Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A palace gate as deep as the sea.

Mu Zi Ling also had a brother, Mu Zi Ye, who was five years older than her. After Li En fell ill, it was unknown why Mu Zi Ye was kicked out of the manor by Mu Zhen Guo, but he had not returned since.

Other than Mu Zhen Guo, no one else knew where Mu Zi Ye went, but Mu Zhen Guo never told anyone about this.

Although Mu Zi Ling grew up not lacking anything, but she did not receive much love from her family since she was young. Thus she became shy and did not like to talk much.

She often stared off into space by herself, her eyes empty with no light in them. She did not learn anything or practice anything. In the eyes of others, she was just a fool, a piece of waste that had no talents and no virtues.

The Old Madame was Mu Zhen Guo’s mother, which made her Mu Zi Ling’s Grandmother. Although in this household she deeply loved the sister and brother pair, not wanting them to be hurt in anyway.

Ever since Li En has fallen ill, she went to Qing An Temple to pray. She had travelled for many of years now, only coming back to see Mu Zi Ling once. This time, she came back because she had heard that Mu Zi Ling had been and that she would be getting married.

The wound on Mu Zi Ling’s head was from three days ago when Mu Yi Xue wanted to go outside with her. On the road, the horse suddenly started to sprint wildly.

Mu Zi Ling had fallen out of the carriage and hurt her head. She had been unconscious for three days and three nights now.

Although Mu Zi Ling had been injured, nothing had happened to Mu Yi Xue. What happened between them, only Mu Zi Ling knew. Mu Yi Xue just said that Mu Zi Ling had been injured because she was trying saving her.

The person Mu Zi Ling was marrying tomorrow was the emperor’s third son, Qi King Long Xiao Yu.

Long Xiao Yu is 21 years old this year. The late emperor loved him very much and gave him the title Qi King before passing. He was the only prince to receive the title of king at such a young age.

Although Long Xiao Yu is young, he already had grasps over millions of soldier. He was the most powerful king in the Jia Luo Kingdom. He was a person above all others with many people admiring him. It was said that if the Qi King spoke in an angry voice, the entire continent would shake.

Although Long Xiao Yu’s personality is cruel and cold, he is the dream man of many girls in the Jia Luo Kingdom.

He had never married and did not have a wife or concubine. Rumours said that the Qi King was obsessed with cleanliness that no woman other than his mother had ever touched him. He also did not interact with males either.

The current empress dowager was not the current emperor, Long Wen Yin’s, birth mother. In the past she had thought that her own son, Long Wen Yu, would be able to become the emperor.

However it was not known why the late emperor took away Long Wen Yu’s crown prince title because of a small mistake and gave it to his younger son, Long Wen Yin before passing away.

The empress dowager was very unwilling about this. When the late emperor died, she started to scheme and making progress with every step.

Because she was Long Wen Yin’s nurture mother, after he ascended to emperor, she had also ascended to become empress dowager.

In front of everyone's eyes, empress dowager acted like a good mother taking care of the emperor as if he was her real son. However behind everyone's back she was scheming against the emperor with her son, the Yu King. The emperor was a good son and as long as the empress dowager didn’t do anything too crazy, he would ignore it all, pretending nothing was wrong.

Because Long Xiao Yu was given the title of king at a young age, his position in power continued to rise without a hint of falling, which made him turn into a major obstacle for the empress dowager. So she began to target Long Xiao Yu.

Everyone knew that empress dowager was trying to go against the Qi King.

Three years ago, the loyal Mu Zhen Guo asked to retire and returned all his military power, so that he could take care of his ill wife.

The emperor didn’t want to let him go, but Mu Zhen Guo had spent half of his life on the battlefield serving his country, so he could not force him to stay. Out of respect of how much he loved his country, he gave him the title Marquis Zhong Yi. He would receive a salary from the court, but he would not need to attend court or care about the country’s matters.

Now the powerless Marquis Zong was just an empty shell with the idiot Mu Zi Ling.

This was why empress dowager ordered the Qi King, Long Xiao Yu to marry Mu Zi Ling. If she couldn’t cut off his wings, he still could not be allowed to grow stronger.

Once one entered the palace doors, it would be as deep as the sea. There would be infighting and battles for power. They would not have a day of peace from now on.

Since she couldn’t escape, she could only face the problems. It was a good thing that this Qi King did not marry any concubines, or else she would have to face a group of angry women sending glares at her. She would go insane if that is what she had to deal with! Mu Zi Ling silently contemplated to herself.

However, she still had to look for the frozen jade bed. As long as there was a sliver of possibility for her to go back to her world, she would not let it go.

She transmigrated to the Mu manor, but she did not know if the cold jad bed was also in the Mu manor. Looking at the situation, she could only sneak out tonight to look for the bed. After tomorrow she would be married and it would be hard to look for the bed in the future.

Mu Zi Ling took off the gauze wrapped around her head and then took out a skin recovering paste from the Stellar System to apply to her wound.

Not long passed before the wound started to heal, slowly forming a scab, before falling off and her skin returned to its original state. Then she wrapped the gauze back around her head because she could allow anyone to discover that her wound had healed so fast..


Xue courtyard.

After Mu Yi Xue quickly ran home, she took multiple baths and only then was she able to wash the Scar Removal Elixir from her body. What she didn’t know was that there was a surprise waiting for her tomorrow morning.

All the maids were quickly moving around and they were curious about what had happened to the second miss. Why did she take so many baths after coming back from eldest miss’ place? Did she touch something dirty on the way?

Of course they only thought this to themselves and none of them had the courage to ask what has happened. They were very clear on what kind of temper Mu Yi Xue had.

“Yi Xue, what happened?” Bai Su Su came in with a serious look on her face.

She had heard that Mu Yi Xue had ran out of Mu Zi Ling’s courtyard like a crazy person. She wanted to come see what had happened and when she saw Mu Yi Xue’s embarrassing figure, her tone turned cold.

“Wuu~ mother, it is all because of that idiot, Mu Zi Ling! I was kind hearted enough to give her some medicine, but not only did she not accept my kindness, she even poured it all over me!” When Mu Yi Xue saw Bai Su Su come in, she started to vent her grievances. She was loudly weeping, looking very pitiful.

“What medicine would made you take so many baths? Don’t lie to me now.” Bai Su Su said in a serious voice.

“Its….Scar Removal Elixir mixed… with Skin Rotting Powder.” Mu Yi Xue stuttered this as tears flowed down her face.

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