Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 24 part1

Chapter 24: Meeting her mother part 1

After hearing what Mu Zi Ling said, Long Xiao Ze couldn't stop and accidentally stumbled over. The foot that was about to step out of the carriage, immediately shot back into the carriage. The color on his handsome face suddenly drained away, “Haha, Third Sister in Law, it’s getting late now, you should go in and take a rest. I’ll go back for now. I’ll come and look for you tomorrow.”

Wuu~ Third Sister in law shouldn’t bully him like that. She even mentioned some enhanced honeydew!

Currently, he would still be afraid of grass ropes for the next ten years just because he was bitten once by a snake.

(TL Note: “afraid of grass ropes for the next ten years just because he was bitten by a snake once” basically meant that after experiencing something scary, you'll get scared of similar objects. (The grass rope resembled a snake cause its green I think -panda)For example Long Xiao Ze experienced honeydew. After getting stung by all those bees, he was afraid of honeyde)

Since Long Xiao Ze was eating hard instead of soft, it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of him. Mu Zi Ling nodded her head satisfied. Then she got out of the carriage and entered the King’s Manor without another glance at him.

(TL note: Eating hard instead of soft means that Long Xiao Ze is the type of person who won’t listen when people ask him nicely, yet would immediately become frail and weak when people use meaner words to talk to him)


Mu Zi Ling spent her days in the manor. Ever since the royal feast, she didn’t see Long Xiao Yu again. Even Long Xiao Ze who always chattered continuously didn’t come. These **** also stayed in the manor, and they didn’t go out.

The Royal Palace still hasn't made a move yet but Mu Xi Ling knew that the Empress Dowager wasn't going to give up that easily. The only thing she heard from them was that the Empress Dowager fell really sick and she was in an abnormally angry. This made everyone in the An Palace feel anxious and alarmed. Every one of them were very scared and on the edge because they were worried that they would offend Empress Dowager by not being careful enough.

Mu Zi Ling thought that the old Empress Dowager probably had too much anger in her heart from the feast. So she exploded her rage, because she had to hold it in for too long.

Although the Empress Dowager was unhappy and angry, Mu Zi Ling’s days went by comfortably and satisfyingly

Although she said that she had matters to take care of at the King’s manor, she completely disregarded that statement. That was only an excuse not to go to the royal palace. She had been married to him for so many days now, yet she still didn’t know who was the one managing the Qi King’s Manor’s finance.

Right now, it was reasonable to say that she was Qi King’s Manor’s Mistress since she was the Qi Princess. She should also be the person in charge of household. However, no one has said anything to her, nor has anyone come looking for her. It seemed as if she, the Qi Princess, didn’t exist.

However, she didn’t mind it that much. It just meant that she didn’t have to worry about food or clothing. There was also no one bothering her so she could happily enjoy some leisure time. She was probably the world’s most carefree Princess with nothing to do.

Her days were spent carelessly and leisurely. Every so often, she would visit the You Shui Pavilion with Xie and play the zither. After visiting the You Shui Pavilion a few times, Mu Zi Ling couldn't help but notice that there was never any people around. There wasn’t even a single servant who cleaned the place, but the You Shui Pavilion was always very clean and neat. She couldn’t help but feel weirded out by it.

It was so strange, but because no one goes through there, she would play the zither there.

Most of her time was spent in bed. Although she claimed that she was sleeping, her spirit would venture into the Stellar System. Everyday, she fiddled with medicinal ingredients to make new poisons. There was once, when she lost track of time. She had stayed there for a whole day and night. No matter how much Xie called, she wouldn’t wake up. She almost collapsed after that.

“Young Miss, are you sick? Why are you sleeping so much these days? Do you want this servant to find a doctor to examine you?” asked Xie with worry and concern.

What was wrong with the Young Miss these days? She slept in the mornings and in the nights. No matter how much you called, she wouldn’t wake up. However when she does wake up, she looked very, very tired and she had no energy.

“Did you forget that I studied medicine myself? It’s fine, don’t worry.” Mu Zi Ling knew that Xie was worried about her being in bed and sleeping for so long.

Xie relaxed and said, “Young Miss, it’s good that you are fine but if you feel that anything is wrong, you must tell this servant.”

“Alright. Xie, go prepare a carriage. We’ll go to the Quiet Garden to visit my mother.” ordered Mu Zi Ling to Xie. She had already wanted to meet the mother she had never seen before she kept on delaying it.

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound on the door outside..

Mu Zi Ling opened her mouth, “Come in.” Who would come in to look for her right now?

The housekeeper opened the doors and came in, “This servant greets the Princess.”

“Uncle Fu, what is the matter?” asked Mu Zi Ling slowly as she picked up a cup of tea on the table and took a sip.

“This servant reports to Princess. There was a girl outside the manor claiming that she was the Princess’s sister. She says that she only wants to see the Princess.” said Uncle Fu respectfully.

Sister? Could it be Mu Yi Xue?

Mu Zi Ling opened her mouth without the slightest bit of hesitation and said,“Tell her that this Princess is busy, and let her leave.”

Didn't Mu Yi Xue have enough fun? To think she still dared to come to the Qi King’s Manor. The second she healed her scar she also forgot her pain . However, If Mu Yi Xue wanted to see her, Mu Yi Xue would have to see whether or not she would let her see her first.

“This…. Princess, that girl said that if you do not go and see her, she will not leave…” said Uncle Fu awkwardly

He had already been associated with the Princess for a few days now. Although she was the Princess, she didn’t have any arrogance. Normally, she would even eat at the same table as her maid. Although the manor gave her 4 maids, she had dispatched them all. She would do all the minor things by herself. She said it was because she liked the quiet, and wasn’t used to so many people serving her at once.

Was the gorgeously dressed girl really the Princess’s sister? Why were the differences between them so big? She was spoiled and had a faced that gave of hatred, not only that, she couldn’t be driven away no matter what they did.

“If she doesn’t want to leave, then let her stay. You don’t have to be polite to her just because she is this Princess’s sister.” said Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Yi Xue even wanted to remain here. If she wants to stay, then let her stay. Let's see how long she could keep up her act.

“Princess…” Uncle Fu wanted to say something, but he was cut off by Mu Zi Ling.

“Don't worry, if anything happens, this Princess will take the blame. You may leave now.” said Mu Zi Ling helplessly. If she kept delaying it, then she wouldn’t be able to go to the Quiet Garden.

Seeing that Mu Zi Ling was not able to tolerate it any longer, Uncle Fu didn’t say anything else. He only replied, “This old servant will take his leave.”

“Xie, order the coachman to bring the carriage to the back door. We will go out through the back door.” ordered Mu Zi Ling to Xie. Mu Yi Xue was at the front door. If she let Mu Yi Xue see her, then they would really run out of time. The best option now, was to leave through the back door.

“Yes, Young Miss.” replied Xie.


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