Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

"I have heard about it before . Isn't it used to free prisoners or criminals who had a change of heart? Isn't that why it is named Redemption Tower?" Davis said .

"You're right, but the truth is very different from the facts . " Claire shook her head lightly .

"First, there are 3 levels to clear the Redemption Tower . Many prisoners will give anything up to have a chance at the Redemption Tower . Skipping on the first two levels, what you need to know is about the third level, the last level, The Redemption Level . That is where the prisoners face their heart demons and cleanse their soul of impurities . If a prisoner clears the last level, then they even have a chance of being recruited by the Royal family . All of this is part true and part lies . " Claire sighed .

"The truth is that no prisoner is able to clear the level as it would use up the treasure that is placed up in the formation . It only induces the arousal of the heart demon with the help of the formation . While the prisoner is busy taking care of the heart demon, another formation will act . Once the prisoner manages to 'clear' the last level, the other formation placed there will imprint a slave seal on their souls . The Royal family then takes them and assigns them to a certain squad or place them openly in the army . The slave has no choice but to obey the Royal family"

"This is the ugly truth and it is certainly a part of this Empire . " Claire looked at Davis's dumbfounded expression .

"What? Did you get disgusted by this Empire?" Claire asked smiling weakly .

There was a moment of silence .

"Yes, because being a slave, I've experienced it once and it sucks a lot . " Davis laughed ruefully .

Claire was shocked at his revelation .

"But, if they were used to protect you and father during the rebellion, then all is worth it . I don't care as long as they live their lives protecting Mom and Dad . "

"Woah! You have some twisted views over there, but protecting Mom and Dad instead of the Empire… I like it . " Claire smirked .

"But, you are sharp, they were used as meat shields for us to protect us from the rebels . I did feel some pity for them at first but after learning that they did some evil crimes, I stopped caring about it . " Claire explained her experiences .

"Davis, remember, we as the Royal family won't hesitate to sacrifice the lives of others as long as we can protect our family!"

Davis nodded his head giving her a sign that he understood the meaning behind it .

"I'll ask dear to disable the first two levels and place the full, complete formation, to help one in conquering heart demons in the third level . Normally unless in an emergency, we won't use the treasure but since you are a genius in Soul Cultivation, more importantly since you are my son, we can't miss this opportunity either . "

"Thank you Mother!" Hearing that, Davis was ecstatic .

… . .

The next day . Outside the Redemption Tower .

Davis wore a black robe and a mask which covered his whole features .

"You sure are lucky, only less than 10% of the efficacy of the treasure is left which is more than enough for your stage or else if the efficacy was more than 50%, I would've used it to breakthrough long ago . " Logan sighed .

Claire didn't come, Davis was accompanied by his father anonymously .

"But, are you sure that you are up to the task?"

Davis nodded his head and didn't say anything . Logan knew that he couldn't change his child's mind .

Davis started walking in the direction of the Redemption Tower .

"Then go straight to the third level which is in the third floor of the Redemption Tower . Make sure you conquer your heart demon… from your previous life . "

Davis passed for a moment before starting to walk ahead again . His smile was hidden behind the robe .

… .

In the Redemption Tower, third floor .

A silhouette can be seen coming out of the entrance to the third level .

Davis removed his hood and investigated the room . The surrounding were brightly glowing like some sacred place . There was an altar in the centre which stood tall .

The room was lit with candles around the bright altar . In the centre of the altar, there was a mat which made it obvious for him to know .

He moved straight to the mat and sat on it .

When he sat on it, the room vibrated and covered him in a spherical glow of light . Davis knew that the formation had started, so he started cultivating Sacred Luminance Mist . He realised that he was slowly starting to get dizzy . It felt like something was trying to get hold of his heart, like a pull of tug that could take his emotions away . He immediately concentrated on it .

Before Davis realised, he was transported to a different place .

"This? Where am I?" Davis was startled .

"This place seems oddly familiar" He checked his surroundings .

"It's…It's my old cag… home" Davis was shocked . He started trembling .

'Calm down, me . This isn't reality, remember, remember, yes, this is just my heart demon . '

Davis had a stiff face as he muttered . "I didn't want come back to this place ever again, the formation pretty much helped me screw me over . "

Suddenly, a cry resounded out .

"Mister, arghhh! Please don't hit me . " A 10 year old child cried miserably . His teeth were broken, body full of bruises . A middle aged man can be seen stepping on the child .

"Ouchh!! Mister, please let me leave . "


The child was sent flying, kicked by the middle aged man .

"Call me father, my pet . " The middle aged man had a twisted expression on his face, clearly enjoying beating the child up .

"What was your name again? Ah, Tian Long? right? . Hahaha . From now on, you belong to me, you are my slave . From now on you are just a dog . Let me a give you a dog's name but wait, I guess you don't deserve a name, let me just call you mutt . Hahaha!" The middle aged man laughed evilly .

Davis who was watching, had an angry expression on his face that showed that he was ready to kill this bastard again . He ran towards the middle aged man and delivered a full power blow to his face .

*zzz* The middle aged man's face distorted letting his punch go through him .

Davis stood behind the middle aged man, his face had a dumbfounded expression .

"I . . can't . . touch him . "

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