Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chattering on

Mu Zi Ling smiled lightly at the women but remained silent. After making so much commotion, she should probably hold back now.

However, she still hadn't seen Long Xiao Yu’s mother even though it had been a long time since she arrived. She probably wasn't in the crowd of women. The women here were all gorgeously dressed. How could they have raised a son like Long Xiao Yu?

She had heard from Xie that Long Xiao Yu’s mother was concubine Jin, but she didn’t know anything else. She asked Long Xiao Ze before, but he was distressed and only revealed that he and Long Xiao Yu were both raised by concubine Jin. He didn't mention anything else other than that. He also warned Mu Zi Ling to never mention her in front of Long Xiao Yu. What was wrong with this concubine Jin? Why was she so mysterious?

As the group of women at the feast continued chattering away, Long Xiao Yu ignored everything around him, and continued to taste the wine. There wasn’t a bit of him that was affected by the women around him.

The Emperor also didn’t care about the women. Instead, he seemed to be discussing something with the big ministers.

Mu Zi Ling also ate quietly with a light smile on her face. Her face was about to go stiff from smiling. When people asked her questions, she only answered them with a few words. Other than that, she would just smile or stay silent as a response.

Three women were bothersome but a group of women was just irritating.

After a while, Long Xiao Yu got sick of the show that the group of women were putting up. He placed down the wine glass in his hand, and stood up, “Imperial Father, this son still has matters to attend. I will take a leave first.”

“Since Xiao Yu has matters to take care of, then you two can go back.” the Emperor waved his hand, letting Long Xiao Yu leave.

Mu Zi Ling saw that Long Xiao Yu was leaving, and her heart filled with joy. Leaving so easily like this, they hadn't even stayed for an hour yet. It felt like they were only here to show their faces.

Mu Zi Ling got up and was about to follow Long Xiao Yu out but how could the Empress Dowager let Mu Zi Ling go so easily? The show she prepared hadn’t even started yet. Seeing that Mu Zi Ling was about to leave, Empress Dowager opened her mouth and said, “Ling’er can still stay here if Xiao Yu has other matters to attend to.”

“Mu Zi Ling, didn’t you say that you were tired?” Long Xiao Yu didn’t turn around. He coldly cut off the Empress Dowager’s words as a he kept walking.

When did she say she was tired?

Mu ZI Ling stood there for a moment. Then she immediately understood Long Xiao Yu’s meaning.

Oh god! Although Long Xiao Yu’s words sounded cold, but she felt that they were very heartwarming. So domineering… He even dared to cut off the Empress Dowager’s words.

She was almost scared to death as the Empress Dowager tried to get her to stay. Without having Long Xiao Yu to rely on, she didn’t know if she could've dealt with this.

However the way Long Xiao Yu said it, sounded like she was already tired from the stroll around the imperial garden. Plus the fact that they stayed here for so long, she should go back and rest.

She really was tired of the quarreling and bickering.

What else could the Empress Dowager say? Watching the Empress Dowager try restrain her old face, Mu Zi Ling felt very carefree. It was really true that wherever you go with Long Xiao Yu, you only got respect. There was only one word to describe this, pleasureful.

“Since Ling’er is tired, then go back and rest well.” said the Empress Dowager while faking a smile. She clasped her hands tightly underneath her sleeves. Her long nails dug deeply into her flesh.

Mu Zi Ling, that trash, what did she do to get Long Xiao Yu to come with her to the Palace feast? She even managed to somehow escape again! Mu Zi Ling, looks like I have underestimated you.

Mu Zi Ling nodded, “This subject asks to be excused.” after she was done talking, she jolted over to Long Xiao Yu, and followed him out.

The commotion also followed them and broke down.

The Emperor was curious as to what Long Xiao Yu’s actions today meant. He had put everything that happened into mind.

Xiao Yu’s Princess didn’t seem like what the rumors said about her. Her aura resembled a person he knew. As he thought of that person, the Emperor’s eyes were filled with guilt and sadness.

Because of Mu Zi Ling’s calm replies and Long Xiao Yu’s disregard for them, the people who were here to watch and join the commotion, lost their original mood.

The most angry person though, was the Empress Dowager. They had left before the most important part of the show she had specially prepared had even started. She had to restrain her expressions on the way back.

However, she completely exploded when she reached the Qin Palace. In the end, the only ones who suffered were the eunuchs and palace maids. Just because they didn't look right while walking, or because they accidentally said something, they were either beaten, or lost their head.


After getting out of the Palace feast, Mu Zi Ling wanted to thank Long Xiao Yu again. Who knew that Long Xiao Yu would beat her and coldly say, “Mu Zi Ling, you sure have guts.”

After Long Xiao Yu finished speaking, he walked away. It was completely opposite from when he came in with her, slowly walking by her side.

The word “thanks” was stuck in Mu Zi Ling’s throat. What was Long Xiao Yu trying to say? Was he trying to praise her for being ferocious, or was he sarcastically saying that she had a lot of courage provoking the Empress Dowager and pulling him down with her.

However, during the feast, she did kind of rely on his power, and was a bit proud of herself. However, she didn't lie, everything she said was the truth. She couldn’t help but think that being able to rely on Long Xiao Yu was really awesome.

Actually, there was one question that ad been on her mind all day. She accidentally let Long Xiao Yu see her in such a sorry figure today, but he didn’t say anything. Was it because he didn’t care, or was it because he didn’t take her seriously?

However, it made sense. Why would Long Xiao Yu care about her, an insignificant person? Only when she really ruined the Qi King’s Manor’s reputation, would he look at her.

The two didn’t speak the whole way. One walked in front, and one followed behind.

After they left the Royal Palace, Mu Zi Ling saw from far away, that Le Tian was standing near the carriage anxiously waiting for them.

“Princess, we have met again.” Le Tian greeted Mu Zi Ling first.

Mu Zi Ling nodded her head as a greeting. She saw that Le Tian’s face was heavy, and knew that he must have something important to say to Long Xiao Yu. She didn't say anything else. It didn't matter whether or not she could hear Le Tian’s words. She didn't want to know.what was going on. It wasn’t an advantage for her if she knew too much about Long Xiao Yu.

Mu Zi Ling looked at Long Xiao Yu and said lightly, “Your highness, this Princess will go up first.”

After finished speaking, she didn't care about what Long Xiao Yu’s expression or tone was. She headed over to get in the smaller carriage. Right now there wasn't any eunuchs or palace maids around. The act was already over, so there was no reason to sit in the same carriage. Long Xiao Yu watched Mu Zi Ling get on the smaller carriage, but didn't say anything else.

Mu Zi Ling didn’t know why, but she felt unwell in her heart. She knew that they were putting on a show, but she was still waiting for something.

Mu Zi Ling waited for a bit in the carriage. Before the carriage headed off, Long Xiao Ze came over.

“Third Sister in law, Le Tian and Third brother left. Let's get on the large carriage. I will bring you back.” said Long Xiao Ze politely. He had urgently ran over after waiting for Le Tian and his Third brother to leave.

Long Xiao Ze first thought that Third Sister in law would ask about where Third Brother was going.

However, Mu Zi Ling didn’t care and lightly said, “Just sit in this one. I like small carriages. They're more comfortable.

He noticed that there was hints of unhappiness on Mu Zi Ling. He felt that it was very strange. Today, Third Sister in law performed so brilliantly. Why was she still unhappy?

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” said Long Xiao Yu helplessly. Third Sister in law really was special. There was a perfectly fine,large carriage that no one was riding in, yet she still wanted to pick the small one. How was this carriage comfortable?

“Let’s go.” said Mu Zi Ling to the coachman in front.

The carriage started to move, and Long Xiao Yu also switched to his his chatting mode.

“Third Sister in law, you were so awesome. You even talked back to the Empress Dowager! You should’ve seen her old face. She looked like she was constipated! Her face was full of restraint! I almost laughed on the spot.” said Long Xiao Ze with a tone full of worship.

Mu Zi Ling then started to laugh. All of her depressing feeling were tossed aside. She couldn’t help but say that Long Xiao Ze’s words were too fitting. The Empress Dowager's face looks like she was constipated. She let out a breath that she had been holding. The way Long Xiao Yu spoke about the Empress Dowager didn’t surprise her at all.

When she asked about Long Xiao Yu’s mother from Long Xiao Ze, Long Xiao Ze had told her that although they weren’t from by the same mother, they were raised by the same person.

His mother died when she gave birth to him however Concubine Jin was afraid that he might experience something traumatic and treated him like how she treated Long Xiao Yu. If he did something good, she would praise him. If he did something bad, she would punish him. She gave him the same amount of love and the same amount of punishment as Long Xiao Yu.

Ever since he was little, he worshiped Long Xiao Yu even though he was only older than him by two years. Everyday, he would follow Long Xiao Yu around. Although one was cold and one was passionate, the two’s relationship was very good. So since Long Xiao Yu and Empress Dowager didn't get along, he naturally recognized the Empress Dowager as an enemy. Of course he was happy because the Empress Dowager ate a loss.

Seeing that Mu Zi Ling laughed, Long Xiao Ze also felt a lot better and continued talking, “Third Sister in law, did you feel like Third Brother was giving you a special treatment?

Mu Zi Ling stopped smiling and looked at him. Special treatment? Everything they just did was for show. She didn’t say anything, but Long Xiao Ze kept on chattering and jabbering.

“Third Sister in law, did you know that Third Brother has never looked at a woman for longer than a second?”

“Third Sister in law, did you know that Third Brother has never let a woman near him?”

“Third Sister in law, did you know that there was once a girl who tried to get close to Third Brother…”

Throughout the entire journey, Long Xiao Ze talked nonstop about how Long Xiao Yu despised women and was fresh and pure. Mu Zi Ling didn’t pay any attention to him. No matter what Long Xiao Yu did, it had nothing to do with her. She wouldn't benefit from knowing too much about him.

Long Xiao Ze’s clear explanation went in her left ear but out the right ear.

“Ai...Third Sister in law, are you listening to me? Do you think that Third Brother is special?”

“En… Special, special… You are more special than him.” said Mu Zi Ling vaguely. He was definitely more special than him, with his nonstop talking. Mu Zi Ling couldn’t stand it any longer.

She was starting to doubt whether or not they were really brothers. Although they didn't have the same mother, they had the same father. In addition, they were raised by the same mother. So why were they so different? One was cold and expressionless,treasuring his words more than gold while the other was a passionate fire, talking nonstop.

Once Long Xiao Ze heard Third Sister in law praise him, saying that he was even more special that Third Brother, he felt like his entire body was about to start floating.

(TL note: that is saying that Long Xiao Ze felt very happy and proud)

The carriage finally reached the King’s Manor.

“You can go back now that I am here.” Mu Zi Ling relaxed and let out a deep breath. Ather hearing listening to Long Xiao Ze’s chattering, she felt like her ears were going to grow calluses.

Mu Zi Ling was ready to get off the carriage.

However, Long Xiao Ze didn’t seem like he was going to leave at all. He also got up and smiled while saying, “Third Sister in law, I am not done talking yet. Let's go talk inside.”

Mu Zi Ling completely admitted defeat. How much more did he have to say? He had already talked the whole way here, yet he still wasn’t finished. If it wasn’t because she defrauded him today, she would’ve already kicked him off the carriage. Now he just wanted a foot after getting an inch getting. She gave a few praises and he's acting all arrogant.

(TL Note: This is saying that he does not know when to stop.)

She didn’t bother with Long Xiao Yu and said lightly to Xie who was standing outside the carriage, “Xie, you haven’t seen the power of the honey dew right? This time I have an enhanced version of the original honey dew. It can attract poisonous bees, with lethal poison. I'm not sure whether or not a person's looks will be destroyed if they were to get stung. I just happened to be looking for someone to test it. Maybe if….”

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