Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

[On the same day]

Claire noticed the commotion . She heard from Logan that he has managed to breakthrough to Adult Soul Stage and she was so ecstatic that she wanted to tell Davis about it . But when she saw the fainted and injured Davis, she grew so angry that she slapped him heavily and didn't speak to him afterwards .

Claire thought Logan injured Davis because of that event before . Logan immediately explained to Claire about what had happened . She only listened . Her expression relaxed, understanding that it was just a misunderstanding again and didn't bother replying to him . She immediately started to feed and apply medicine on Davis .

The Royal family has treasures capable of instant recovery but that is too strong for Davis, Claire would have immediately fed him that but his body would've burst apart without any powerful external help . Claire would've done it herself as she was powerful enough but Logan wanted to make him slowly heal so as not to leave any sequela behind in his body .

Of course, Claire only listened to him when he said that Davis wanted to train in Body Tempering Techniques, otherwise she would've immediately fed him medicines capable of instant recovery .

Logan knew that this would happen and comforted himself by thinking that this is only a matter of time before she gives up ignoring him .

… . .

[The next day]

In the study .

Davis woke up and immediately felt both warm and painful .

"My wounds are healing quickly . " Davis sensed that most of his bruises had disappeared and his teeth had started growing again .

Davis can use Soul Sense from the time he made a breakthrough, but at his level, he can only use it to sense his whole body . His Soul Sense wasn't still able to leave his body .

"Davis!" Claire who was seated beside him happily echoed .

"Are you fine?" Claire asked .

"Yes mom, although it hurts a little bit . " Davis said truthfully .

"That scoundrel, he went too far again!" Claire said hatefully .

"Mom, no! I was the one who asked him to beat me up! So it's no way Dad's fault! Don't fight with Dad because of it . " Davis didn't want to create a rift between his new family members .

Claire looked at his clear eyes and sighed . "Alright, I won't hold this against your dad . I know that he isn't in the wrong, it's just . . how dare he beats you up" Claire fumed with a wronged expression on her face .

Just at that moment, Logan entered the room without knocking .

Logan had a wry smile on his face . Claire saw him entering and immediately harrumphed in dissatisfaction .

"Claire, listen to me . "

Claire had a sudden change of expression and immediately ran away to the restroom . Vomiting sounds could be heard .

Davis and Logan were dumbfounded . They had this extreme sense of Déjà vu to this bizarre situation . They looked at each other, one smiled lewdly while the other had a straight face .

Claire came out walking shyly .

"Are you two, rabbits?" Davis smirked and laughed lewdly .

Claire blushed heavily and didn't dare to say anything . She was extremely reserved to any topic concerning procreation .

Meanwhile the one who had the straight face coughed and said shamelessly . "Of course, as the Emperor of the Loret Empire, I have the responsibility to produce more offspring so as not to make our Empire meet it's end . " Logan looked at her with a profound expression on his face when he said that .

The two of them then looked at each other and laughed while Claire had her face even more buried down due to extreme embarrassment . "I'm going to kill you all . " She shouted .

The two of them immediately ran away from the study while laughing .

. . .

[A week later . ]

Davis trained his body lightly in the meantime . He improved his physique little by little .

One of the immediate solutions to cultivate his soul was that to sense the Heaven and Earth . But he was unable to do that since he was only at the Low Level Nascent Soul Stage . His Soul Sense was unable to go out of his body .

Davis heard from his mother on how his father managed to breakthrough by conquering his heart demon just like how he was able to do it .

Davis then learned more about heart demons from the library and confirmed that the only way to have breakthrough in his Soul Cultivation is to conquer his heart demons . He was sure that he had no Heart Demons for now .

A Heart Demon is not exactly a demon, it's just an inner thought that is capable of corroding one's mind and soul . In fact, Heart Demons are the cause for most people's cultivation, to stagnate . If one cannot let go of it or manage to conquer it, then one's cultivation will be potentially locked for the rest of their life .

After learning about it, Davis had no way to implement this method as he thinks that doesn't have a heart demon .

Claire was resting in her room .

"Mother, I don't think I have any heart demons now? How can I then increase my Soul Cultivation?" Davis said lamentably .

Claire was dumbfounded and laughed .

"Davis, only peak experts are able to find whether they have heart demons or not . Do you think yourself to be a peak expert? Not even your father is considered a peak expert in this world . "

Hearing that, Davis realised that he was getting full of himself . He was immediately embarrassed .

"Davis, conquering a heart demon manually is no easy process . It is hundreds of times harder than naturally conquering it through enlightenment . If you failed to manually conquer it, you will easily receive various backlashes and the worst case scenario may even change your personality to be more twisted . " Claire shook her head and explained to him seriously .

Seeing Davis's depressed face, she said half-heartedly . "Davis, do you want to confront your heart demon?"

"Yes!" Davis had a determined expression on his face .

"No, Mom won't allow you!" Claire said seriously .

"Then I'll go ask father about it . " Davis stood up .

"You! You're not allowed to . . "

Davis immediately started walking away . He opened the door .

"Fine! You win, come back!" Claire sighed .

Davis returned back with an obedient face .

"You're not going to reconsider? Your future is long and plentiful . " Claire asked .

"No . "

"This is not a game, one wrong move and you're done . " Claire said seriously .

Davis's heart skipped a beat but he still had a determined expression on his face .

Claire sighed . "Have you heard about the Redemption Tower? The one that is nearby the Prison and mostly used by prisoners who are redeemable . "

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