Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1890 Chance Encounter! Rejected! (2)

Chapter 1890 Chance Encounter! Rejected! (2)

They felt a little frustrated.

What coincidence was this?

Wang Teng knew Feng Mo.

"Feng Mo, do you know him?" A young martial warrior who was the leader of the group asked using voice transmission.

"Not really." Feng Mo immediately explained using voice transmission.

"Since you're not familiar, after exchanging greetings, just ignore him," the leader of the group said indifferently.

"Alright!" Feng Mo quickly agreed.

He had to heed the words of this senior. The senior was a warrior from a well-established faction that Feng Mo had recently joined. In exchange for the opportunity to accompany them on this expedition, Feng Mo promised him significant benefits. If he offended this senior, it would be a costly mistake.

Besides, he and Wang Teng weren't acquainted to begin with, so there was no need to antagonize the elder for the sake of a stranger.

"Brother Feng Mo, I didn't expect you to go out for missions too." Wang Teng smiled and walked over.

"Yeah," Feng Mo replied with a cold demeanor, looking as if he didn't want any unfamiliar interactions. He nodded curtly.

"Well, what a coincidence! I'm on a mission too," Wang Teng continued, paying no mind to Feng Mo's attitude. He casually draped his arm over Feng Mo's shoulder as he spoke.

Feng Mo's expression turned sour. There was nothing particularly coincidental about being on the same spaceship. Everyone on board was here for a mission.

"Brother Feng Mo, you're going to the Scorpion King Star too, right? What task did you receive? Tell me about it. Our missions might coincide so that we can help each other," Wang Teng inquired.

"No need. Let's each do our tasks. There's no need for us to interfere with each other," Feng Mo replied coldly.

"That's not very friendly. We are all students from the Seventh Stellar Academy. We are on the same side. If we meet students from the other Stellar Academie, we need to work together and not lose to them," Wang Teng continued nagging.

Feng Mo's scheme to brush Wang Teng off in a few words completely fell apart.

This guy was good at socializing!

"This must be Junior Brother Wang Teng. I'm sorry, we need to rest. Please feel free to do as you wish." The young man in the lead, who was observing Feng Mo's reaction, knew that he wasn't Wang Teng's match and promptly spoke up.

Without waiting for Wang Teng's response, they walked away, displaying an attitude that completely disregarded Wang Teng.

They clearly showed no regard for Wang Teng whatsoever.

Feng Mo didn't even spare a glance at Wang Teng and was eager to distance himself.

Wang Teng watched their retreating figures but didn't chase after them. He just felt a bit disappointed.

Unfortunately, he couldn't learn more about their plans.

But, he wouldn't let go of Feng Mo.

Such high-quality prey should be seized when the opportunity presents itself.

If not for the fact that they were all students of the Seventh Stellar Academy, he wouldn't have to be so cautious and could have acted directly.

After Feng Mo and his group left, another team approached.




A small hand slapped Wang Teng's shoulder.

"Junior Wang Teng!"

A clear and pleasant voice suddenly rang in Wang Teng's ears, causing him to turn around.

He saw a petite figure standing behind him, smiling brightly at him.

Wang Teng was instantly dumbfounded.

This person was someone he knew. He scanned the back of the petite figure secretly and saw a few other familiar figures.

There were five of them in total. They were the five elder brothers and sisters Wang Teng met in the ice crevasse in the Chaotic Uncharted.

The one who had just patted his shoulder was one of the female warriors, and her name seemed to be… Tong En.

However, it was clear that they didn't know he had appeared in the ice crevasse before.

"Seniors, you are?" Wang Teng pretended that he didn't know them and asked.

"Haha, I'm Tong En, your elder sister. I've heard about your name for a while now. Since we happened to meet today, I came over to get to know you," the petite female warrior shamelessly sized up Wang Teng, smiling mischievously.

"Hello, Junior Wang Teng. I'm Bi Yao." A handsome young man walked up and greeted Wang Teng with a fist salute.

"Erm… nice to meet you!" Wang Teng quickly returned the gesture.

Compared to the elder students who had been with Feng Mo earlier, these individuals seemed much more approachable. They were polite and courteous, showing no signs of looking down on Wang Teng.

"My name is Wei Na." Another yellow-haired lady walked over.

"Qin Quan!"

"Yuan Bai!"

The others introduced themselves too.

After getting to know each other, they engaged in lively conversation. Since the other group had come over to make friends, there was naturally no awkwardness.

As they chatted, Wang Teng learned that these individuals formed a small team known as the Snow Child Team and often collaborated, so they were very familiar with each other.

At the same time, they were also heading to the Scorpion King Star for a mission.

Wang Teng was somewhat speechless. This group of five couldn't seem to sit still. They had just explored an ice crevasse in the Chaotic Uncharted, nearly losing their lives in the process. Yet, not long after, they had come to Scorpion King Star for a mission.

It truly epitomized the saying, "Life is about seeking death!"

However, the last time they had ventured into the ice crevasse in the Chaotic Realm had been in vain, as they hadn't obtained anything valuable. It seemed that they were eager to improve their strength, so they had no choice but to take on missions and earn points.

They needed a large number of points to enter the Chaotic Uncharted. If they desired to get more points, they needed to complete missions. There were no better alternatives.

For most students, missions were the only way to earn a large number of points.

Other people who saw Tong En and the others actively conversing with Wang Teng displayed looks of surprise on their faces.

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