiao Yu wasn't paying attention.

Who knew that the moment she turned around, a cold voice came from the carriage, “Get on the carriage!”

Mu Zi Ling stopped. Was he referring to her? It couldn’t be right?

When she continued away from the bigger carriage, the cold voice behind her spoke again, “Do you want this King to come down and invite you in?”

This time Mu Zi Ling looked round her to confirm he was talking to her.

Did he want her to accompany him? In all of the Qi Manor, not one servant could say that he had ever attended a palace feast.

Wasn't he mysophobic? Did he really want her to accompany him to the palace feast, stuck in the same carriage? What if the second she climbed into the carriage, he kicked her out? She would lose so much face if that happened.

She stood there for a moment, thinking to herself before she stopped caring. It was him who wanted her to get on the carriage, not her.

She decided that he had better things to do than telling her to get on the carriage and then kicking her out. Besides if he did that, then he would lose a lot of his elegance.

It was already beyond her expectations that Long Xiao Yu would willingly accompany her to the palace feast.

However, having Long Xiao Yu accompany her would mean that any problem, no matter big or small, would disappear. It felt like even if the skies fell down, he would still be able to hold them up.

As she thought, her heart warmed and she felt comfortable.

Happily, Mu Zi Ling walked to the carriage where Xie helped her up.

Long Xiao Yu had changed into a white robe. He had a natural look but held the aura of a king. His deep eyes unconsciously gave people pressure.

He smelled like cold plums. The scent was very fragrant. It was also happened to be the smell of the Yu Han Palace. While she was sleeping, the scent would allow her to relax.

Long Xiao Yu glanced at her before he closing his eyes. He turned towards the coachman and said, “Go.”

Mu Zi Ling saw that Long Xiao Yu didn't want to talk so she didn't look for trouble and sat down away from him.

Secretly, she opened the carriage window and watched the scenery outside. She was wearing a light smile, showing of a pair of shallow dimples. It was really beautiful.

Unbeknownst to her, Ling Xiao Yu had opened his eyes and had been staring at her the moment she opened the window.

Handsome man and a beautiful woman seems to be have a style on its own. They seem to be more beautiful than the scenery outside. A handsome man and a beautiful woman. Together they had their own style, one that seems much more beautiful than the scenery outside.

Throughout the journey, Mu Zi Ling kept feeling as if she was being watched by Long Xiao Yu. However, whenever she turned around, Long Xiao Yu had his eyes closed. He looked distant from what was going on.

She shook her head and continued to watch the scenery. It must've been her imagination. Why on earth would he look at her?

Once the carriage arrived at the palace gates, it came to a stop. Long Xiao Yu got off the carriage first and then Mu Zi Ling followed him, ready to get off. Just as she was about to call for Xie…...

Who knew Long Xiao Yu would reach his hand out for her? Mu Zi Ling was struck dumb. Did he want to help her off the carriage?

She still remembered how much Long Xiao Yu despised her on their wedding night. What was he trying to do now?

Then she caught sight of the eunuchs and palace maids welcoming them. Could this be an act for them to see?

At first Mu Zi Ling didn't want Long Xiao Yu to help her down the carriage. However, Xie was cowardly standing at the side without a single trace of intention to help her.

She considered jumping off the carriage herself but jumping off would only make her look indecent since she was wearing such prosperous clothing. It wouldn't be only her face that she would lose too.

Mu Zi Ling gave up. She didn’t dare keep Long Xiao Yu holding up his hand for too long.

Fine then! She'll touch him! Why should she care when he didn't even care? This was all for show anyways.

It wouldn't be her fault afterwards if he kept washing his hand until it rotted.

She stopped thinking about it and grabbed his hand, stepping out of the carriage. His hand was large and very warm.

Mu Zi Ling had put her entire weight onto Long Xiao Yu’s hand, yet he.didn't even react in the slightest.

Once she was out, she immediately let go of his hand. Her ears were already bright red. She Long Xiao Yu and shyly said, “Thank you!”

After she stopped talking, she scolded herself. She wasn’t from ancient times. When did she let down her guard? Why was it that her ears turned red when she touched Long Xiao Yu’s hand? She even felt shy...

Last time when Long Xiao Ze helped her up onto the carriage at their wedding day, she didn’t feel anything. Could it be that she had been affected from this place after staying here for so long?

Currently Mu Zi Ling completely forgot the day she grabbed Long Xiao Ze’s hand and ran.

Long Xiao Yu looked at her. Then he turned around and left without saying anything else. Mu Zi Ling didn’t care. She returned back to normal, and then she happily walked behind him, whereas everyone around them were stupefied.

What did they just watch? His highness the Qi King not only came to the palace feast with the Qi Princess, they even sat in the same carriage!

But the most shocking fact, was that the Qi King, who had never touched a woman, actually helped the princess down! It even seemed like they were very fond of each other.

It was no simple matter. This was enough to shock anybody!

The Royal palace was larger and prettier than what she thought it would be. Mu Zi Ling enjoyed the scenery around her as she walked. She looked joyful and serene.

She was walking very slowly, yet instead of rushing her, Long Xiao Yu also slowed down his pace to match her. It felt as if there were always eyes behind her. He was always a few steps away from her.

This Palace feast was just a simple meeting for the Royal Family. There would only be talk about their families and a few songs and dances to watch. Only a few big ministers with powerful connections were invited.

After walking the whole way, they finally arrived at the Palace feast

They haven’t walked in yet, when an eunuch yelled from inside, “Welcome His Highness the Qi King and the Qi Princess!”

Once everyone at the Palace feast heard that his highness the Qi King was here, they all stared at the door. They were all were all stunned and couldn't believe their ears.

Two silhouettes came in. The male was handsome and outstanding. As if he was a god from the heavens. The female had beauty enough to overthrow a city. It was as if she was a goddess. The two people were like a pair of immortal couple made in heaven.

People in the feast looked at the two who came in. Everyone’s expression was different. People showed stunning, admiring, envy, jealous, and hatred.

If glaring at someone could kill them, then Mu Zi Ling would already be split into pieces by those women’s glares. She would be dead without a full body. Does she really look that annoying in other’s eyes?

Two rows of imperial concubine and big ministers all greeted him one after another. Out of all the Princes, Long Xiao Yu was probably the only one that gets this treatment. Even the Emperor’s imperial concubine has to pay their respects. However, Long Xiao Yu didn’t even look at them and kept walking.

Mu Zi Ling was with Long Xiao Yu, so she naturally also got respected. She was calm and unruffled, copying his manner. She adjusted her posture, lifted her head, and puffed out her chest. Nobly and elegantly walked over by his side.

They walked for a while before they reached their seats.

On the main seat, the Emperor’s whole dragon body was emitting an aura full of righteousness, showing lots of vigor. Empress dowager was poised and sumptuous. The Empress was elegant and composed, giving off an motherly model to the kingdom. The three sitting up there seemed to be able to see all things of the world.

“Your son greets imperial father, Empress dowager, and imperial mother.” said Long Xiao Yu while standing straight. He didn’t bow down, his voice was dull, there was no respect, and there was no expression.

Long Xiao Yu didn’t put the elders in his eyes, and kept his icy arrogance. The three on top seemed to be used to it. Their expressions didn’t have a single bit of change in them.

Mu Zi Ling then lowered her body, “This subject greets Imperial father, Empress Dowager, and imperial mother. Long live imperial father. I wish Empress dowager to stay gold in health, and I wish imperial mother to have good fortune.”

Because she came with Long Xiao Yu, she didn’t have to pay much respects. However, she does not dare to be like Long Xiao Yu, not putting anyone in his eyes, cherishing words like gold.

“Xiao Yu you also came.” said the Emperor as he slightly nodded his head. The imposing handsome face showed a few senses of loneliness.

Empress Dowager originally planned a show for Mu Zi Ling.

However, she never suspected that Long Xiao Yu would come here with her. Her face was dark, but she can only carry a smile and say, “Good, Xiao Yu has come with Ling’er today. This dowager is very happy. Hurry, get up and have a seat.”

From what Mu Zi Ling can tell, Empress Dowager’s laugh and smile were all so fake. She had not forgotten on why she was married to Long Xiao Yu for.

Empress Dowager, you must be very hard for you to live your life hiding your emotions. You climbed up as a weaving girl to today step by step.

You clearly hate his highness Qi King down to your bones. You clearly have a higher status than his highness Qi King. However you are smiling to him, while marrying the big ministers useless daughter to him behind his back. In this world, if you would say you are first in being hypocritical, no one would say they are second.

Long Xiao Yu didn’t bother in being polite. Without speaking any further, he walked towards the only empty seat and sat down.

Mu Zi Ling kept feeling that Long Xiao Yu and the Emperor were acting strange. Clearly they are related by blood, and Emperor was his real father. However, they acted like strangers. Not even saying another extra word. Mu Zi Ling saw that Long Xiao Yu left, and she did dare to think any further and followed him.

“Third Sister in law, quick come sit over here.” Long Xiao Ze happily waved at Mu Zi Ling and patted at a seat right next to his. Long Xiao Ze knew that his Third Brother has mysophobia, and he would definitely not let Third Sister in law sit next to him. As a result, Long Xiao Ze has decided to politely welcome Third Sister in law to sit with him.

However, what he doesn’t know was that Mu Zi Ling and Long Xiao Yu was sitting in the same carriage. They even held hands!

Long Xiao Yu shot a cold glance. Long Xiao Ze shrunk his neck. What was Third Brother’s meaning? He’s not letting Third Sister in Law sit over here. Could it be that he wants Third Sister in law to just stand there? Even if Third Sister in law wasn’t in favor, she still shouldn’t just stand there.

However, Mu Zi Ling didn’t take notice of Long Xiao Ze’s kind favor. She just shot him a glance. Right now she was the Qi Princess. Did Long Xiao Yu’s brain turn into mashed tofu? How can he ask her to sit by his side in front of so many people? Does he want her to die?

(TL note: “Did your brain turn into mashed tofu” means that he was being stupid and dumb)

She can promise that if she really did go over there and sit down, the next second, she will be immediately shamed. She would lose her chaste. In plus the Emperor and Empress Dowager was still here. Even if Long Xiao Ze wasn't afraid of death, she was.

However, the people sitting off to the side did not find anything strange about it. They looked like as if this was what supposed to happen, but Mu Zi Ling didn’t think about that much.

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