Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 24 part2

Chapter 24: Meeting her mother part 2


Not long after that, Mu Zi Ling and Xie got into carriage, and headed towards the Quiet Garden.

“Xie, do you know what illness my mother caught that year?” asked Mu Zi Ling curiously

Everything was connected. When her mother fell sick, her father had secretly sent off Mu Zi Ye(panda note- this is her brother if you forgot like i did), while the Old madam went to the Qing An temple. This left only her at the manor.

“This servant doesn’t know. That year, this servant was also very young. But there was once, when this servant secretly overheard this servant’s mother telling the general that Li Madam was framed.” said Xie vaguely.

Mu Zi Ling knew that Xie’s mother, Aunt Yue, was Li En’s personal maid. Aunt Yue also went to the Quiet garden in order to take care her. Before she had left, she told Xie to take good care of Mu Zi ling.

It was also weird that Xie called her Young Miss while everyone else called her Mistress, but according to Xie, Aunt Yue was the one who told her to call her the Young Miss Doesn’t everyone call her Mistress? Aunt Yue had also told Xie to protect Mu Zi Ling with her life.

After her mother fell sick, the Mu Manor changed a lot. There must be some sort of secret beneath everything.

After four hours, they finally arrived at the Quiet Garden. This place really lived up to the title of the garden of peaches and immortality. There were verdant hills and limpid water. The entire scenery looked like as if it had been painted out. The secluded area was stunning.

They got off the carriage and was getting ready to go in when then they saw Mu Zhen Guo come out of the house carrying a wooden basin.

Since he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone, he didn’t bring much servants. There was only him, Li En and Aunt Yu in the Quiet Garden. Normally, he only took care of Li En while Aunt Yu was in charge of cleaning and cooking.

Mu Zi Ling approached him first and said, “Father, Ling’er is here to see mother.”

Mu Zhen Guo heard her voice and stumbled. He looked towards the person who spoke. His face stayed calm and didn’t change. After staring at her for a while, he pointed toward the house behind him and slowly said, “Enter.”

There were no extra emotions or extra words. After he finished talking, he continued to carry the wooden basin towards the other house.

The short dialogue made it seem like she was just a passerby.

Mu Zi Ling saw that Mu Zhen Guo didn’t say anything else so she didn’t ask any further. She ordered Xie to stay, then she headed into the room.

When she entered the room, Mu Zi Ling immediately saw a person lying on the bed. Her face was very similar to hers. There wasn’t a single trace of aging on her pale face. However, there was no color on her from her head to her toe. She looked like a sleeping beauty who had been sleeping for many years.

Mu Zi Ling looked at person in front of her, and her eyes started to feel watery. It was probably because of the special bond between mother and daughter. Seeing her mother laying on the bed, without any signs of life, her heart felt a burst of pain.

After a while, Mu Zi Ling readjusted her emotions. Then she started the Stellar System and examined Li En’s body. Mu Zi Ling was startled after she examined her.. Her five visceras, six bowels, and heart were all fine, but everything else was on the verge of collapsing. The only sign she was still alive was the heart, which was beating slowly.

Her treatment had already been stalled for so many years. If they keep stalling it, then it would really be too late.

What exactly happened to the Mu Manor last year? One person disappeared to go knows where, one went into isolation in the Buddha Temple while one turned an alive yet dead person.

Mu Zi Ling sat by her bedside. Her small hands clasped Li En’s hands tightly and she said firmly, “Mother, don't worry. Ling’er will definitely find a way to cure you.”

As long as her heart was still fine, she was confident she could save Li En. However, there was still the issue of the inconvenience during the treatment. The patient could still not fully recover, even after a long period of time.

Another issue was getting past Mu Zhen Go. Even though she had made a firm resolution to save Li En, she would have to go through Mu Zhen Guo first.

She could try saying the same thing she told Le Tian about learning from a mysterious master to explain her knowledge on medicine. However, even if Mu Zhen Guo believed that she did know medicine, with the way he cared about Li En, why would he let her try and cure Li En?

No matter, she would just have to try first. She had to think up a way to convince Mu Zhen Guo. For now, Li En’s organs have not completely failed. However, if this kept on going, Li En wouldn’t be able to live for much longer.

Mu Zi Ling stayed in the room for a bit longer before going out.

In the small courtyard, Mu Zhen Guo sat on a stone stool beneath a banyan tree, sipping tea. His eyes revealed a sense of grief, and he looked really lonely.

Mu Zi Ling walked over ordinarily. She sat to the opposite of him and said, “Father, why did I not see Aunt Yue?”

“She went down the mountain to go shopping.” said Mu Zhen Guo as he glanced over at Mu Zi Ling. He felt that his daughter’s sudden visit was unusual.

It had been ten years since Mu Zi Ling last saw her mother. In the past, whenever he came back home, she had never asked him about her either..

Ever since the day Mu Zi Ling woke up, although he only only came in contact with her for a few moments, he still felt that something was off. Right now, Mu Zi Ling’s temperament was exactly the same as Li En’s. Although she looked similar to Li En before, her eyes were not as clear and bright as they were now.

Mu Zi Ling stayed silent for a moment before she opened her mouth and said, “Mother’s illness…”

“It is getting late, you should be heading back now” Mu Zi Ling didn’t get to finish before she was cut off by Mu Zhen Guo. He seemed like he was scared of her asking something.

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