Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Marrying, can’t bare to let you go

Pa! “How many times have I told you to not bother Mu Zi Ling, yet you still go!” Bai Su Su angrily shouted out after slapping Mu Yi Xu across the face.

“Mother, why are you always on her side! That idiot is going to marry Qi King tomorrow, but I don’t want that to happen! I only wanted Mu Zi Ling’s face to be disfigured, so I could marry the Qi King!” Mu Yi Xue yelled holding her slapped face.

Ever since she caught a glimpse of Qi King, she was always thinking of him, being unable to forget about him. She had sworn that in this lifetime, she would only marry his highness, the Qi King and no one else.

Bai Su Su helplessly stroked her forehead and then coldly warned, “In the future don’t cause anymore trouble and think about these kinds of delusions. Do you understand?”

“Why mother? I am your daughter, but why don’t you ever help me? Over these years all of the Old Madame’s good things have been given to Mu Zi Ling, even when she came back from the temple she went to look for her. The Old Madame has never paid any attention and now Mu Zi Ling is even going to marry the Qi King!”

Mu Yi Xue’s heart turned cold. Why was her mother always on Mu Zi Ling’s side whenever she caused trouble.

Bai Su Su revealed a serious expression and said, “There is no reason. The next time you do something like this, I will have someone take you away.” When she finished talking, she just left without looking back.

“AH!” As soon as Bai Su Su left, Mu Yi Xue went crazy once again. She began to throw and break everything in her room.

Mu Yi Xue clenched her teeth and said, “Mu Zi Ling, it's all your fault. Why do you get to marry Qi King?! You are clearly just a waste, but you get all the good things! Even if everyone is on your side, I, Mu Yi Xue, will not give up so easily!”


The silver light of the moon shone down on the land with the soft sounds of bugs and frogs ringing outside. The night’s aroma gradually spread throughout the night sky filled with stars, forming a net that covered everything below it.

Qi King’s Manor, You Shui Pavilion.

“Third Brother, the Empress Dowager has ordered me to bring the dowry to Marquis Shi’s Manor today, but why is that you’re willing to marry Mu Manor’s Eldest Miss this time? It is said that although she looks ok, she is an untalented idiot. Clearly the Empress Dowager wants you to marry that dumb woman to turn you into a joke!”

Long Xiao Ze had a surprised expression on his face as he looked at and spoke to the man lying on the soft mat.

This man was using one hand to support his head. He exuded a handsome aura as he crossed his leg over the other, casually falling asleep.

This was a face hated by men and gods. He had a pair of slender legs, a tall and straight body, and a handsome chin which outlined his face making it look noble and cold. It was like a dazzling light shining in the darkness.

His deep and dark eyes slowly opened with a sharp sword like gaze that was like a cold pool of water, making it hard for anyone to breath. He was like a divine being in the night, that awed anyone who caught a glimpse of this sight.

“Since that old lady from the palace wants to play, then this King will gladly play with her.” Long Xiao Yu’s thin lips curled. His voice was as cold as ice, low and magnetic.

After he said this, his body flashed and he disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Long Xiao Ze quickly chased after him and yelled, “Third brother, where are you going?! Tomorrow is your wedding, are you not going to pick up the bride?!”

“You can go get her!” Long Xiao Yu’s voice came from a far place.

Long Xiao Ze couldn’t help being stunned. What? You want me to get her?

However, normally when Empress Dowager wanted his Third Brother to do something, his Third Brother always managed to find a perfect reason to avoid doing it.

Moreover, he never allowed the Empress Dowager to catch a single flaw, so she can only endure it all. Now, his Third Brother actually wanted to play with the Empress Dowager.

Long Xiao Ze’s pretty face revealed an evil grin at this moment. Looks like the future would be quite exciting. Tomorrow he would have play with his future Third Sister in law first.

Mu Zi Ling finished her dinner early and then she snuck around the manor looking for the frozen jade bed, but she could not even find its shadow which discouraged her.

Mu Zi Ling was about to go back and sleep when she suddenly gave a loud sneeze. Damn, which bastard was scheming against her now?


The next day.

Mu Zi Ling was woken up by Xie’s anxious cries, “Young Miss, Young Miss, quickly wake up. If you don’t wake up now, you won't make it on time.”

Mu Zi Ling stumbled out of bed and rubbed her blurry eyes. Then she said in a sleepy voice, “What time is it?”

“Young Miss, it is currently the Yi Hour” Xie replied. Today was the day her Young Miss was getting married, they could not waste any time at all.

[TL note: Yi Hour is 3-5 am]

“It’s that early?! Can’t you see that the sky is still dark? Let me sleep a little longer.” Mu Zi Ling raised her finger and pointed at the sky outside. After she finished speaking, her arm slowly fell back down.

Last night she slept late after searching for the bed and it is only 4 in the morning right now. What was the point of waking up so early anyway?

“That won't do. Today is Young Miss’ marriage and you won't be ready in time if you don’t get up and dress yourself now.” Xie said as she pulled up Mu Zi Ling who was still lying on the bed.

At this point, Mu Zi Ling finally woke up. That’s right, today is her marriage, but wasn’t this is still too early? Did she have to be so punctual?

Suddenly the old maids and young maids outside the doors came in to help Mu Zi Ling with her makeup and to dress her up.

Mu Zi Ling could only obediently sit at her dressing table while the old and young maids dressed her up.

It took a total of 4 hours for them to finish.

A bright red wedding dress revealed her beautiful face. Her clear eyes flashed with a natural glow and her gestures were filled a tempting charm.

Her snow white skin made her little tender red lips seem even smaller in contrast, making her look cute and adding even more charm to her snow white face.

At this moment, Mu Zi Ling looked at the bronze mirror with a casual smile that revealed a pair of shallow dimples.

This kind of unmoving calmness, a calmness that could withstand anything, was the demeanor that a queen possessed.

Off to the side, the old and young maids all looked amazed. She was so beautiful, just like a goddess descending onto the mortal realm. They never thought that the Eldest Miss would look so beautiful and breathtaking after being dressed up.

“Our Ling’er will be marrying today, but your grandmother is not willing to let you go.” The Old Madame walked in with the help of a maid. Her face was full of unwillingness and worry.

It is still unknown whether this marriage to the Qi King Palace would be a blessing or a curse. The Empress dowager and the Qi King had always been enemies.

This time Ling’er might be thrown into deep murky waters and the Old Madame herself was already too old to be of much help. In the future, Ling’er would have to rely on herself.

Mu Zi Ling could tell that the Old Madame was worried and unwilling, making her heart hurt a little. She thought of past life in the orphanage, other than the few professors at the medical school, she has never been cared for by anyone.

Mu Zi Ling did not wish for the Old Madame to worry too much, so she smiled and said, “Grandmother, there’s no need to worry. There’s a saying that one should become a chicken when marrying a chicken and to become a dog when marrying a dog. If there is no one to lift the sky for me, then I will lift the sky myself.”

[TL Note: One should become a chicken when marrying a chicken and to become a dog when marrying a dog = A woman should follow her husband no matter the circumstances.]

“Silly child, the Qi King is not some chicken or dog. When you marry into his palace, you shouldn't say anymore nonsense like this.” The Old Madam reminded her.

She was feeling happier about Ling’er’s changes after she had awakened from her accident.

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