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Chapter 1889 Chance Encounter! Rejected! (1)

Chapter 1889 Chance Encounter! Rejected! (1)

One day later.

Wang Teng registered at the academy before heading to the Seventh Stellar Academy's spacecraft port.

At the edge of the Seventh Stellar Academy continent.

Standing here, Wang Teng couldn't help but recall the appearance of the divine-level Azure Dragon. As he gazed at the surging dark currents and the never-ending Chaotic Star Sea, a sense of unease crept into his heart.

Before coming here, he had never imagined that such terrifying entities existed beneath the Chaotic Star Sea.

He had originally thought that there might be some eternal-stage star beasts beneath the Chaotic Star Sea, at that was the maximum. However, reality mercilessly shattered his fantasies.

He started to treat the Chaotic Star Sea with caution.

The universe was truly mysterious, and this particular Chaotic Star Sea was unfathomable. There were undoubtedly many more places like this.

Upon arriving at the spaceship port and clarifying his purpose, Wang Teng boarded an ancient warship.

To traverse the Chaotic Star Sea, one must ride on ancient warships, as regular spacecraft cannot withstand the turbulent impact of the chaotic currents.

Of course, some special spacecraft could do it.

The Poison Erosion World wasn't within the range of the Chaotic Star Sea. It was located in an extremely distant part of the universe.

Fortunately, there was a directional space teleportation array established between the Seven Stellar Academies and that area of space, which saved the students a lot of travel time.

However, the space teleportation array was constructed outside the Chaotic Star Sea and wasn't part of the Seven Stellar Academies.

Major powers in the universe share the common understanding that they should not build space teleportation arrays at their core locations, as it could easily lead to problems.

The continent of the Seven Stellar Academies was the core of these academies. Even though there were numerous powerful individuals here, they wouldn't build a space teleportation array here.

After all, if there were problems at the core, the Seven Stellar Academies would be in danger of destruction.

Wang Teng boarded a warship and waited for a long time before the warship vibrated.


With a roar, the warship activated its protective shield and transformed into a streak of light, plunging into the Chaotic Star Sea and navigating through its endless turbulent currents.

"Finally, we're on our way!" Wang Teng stood on the deck of the ancient warship, his expression slightly solemn.

The last time, an eternal-stage instructor was guiding him. At that time, he was unaware of the existence of divine-level star beasts, so he felt quite at ease. But now, the more he knew, the more uneasy he became.

He was afraid of unexpected incidents.

However, he didn't dwell on it any longer, knowing that worrying about such matters wouldn't help. What was meant to happen would happen, and what wasn't meant to happen wouldn't.

He withdrew his gaze and observed his surroundings.

There were many students on the warship. They were all from the Seventh Stellar Academy.

Most of these people were seniors, while new students were few and far between, making up only a small portion. Moreover, they were often seen standing together with the older students.

These new students were brought along by the experienced ones for a mission.



It wasn't surprising. New students often lacked the strength to go on missions right away and typically focused on their cultivation within the academy.

Only those new students with connections and influence would accompany experienced students on tasks.

Many people were secretly watching Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was not unfamiliar to many, including the old students.

People appeared somewhat taken aback that Wang Teng, a new student, would choose to go on a solo mission.

They gathered in small groups, whispering to each other.

"Is that Wang Teng? I can't believe he's going on a mission."

"Yeah, and he's going alone!"

"Doesn't he know how difficult missions can be? Going alone is too dangerous."

Although Wang Teng had gained some reputation, there weren't many people who held high expectations for him.

After all, no matter how strong Wang Teng was, he was still a new student. His displayed abilities might be top-tier among new students.

But in their eyes, he didn't measure up compared to the old students.

It was too early to go out for missions!

The onlookers hesitated, unsure whether they should approach Wang Teng.

After all, they were going on a mission, not on a leisure trip, and not everyone wanted to bring along someone who might be a hindrance.

What if they were too friendly, and Wang Teng suggested working together? How could they refuse at that time?

It would be an awkward situation.

It wasn't an impossible scenario. New students needed to seize every opportunity to improve themselves, and joining a group of seniors was naturally the best choice.

The old students who were willing to bring along new students for missions usually had various reasons for doing so. It could be because they were known with the new students, belonged to the same faction, or had received substantial benefits in return.

Otherwise, they wouldn't take a new student along for a mission, as it was often seen as a troublesome task that few were willing to undertake.

"Hey, isn't this Brother Feng Mo?" Wang Teng spotted a familiar figure in the crowd, and his eyes lit up.

When he came out of the Freshmen Leaderboard, Feng Mo had also ended his duel with Raynolds. Although he was pushed down by Wang Teng and Lu Tian and was in third place, this person was a formidable warrior who possessed mastery of three elements: water, ice, and lightning. His strength couldn't be underestimated.

Originally, he came for Landon. However, since they were from different stellar academies, they naturally wouldn't be on the same ancient battleship.

He didn't expect to meet Feng Mo here.

Feng Mo had already noticed Wang Teng but had assumed that they weren't familiar with each other. He was traveling with a few senior students and couldn't easily strike up a conversation. However, Wang Teng initiated to speak to him, causing Feng Mo's expression to stiffen.

The senior students around him also displayed slight changes in their expressions, casting a curious glance at Feng Mo.

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