Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Messing with the little uncle

Mu Zi Ling looked at the ground and saw a little pig that had already fallen asleep. Mu Zi Ling really wanted to curse at this point.

Before, she had seen someone marry with a chicken and had always thought that it was crazy. However, who knew that Long Xiao Ze would be even crazier and brought a pig for her to marry!

Some things could be tolerated, but some things could not. He wanted to see her be and humiliated? Was Long Xiao Ze’s brain filled with water to think that he could play her so easily?

Mu Zi Ling didn’t show any changes in her expressions or mood. She only laughed and said, “Hurry, we can’t miss the auspicious time. Quickly, this Princess has to pay respects to the heaven and earth with Pig Highness.” Mu Zi Ling purposefully said “Pig Highness” loudly.

After she said those words, the room went silent. Long Xiao Ze couldn’t believe what he had heard. What happened to running into a wall because of embarrassment? She was laughing! And even…..

Long Xiao Ze immediately started to stutter, “You… You dare say Third Brother is a pig!”

Everyone who was present was scared out of their wits by what Long Xiao Ze had said. They didn’t even dare to breath too loudly.

“This Princess never said anything like that. Today is this Princess’ and the Qi King’s marriage. You brought over a pig to marry this Princess. Doesn’t that just mean that the Qi King is a pig? Why would there be a problem for this Princess to call it Pig Highness?”

As Mu Zi Ling said this, she looked at the rope in Long Xiao Ze’s hand that was leashing the pig. Then facing the masters of the ceremony she gently said, “Continue with the marriage.”

Long Xiao Ze was suddenly struck dumb. How could this woman be so shameless? This clearly was not what he meant! He only wanted to humiliate her.

No, he can't let her bow to the heaven and earth with a pig. Wouldn’t this mean that he recognized the pig as his Third Brother? If his Third Brother heard about this, he would most definitely peel a layer of his skin off!

“Wait! Third sister-in-law, the head seats doesn't have any elders, let's just skip the bowing part and go straight into the bridal chambers.” hurriedly stopped Long Xiao Ze.

“Are you sure we should go straight into the bridal chambers?” Mu Zi Ling evilly laughed.

“Yes, go straight into the bridal chambers.” Long Xiao Ze said without even hesitating, but his heart still felt panicky. He felt that something was wrong, and it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Lead the way! This Princess wants to enter the bridal chambers with Little Feather.” Not caring about what the others would see, she took off her bridal veil and carried the soundly asleep pig out of the auditorium.

Little Feather?

When Long Xiao Yu heard Mu Zi Ling call the pig Little Feather, while even go into the bridal chambers with it, he almost cried out in fear. He had originally wanted to humiliate Mu Zi Ling. However, he didn’t expect that she would flip the situation and humiliate his Third Brother instead.

Was this the quiet and shy Mu Manor’s Eldest Miss? He had heard that Mu Zi Ling was an idiot, but why didn’t that seem to be the case now?

Everyone present was also struck dumb.

The Princess had just called the pig “Little Feather.” Little Feather*? Xiao Yu? That name was awfully similar to the Qi King's name.

The Princess had even wanted to go into the bridal chamber with that pig! It wouldn't be good if the Qi King found out about this. They all looked sympathetically at Mu Zi Ling and Long Xiao Ze.

When Long Xiao Ze recovered from the shock, he angrily warned everyone, “No one here today is allowed to let the Qi King know what happened! Anyone who leaks the information will be killed without mercy!”

After that, he hurriedly followed after Mu Zi Ling’s footsteps, leaving behind a room full of people not knowing whether to leave or stay. Who did they offend? They were only here to attend the wedding.

A supposedly happy moment turned into a farce. Not only was the marriage ceremony not completed, the guests were all scared and frightened. Every one of them regretted that they came to attend.

Mu Zi Ling followed the matchmaker into the Yu Han Palace. This was the place that Long Xiao Yu lived in. Right when she was about to go in...

“Wait! Third sister-in-law, quickly give me the pig.” Long Xiao Ze cried hastily as he hurried over.

What a joke! If he really let Third Sister-in-law take the pig inside, that would be disastrous. His Third Brother had a pet peeve for cleanliness. If he was to know that a pig entered his bedroom, Long Xiao Ze would be done for!

When Long Xiao Ze was done talking, he reached out to take the rope from Mu Zi Ling’s hand. Only then did he see her appearance.

He was stunned. He didn’t expect that Third Sister in law was actually so beautiful. Although she may not know how to do anything, she was pretty. Third Brother marrying her wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

“That wouldn’t do. Sixth Prince let Little Feather accompany me into the bridal chambers, how can I reject your kindness? Don’t worry. This Princess will “praise” your actions today to his highness the Qi King.

Mu Zi Ling escaped Long Xiao Ze’s stretched out hands. She had purposefully said the word “praise” loudly for him to hear. She knew that this was all thought out by Long Xiao Ze. He sure did have guts to think up an idea like this, letting her marry a pig.

Long Xiao Ze almost kneeled down to her. When did the Mu Manor’s Eldest Miss become so sharp tongued and eloquent? Also, when did he ever tell her to go into the bridal chamber with that stupid pig? Why does she keep misinterpreting what he meant?

“Third Sister, I beg you, please give the pig to me. I promise that I will listen to you from now on.” Long Xiao Ze wanted to cry, but he had no tears. He raised up his hand to promise Mu Zi Ling. What was not being able to steal a chicken and losing rice? What was grabbing a rock to smash one’s own foot?**

He wanted to compromise just like this? She didn't even have enough fun yet.

Not taking Long Xiao Ze’s words seriously, Mu Zi Ling purposefully said slowly, “Give you it for what? This Princess still wants to bring it in.”

“Don’t! Don’t! Third Sister-in-law, I know I was wrong. Shouldn’t it be fine now that I admit to my mistakes? Just think of me as a fart and let me go.” Long Xiao Ze shook both of his hands in panic.

Why is he so stupid that he brought a pig over? He could’ve brought over anything, yet why did he have to bring over a pig? However, it was already far too late to regret his decisions.

Mu Zi Ling looked at him mockingly. At this moment even the word fart was used.

If he had known earlier, then why did he do it?

She threw the rope to Xie, who was standing off to the side. “ Xie, pull it down to make some roasted pig. This Princess is hungry.”

Waking up so early today, Mu Zi Ling didn't even want to continue playing with him. It would be better for her to catch up on some sleep.

Plus, she never actually wanted to bring the pig inside. She only wanted to scare Long Xiao Ze a little bit. Who knew that he could be so easily scared? With his small guts, he still dared to mess with her?

This was Long Xiao Yu’s bedroom. She had not forgotten that the Long Xiao Yu that she haven't meet yet, had mysophobia. It would be terrible if she offended him just because of a pig.

*Play on words. Mu Zi Ling is calling the pig “Xiao Yu Zi” which translates to Little Feather. The Third Brother is called Xiao Yu, but just different words.

** Basically, he tried to get the advantage but instead only ended up worse off

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