Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Gaining hate, refuting the Empress Dowager

Although Long Xiao Yu and Long Xiao Ze’s tables were next to each other, they were still some distance away. Mu Zi Ling didn’t give a second thought, before heading straight to sit next to Long Xiao Yu. Since they were sitting on the same table, the seats were very close together.

Long Xiao Yu felt Mu Zi Ling touch his clothes and his hand froze in the middle of picking up a glass of wine. Recovering, he slowly reached down to pick up the glass and raised it up.

Mu Zi Ling didn’t notice any of Long Xiao Yu’s movements or expressions. She didn’t think that accidentally touching his clothes was such a big deal. The seats were so close together, and ancient clothing was so huge. Even if she didn’t want to touch him, it was hard not to.

When she sat next to him, and she could smell the cold plum fragrant on him. Mu Zi Ling then unprecedentedly felt at ease.

Long Xiao Ze was scared to death as he Mu Zi Ling was sit so close to Long Xiao Yu. He was worried that Long Xiao Yu would send her flying with just a slap. He had seen with his own eyes before, what happens when a woman who doesn't know what's good for her got close to Third Brother. She didn’t even make contact with him, yet was sent flying. She puked blood on the spot

During the feast, the starry eyed girls were all taking joy in calamity to happen. They were all waiting for his highness the Qi King to slap Mu Zi Ling flying. However, they waited for half a day but saw no movement from him. They could only watch as his highness the Qi King’s eyes showed that nothing worthwhile was in front of him. He was just there, slowly tasting wine.

Mu Zi Ling looked around at the people attending the feast with a strange feeling. Why was everyone here looking at her? Also, those women can change their expressions faster than they can flip a book. The way they looked at her was taking joy in calamity while the way they look at Long Xiao Yu was a lovable, seducing look.

There was so many girls who hated her already even though she didn't do anything. Mu Zi Ling decided that it must be because of the man next to her that she had so many new enemies.

Mu Zi Ling secretly wanted to see what Long Xiao Yu’s expression was with so many girls looking at him so affectionately. When she turned to looked, she was almost dumbfounded. He wasn't affected by their stares at all, they weren't even worthy of being in his eyes. He merely continued to drink his wine. Too handsome...

Suddenly, Long Xiao Yu also turned around and looked at her. Mu Zi Ling quickly retrieved her gaze. Her heart started thumping. So scary.

In the eyes of other people, they looked like they were only being affectionate. At the side, The Empress Dowager couldn’t stand it anymore. Her tone had a hint of blame in it, “Xiao Yu Ling’er, why were you two today? Look, the feast is about to end.”

Were they late? Mu Zi Ling remembered that they left the manor early. But for some reason, Long Xiao Yu stopped the carriage outside the Palace. They wasted quite a lot of time walking here.

However, it wasn’t a bad thing that the feast was about to end. They were saved from a lot of drama and she wouldn’t have to deal with the crowd of woman for any longer. If she had come alone, she would've had to get off at the palace, otherwise she would've been late and there would be no way that she could come out unscathed. Having Long Xiao Yu here was such an easy way to get out of messy situations.

Did Long Xiao Yu purposefully stall time? Mu Xi Ling thought cleverly. She was also curious on how Long Xiao Yu would answer her question. However once Long Xiao Yu answered, she was left dumbfounded.

“This was this King’s Princess’s first time visiting the Palace. I brought her around to familiarize her to the surroundings. That way, she won't get lost in the future.” said Long Xiao Yu lightly. There wasn’t a single bit of waver in his tone and couldn't be compared to the turmoil he created in the hearts of everyone who heard him.

Long Xiao Yu then continued, ignoring the people around them, “Seeing that she liked gardens, this King took her on a stroll.”

Although Long Xiao Yu spoke in a normal tone, it seemed like they loved each other deeply to everyone else. He was worried that his princess would get lost so he brought her to familiarize her to her surroundings. His Princess liked gardens, so he brought her on a stroll in the garden.

Even the Emperor was surprised by Long Xiao Yu’s words. Then he tried to figure out what was behind Long Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu never participated in Palace feasts nor did Xiao Yu ever try to explain something to someone? When had he ever spoken so many words for a woman? Xiao Yu’s actions today, went completely beyond his expectations!

Everyone's expression was the same. It was as if they heard something world-shaking. What did his highness just say? Bring her around to familiarize her to her surroundings? Strolling around the imperial garden? How shocking was this?! If they didn’t hear it for themselves, they would never believe it.

People who were present started to whisper, “How is this possible? The Qi King actually accompanying the Princess. My ears must’ve deceived me.”

“Yeah! It's impossible. His highness the Qi King has mysophobia.”

“But… the Qi King said that with own mouth…”

“I heard it too…”

“The Qi Princess is sitting next to the Qi King, but the Qi King hasn't even said anything yet…”


Mu Zi Ling remembered that they got off of the carriage at the entrance of the Imperial Palace and had to walk all the way here. She had been wondering why they did that, since there was no way that Long Xiao Yu’s carriage couldn’t be ridden into the palace. So it was actually because he wanted to stall for time, and brought her to the imperial garden for a stroll.

She had also been enjoying the scenery during the walk. Since she was unfamiliar to the garden, there was no way she would have realized if they passed by the same spot. In addition, she had lost track of time.

However, why did he have to word it this way? He could’ve made up any random excuse, and Empress Dowager would most likely not say anything. Yet since, he worded it like this, it was like he had already accepted her. It even sounded like they had a good relationship.

She knew that Long Xiao Yu wasn't just saying this as a quick explanation, nor was he siding with her. He was declaring a war with the Empress Dowager by acting like they were deep in love in front of everyone here.

Long Xiao Yu, you sure can put up a show, but I'm not going to willingly play the supporting role. After you're done with using me, you'll either kick me out or I'll end up dead. Although I, Mu Zi Ling’s life is not worth much, I still have dignity. I still value my life!

The moment I traveled through time and ended up here, I have been seen as an idiot to the Empress Dowager. The unexpectedly and without preparation, I was married to you. If I could, I would rather avoid fights and struggles over imperial power.

But since I'm married to you, there's no way I will be able to escape the fights and struggles for imperial power. I will willingly fight alongside you instead of alone. One win will be a win. One lost will be a lost. My only wish is that you will not use me or mess around with me.

The Empress Dowager’s expression was stiff, then she quickly recovered, turned to Mu Zi Ling with a face full of devotion and said, “Ling’er, if you like the imperial garden so much, you should visit the royal palace some more to keep Imperial grandmother company. Ling’er looks so quick and clever, it makes people really like you.”

Mu Zi Ling secretly cursed in her heart. She liked the imperial garden, not the Empress Dowager. Was it necessary to pretend that she liked her? In addition, you might as well cut her with a sword, than tell her to frequently visit the Royal Palace to accompany the Empress Dowager, the old fox, in the imperial garden.

However the Empress Dowager could pretend all she wanted. Mu Zi Ling didn't stop smiling and said, “This wife would also love to accompany the Empress Dowager. However, I don't have much time since I've only just married Long Xiao Yu. There’s still a lot of business I have to personally take care of at the manor but once I have more time, I will definitely visit the Royal Palace more often to pay my respects to the Empress Dowager.”

Those polite words were only half from her heart, the other half was merely to sound good. The meaning behind her words basically meant.. This sister is busy and has no time to bother with you. Wait until this sister has time before anything.

After Empress Dowager heard Mu Zi Ling’s words, her face turned unsightly, but she still carried a smile and said, “Ling’er just call me imperial grandmother. Calling me the Empress Dowager will only create distance between us. Imperial Grandmother will be hoping for you to visit everyday.”

Mu Zi Ling heard what the Empress Dowager said and cursed in her heart. Call you imperial grandmother? I’m afraid that I would have throw up. I only have one grandmother, and she's in the Qing Buddha Temple. If people didn't know better, they would think that she and the Empress Dowager had a close relationship.

What the Empress Dowager said had another meaning behind it. Mu Zi Ling naturally knew what the Empress Dowager meant, but she didn’t take it too much to mind. She would take down whatever move she could see. She didn't believe that she, a person from the modern times,couldn't win against a person from the ancient times.

Mu Zi Ling avoided the Empress Dowager’s words and slowly nodded before saying, “This wife is married to his highness the Qi King. I follow the three obediences and the four virtues. Hence, I will only listen to my husband and not speak rashly.”

Mu Zi Ling completely discarded the Empress Dowager in her words but Empress Dowager could not find anything suspicious about it.

If she called the Empress Dowager imperial grandmother, then that would mean that she was being unruly, and disobeying her husband since Long Xiao Yu didn’t call her imperial grandmother. She was only required to do what her husband did and not anything else.

She wasn't scared of the Empress Dowager looking for trouble either since she could throw the problem onto Long Xiao Yu. Whenever Long Xiao Yu called her that, would be when she called her that. However, she was certain that there would be no way that Long Xiao Yu would ever call Empress Dowager that.

The Empress Dowager couldn't hold it in any longer and her old face started to twist naturally. Out of all the princes, only Long Xiao Yu refused to call her imperial grandmother. However, she couldn’t do anything to Long Xiao Yu.

She never would've thought that Mu Zi Ling would reply this way. It made the thorn in her heart stick up on its end.

This was her first time meeting Mu Zi Ling. Everything she knew about her was from other people and she had never once doubted their words.

However, after meeting her today, she discovered that Mu Zi Ling was a composed and calm person who wouldn't be easily ruffled. She was completely filled with the arrogance of a Qi Princess. Not only was she clever, she was also eloquent.

Was Mu Zi Ling really an idiot, or had she been acting the whole time? It looked like she would need to order a few people to investigate her. didn't matter if Mu Zi Ling was a real or fake idiot. As long as she stood in her way, she wouldn't be let off easily.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Long Xiao Yu. They were all waiting for him to answer. However, Long Xiao Yu was still elegantly tasting the wine. It seemed like he wasn’t bothered at all to say anything.

Long Xiao Yu naturally heard Mu Zi Ling and Empress Dowager’s conversation. His eyes flashed with a faintly discernible sense of surprise. He have no option but to say that he was startled by Mu Zi Ling’s wormtongue.

(TL note: “wormtongue” is used to describe someone who has their ways with words.)

Long Xiao Ze who was sitting not too far away from them, was applauding Mu Zi Ling in his heart. He knew that Third Sister in law was hard to deal with, but didn't know that she was this amazing. She even dared to refute the Empress Dowager’s words. She knew that the Empress Dowager didn’t dare to do anything to Third Brother, so she pulled Third Brother down with her to use as back up. Third Sister in law really resembled Third Brother. They both stood out from the masses.

The Empress sitting off to the side, finally noticed that Empress Dowager was acting weird, and she came to help and said smilingly, “Ling’er, you just married over, don’t just do everything yourself. You can let the servants take care of the small matters. Right now, the most important thing is for you to open your branches and spread leaves. Imperial mother is still waiting to hug her grandchildren.”

Mu Zi Ling could only say that what the Empress just said was impressive. In just a moment, she turned the topic into the most important matter. This was the opening show tonight. The imperial concubines started to speak nonsense, and the more nonsense that was said, the further they went.

“Qi King and Princess both look so handsome and pretty. The little prince they give birth to must be very attractive and intelligent.” said imperial concubine Ya.

“Looking at the Qi Princess now, they will definitely have two kids in the next three years.”

“Yes, yes, the Qi Princess is really intelligent. The little prince will definitely be clever and quick witted.”


All of the imperial concubines gossiped amongst each other. They looked like they were being flattering and fawning, but every word hid needles behind them.The Empress Dowager naturally understood the hidden meaning of their words and her expression slowly recovered.

Mu Zi Ling cursed silently in her heart. The Empress really was difficult to deal with. She could pinpoint the crucial point in one move. Open her branches and spread leaves? Two children in three years? Who didn’t know that his highness the Qi King had mysophobia and refused to touch women? Who didn’t know that the Mu Manor’s Eldest Miss was ignorant and incompetent. She was an idiot with no good points, yet they were calling her clever and quick-witted? The woman in the harem sure was difficult to deal with. They even cursed at people by turning corners..

(TL note: to “curse at people by turning corners” means that they indirectly curse at you)

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