Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: A suspicious new house.

“Wha… what?” Long Xiao Ze was shocked to the point of being speechless.

His mood suddenly raised from being in hell to being in heaven. Was there anyone who could mess with someone like this? How was Third Sister-in-law better than him at messing with people?

“Yes, roasted pig would be good.” Long Xiao Ze said along foolishly.

He had decided that in this lifetime, he would see all pigs as his enemy. They made him suffer such a big loss today. If he ever saw a pig again, he would kill and eat it.

He would also need to report to his Third Brother. What kind of woman had he married? She was even this beautiful.

Perhaps she would become a trouble in the future. She could even mess with people with so easily. He must tell Third Brother to be careful of her, so that he wouldn’t be played by her.

“Sixth Prince, go and tell his highness the Qi King about your achievements. Tell him that you have already guided this Princess to the manor. This Princess has already prepared you a big gift. In a bit, there will be a lot of bees and butterflies to greet you.” Mu Zi Ling’s lips curved up slightly and laughed mysteriously.

The honey dew she rubbed onto his hand earlier was about to take effect. Letting him go to the Qi King’s side would allow the bees greet and group around this King that she had not yet seen. Take a look at this lady’s meeting gift.

Hmf! He married her, yet he didn’t take her seriously.

After talking, Mu Zi Ling didn’t care about Long Xiao Ze getting mussed up in the windy weather. She instructed the servants who were standing off to the side, then walked through the doors by herself.

Xie looked at her Young Miss with a face full of warship. Young Miss was really amazing. She was even able to play with the Sixth Prince until he spun in circles, and even resentfully lead his pig away.

In a high building not far away, Long Xiao Yu observed Mu Zi Ling’s every move since she entered the manor. Long Xiao Yu’s martial arts were a profound mystery.

Mu Zi Ling and Long Xiao Ze’s every word was heard clearly by him. However, the air grew colder as time passed by.

Even the two shadow guards secretly hiding couldn't help but tremble.

Long Xiao Yu’s deep eyes narrowed slightly and showed a trace of interest. His thin lips opened and said each word slowly, “Mu, Zi, Ling.”

Gui Ying and Gui Mei, who were hiding in the dark, saw that Long Xiao Yu kept staring at Qi King Manor. They thought that His Highness was watching a play from the sidelines, but didn’t think that he was staring at the new Princess. They both stared blankly at the scene.

When had the cold and expressionless Qi King ever looked at a woman? Not only had he watched her for half a day already, but he was also staring at her the whole entire time! They stared at the sky, wondering if red rain was going to fall.*


Right when the doors to the room were opened...

“Sss” Mu Zi Ling sucked in a breath of cold air

It really was similar to its name, Yu Han Palace. How was this a new room? A chill came out of her body. There was a trace of a dominating breath in the air. Just by a glance one could tell that the owner of this place must not be offended.

Other than the pair of long red candles and a big red sandalwood marriage bed in the room, there wasn't any festivity.

The closer she walked, the colder and denser the air became. The candle swayed, making everything seem mysterious and dark.

Mu Zi Ling was already tired after this whole day, and she didn’t want to think about anything else. She took off the phoenix crown on top of her head. Then she started to take off the wedding dress layer by layer.

She careless threw the clothes on the ground. She was now left with a thin layer of under clothes. She walked towards the bed’s side and was ready to lie down when she saw a door towards the back of the bed.

It felt like the room’s coldness came from that direction.

Mu Zi Ling, out of curiosity went over there and pushed open the door. She discovered that the room in there was twice as big as the one she was in previously.

Inside, it was very luxurious and had noble furnishment. There was also a hot water spring pool. It was not known where the water came from. How was it that it could still preserve its temperature such a cold room?

There was also a very large bed. Long Xiao Yu sure knew how to live a luxurious life. Mu Zi Ling looked at everything around her in awe and admiration. She noticed that thin strands of white smoke seeped out from under the bed sheets on the bed.

Mu Zi Ling realized that this coldness felt very familiar. She then subconsciously walked over to the bed and touched it with her small hands.

Cold! Really cold!

She lifted the bed sheets. It was the Ice Jade bed! Wasn't this the Ice Jade bed that brought her to this world?

She had looked for it in Mu Manor for a while, but wasn't able to find it. So it had been here this whole time.

It was because of this bed that she was sent to this crazy world. Since she found the bed again, doesn't this mean that she could go back?

Mu Zi Ling’s heart filled with excitement. She thought back to the scene of when she arrived here. Thinking that she could now go back, she started to feel nervous.

As she thought about it, she also turned and flipped around in the bed, changing positions.

This isn’t right, this isn't right either!

She took off the bed sheet that was covering the bed, revealing the Ice Jade that released puffs of white smoke into the air. Mu Zi Ling didn’t waste anymore time and laid onto the bed again. She then fell asleep not long after that.

In her dream…

“Girl, you are not originally from this world. You are only here because of destiny. Everything will rely on fate from now on.” Mu Zi Ling saw a white haired old lady waving at her, but couldn't see the old lady’s face for some reason.

“Grandma, who are you? Why am I not in that world anymore?” However, the old lady’s face became blurry and she was instead replied with a dead silence.

Mu Zi Ling’s heart felt heavy. Her only hope had been shattered. Did she really have to spend the rest of her life here? Was there really no way to go back?

She laid on the bed with tears flowing down the corners of her eyes continuously. The tears immediately turned to ice when it made contact with the Ice Jade bed.


Long Xiao Ze still didn't understand what Mu Zi Ling meant when she said a lot of bees and butterflies would be greeting him.

He narcissistically touched his own face. Maybe she meant that he was too handsome, so he would attract butterflies and bees? The more he thought of it, the happier he became.

This woman sure had good vision. Although he was not as handsome and revered as his Third Brother, he could still be counted as handsome and good looking.

He decided to go look for his Third Brother and brag about his magnificence.

Suddenly a “buzz buzz” sound could be heard behind him. He turned around to see what it was….

*same saying as “when the sun comes up from the west”

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