Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Little uncle picking up the bride.

“I know, Ling’er promises to be obedient. Grandmother, when can Ling’er visit mother?” Mu Zi Ling thought about the mother that she had not yet met. When she could pay her a visit, she would take a look at her illness.

The Old Madame was a bit surprised when she heard this, but she still answered, “Your mother is resting up in a quiet garden that is quite far from here. It wouldn’t be too late for you to pay her a visit another day.”

Old Madam knew that Mu Zi Ling became quiet and shy after she turned three. She has never taken the initiative to find where Li En went. The Old Madame was curious about this, but now that Mu Zi Ling has changed, the Old Madame was very pleased.

Mu Zi Ling could only give a nod. She had heard from Xie that the quiet garden was far out into the outskirts of the city. With the mountains and stream there, it was a good place to recover from one’s illness.

Ever since Mu Zhen Guo retired from the battlefield, he stayed by Li En’s side in the quiet garden. He only rushed back yesterday to see Mu Zi Ling and had already left.

From the looks of it, it seemed like her father really loved her mother, but how could he be so indifferent to his own daughter. His daughter was getting married today, but he wasn’t even here see her off.

Without knowing why she was thinking of this, Mu Zi Ling’s heart filled with a slight feeling of being lost!

“Ling’er, after you are married, Grandmother will be returning to the Qing An Temple to pray. In the future you must take care of yourself in the Qi King’s Manor and you mustn’t anger the Qi King. If you do not have to do so, do not go the royal palace.” The Old Madame honestly reminded her.

Mu Zi Ling’s heart felt a little pain. Even if the Old Madame couldn’t be with her, just the fact that she was worried about her filled Mu Zi Ling with satisfaction.

“Grandmother, you can be assured, Ling’er knows all this already.” Mu Zi Ling did not care about the situation of the Qi King’s Manor. As long as no one provoked her, they will all live in peace.

As for the royal palace, she naturally knew what kind of place it was and she wouldn’t foolishly walk in there.


Time passed by and it was now close to noon.

The matchmaker walked in with a happy look on her face, “The hour is upon us. Quickly help the bride put on her phoenix crown and lets go!”

The maid on the side quickly grabbed the phoenix crown and carefully placed it onto Mu Zi Ling’s head. Then they draped a red cloth over her head.

The matchmaker then escorted Mu Zi Ling out the doors.

“Ling’er!” The Old Madame quickly chased after them. Her silhouette seemed extremely lonely and it looked like she suddenly aged several years.

“Grandmother, rest assured, Ling’er will be fine. In the future when Ling’er has time, Ling’er will come to Qing An Temple and visit you.” Mu Zi Ling really couldn’t bare to leave the first person who given her this warm feeling.

Although she had only known the Old Madame for a day, she was already filled with deep emotions for her.

If she really could not go back, then she would definitely find a chance to pay her respects to her in the future. She just did not know when she would be able see her again.

Outside, the gongs and drums were being hit, creating a festive atmosphere.

There was nobody that heard Mu Yi Xue’s deafening scream coming from the Xue Courtyard, “AHH!!! My face and body, what happened to it?!!”

She had clearly bathed multiple times yesterday. In addition, the skin rotting powder didn’t have effects like this. Her whole body was covered in spots. Just what was happening to her?!

Mu Yi Xue has also woken up early today to try and stop Mu Zi Ling, but she never thought that her body would be covered in spots like this. How could she let others see her like this? Seeing her face covered in spots, she almost fainted on the spot.


Although this marriage was not considered a blessing, it was still a marriage for the Qi King arranged by the Empress Dowager, so the scene was very spectacular.

There was a ten miles marriage parade with eight large carriages. Gongs and drums sounding out around them, not a single thing was missing. This earned the royal family quite a bit of reputation.

After the matchmakers placed Mu Zi Ling’s carriage on the ground, an evil charming young man with a face covered in an evil smile, whilst wearing a bright red marriage robe with a large red flower on his chest immediately jumped out. This person was the sixth prince, Long Xiao Ze.

“Third sister in law, third brother is busy and couldn’t come, so he had this prince come and pick you up.” Long Xiao Ze said in an evil manner. He reached his hand out towards Mu Zi Ling, preparing to help her into the other carriage.

Although the Mu Zi Ling couldn’t see what this person looked like through her veil, she could tell he deserved to be beaten based on his voice. The older brother was getting married, but he had the younger brother pick up the bride? He’s busy and can’t come?

He was giving her a hard time the moment she arrived, how could she not repay him for this? A colorless and flavorless liquid flowed down her sleeve into the palm of her hands. Without saying another word, she grabbed Long Xiao Ze’s hand and entered the carriage.

Long Xiao Ze was stunned for a second. These hands were so soft, cold, and nice to touch. After recovering from his thoughts, he thought about how this woman had no modesty at all, casually holding a man’s hand like this.

He only held his hand out as a formality, but who would have thought that she would actually take his hand to enter the carriage. Seeing that she had already disappeared, he rubbed his nose and hopped on his horse.

On the streets, many citizens were talking to one another. There were many women looking at the carriage with envy, wishing that they were the ones sitting in the carriage instead.

“This is truly worthy of having the Empress Dowager personally arranging this marriage. It’s said that Mu Manor’s Eldest Miss is quite a beauty.”

“Che. Even if she is pretty, she is still an idiot. Pretty, but useless. After she gets married, she will just be a flower vase.

[TL Note: Flower vase - Someone who is pretty but doesn’t know how to do anything]

“That’s right, that’s right, my Qi King will never love an idiot like her. He definitely will not even spare her a glance!!”

“What do you mean your Qi King, you mean mine!”


Once Mu Zi Ling entered the carriage, she covered her head and went to sleep. She was not bothered by the noise outside at all.

When Long Xiao Ze riding his horse heard the citizens talking, he was pleased rather than worried, revealing a happy appearance the whole trip. Third Sister in law, the show doesn’t end here, let's see if you can handle what is about to happen.

The gongs and drums were ringing the entire trip, making it really lively.

When they reached the Qi King’s Manor, Long Xiao Ze dismounted and disappeared without a trace.

Mu Zi Ling allowed the matchmaker to carry her to the wedding hall, but she did not see Long Xiao Yu at all. There were no elders in the front seats of the hall, only a few officials bringing gifts and their servants.

The main characters were not here yet so how could they continue with the marriage ceremony? The people sitting at the side all looked at Mu Zi Ling and began to whisper to each other.

“The Qi King is not here, so how can they continue with the marriage ceremony?”

“Although the Qi King is going to marry her, he definitely will not give her a proper marriage ceremony.”

“That’s right. Being the Qi King’s wife is already worth three lifetimes of luck.”


Not long passed and Long Xiao Ze walked in carrying a little pig by leash, “Third sister in law, since third brother is not here, this prince has brought this little thing to complete marriage ceremony with you instead.”

Long Xiao Ze was thinking in his heart, “Mu Zi Ling, you will be so embarrassed by this that you will slam yourself into the wall to kill yourself.

Through the red veil, Mu Zi Ling could hear the guests whispering. It seemed like they were preparing to watch a good play.

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