Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

In the Redemption Tower, third floor .

Davis who was subconsciously cultivating the Sacred Luminance Mist, shuddered .

Golden bright light surrounded him as he made a breakthrough to Mid Level Nascent Soul Stage . His cultivation climbed higher until his foundation was incredibly stable in that stage .

He opened his eyes, his soul could feel that only 6 hours had passed while he spent 10 years in that hell .

'What a scary Heart Demon! It had me in it's palm for over 10 years . Little by little connecting me with my past self . First, pain . Second, emotions . Third, a state where I could only watch mindlessly . If I hadn't realized at the last moment, if I had managed to torture and kill the girl, would I be the one to return here?' Thinking about this, Davis shuddered . He realised that this question should be left unanswered .

He quickly stood up and exited the tower .

When he came out of the tower, he could see a figure run to him extremely fast . That figure hugged him which gave him pure warmth . He smiled .

"I'm back, Mom . "

"You silly . " Claire released him as she looked at him .

Davis realised that her eyes were red, she looked like she cried for a long time .

Logan came closer walking slowly . He stared angrily at Davis but he was happy inside .

"What happened? Why is mom's eyes so red?" Davis was the one who was angry this time around .

"Davis, you idiot! The Heart Demon session doesn't even last over an hour, you have been there for over six hours! Just look at how your mother was worried sick about you, hmph! If you hadn't come out, I would've killed you myself!" Logan explained with an angry face .

"After you entered the tower for more than an hour, your mother couldn't help but leave the castle, she waited for two more hours worriedly, then she cried for about an hour and fainted . She just woke up just now, you are such a disgrace! What if something had happened to her and the baby in her womb!?" After seeing that his son was fine, Logan really wanted to scold his son severely .

"Mom, I'm really sorry, I'm sorry for making you worry . I promise that I'll never make yo…" Davis realised his fault and hurriedly apologized .

"Silly, you can't make that promise . You are meant to fly in the future . No matter where you go, mom can't stop worrying about you . " Claire knew that her son would soar higher than anyone else in the future . That is the confidence that she had for her son .

"Alright, let's return to the Royal Castle . " Logan said .

"Hmm" Both of them nodded .

… .

At the Emperor's quarters .

"So? You did make a breakthrough, right?" Logan asked .

"Yes, I've advanced to the Mid Level Nascent Soul Stage . " Davis replied .

"Good . " Logan nodded in satisfaction .

"Davis, use your Soul Sense . " Claire said .

Davis used his Soul Sense, a transparent form of energy tinged with light golden luminance spread around 50 metres of him . In this space, he could perceive everything that is in his range . It was a weird feeling . He lost himself in a trance, perceiving his surroundings .

Logan and Claire had their jaws drop . "I know that his soul is powerful, but not this powerful" Claire muttered .

Davis was confused, what part of did it make them say that his soul is very powerful . He then immediately realised .

"An average person with a Mid Level Nascent Soul Stage cultivation can only extend his Soul Sense for about 10 metres while on the other hand, you can extend upto 50 metres . This clearly denotes that your soul is 5 times more powerful than an average person . " Claire explained .

"But then, why can't I extend my Soul Sense upto 5 metres when I was in Low Level Nascent Soul Stage?" Davis expressed his doubts .

"Silly . " Claire giggled . "It simply doesn't work that way, average cultivators of the Low Level Nascent Soul Stage can only make their soul escape once their body is destroyed . They are simply unable to use Soul Sense at that level and stage . Only people with powerful souls are able to use their Soul Sense to scan their body two or three times at once when in Low Level Nascent Soul Stage, like your father" Claire explained patiently .

Logan had a proud face when he heard her say that but once he thought about how his own son had beat him, his face deflated .

"Davis, you should have unlocked the first layer of Sacred Luminance Mist by now . Display it for Mom . "

"The first layer? Okay . " Davis nodded and circulated his soul to perform according to the First Layer of Sacred Luminance Mist .

Layers of a Cultivation Technique can be easily comprehended unlike Battle Techniques which requires deep comprehension . The only prerequisite is that you reach the required stage . Of course, if one is stupid and talentless, then even that one will find it to comprehend the Layers of a Cultivation Technique even if they reach the required cultivation stage .

A bright golden force field spread 10 metres from Davis . Davis felt like nothing could damage his soul in this space .

"The Sacred Soul Shield you formed is powerful as well . " The both of them weren't surprised this time .

"Even Peak Level Nascent Soul Stage cultivators will find it very difficult to break that . " Logan sighed in submission . He didn't even realise that he was competing with his son .

"That's it?" Davis expected more .

*cough* *cough*

"Hah, if this is the end, then it won't be any different than other Soul Cultivation manuals which provides a Soul Shield . " Claire confidently said .

"Try shrinking it till you cover your entire body with it . " Claire said .

Davis nodded his head and tried to shrink the golden force field .

The golden force field shrank till it only covered his body .

Logan and Claire looked at how his soul is not only powerful but pure as well .

"Thi . . this, wouldn't even Infant Soul Stage cultivators find it hard to break this Sacred Soul Shield of his?" Logan muttered, Claire was dumbfounded as well . She uttered "Yes . "

Davis was kind of happy but at the same time disappointed thinking that his shield was not useful against Young Soul Stage cultivators . What he didn't know was that his parents were comparing him subconsciously with other cultivators who cultivated in other Sky Grade Soul Cultivation Manuals .

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