Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Twizer cruelly beat down Tian Long .

'It didn't work' Tian Long had changed to his lifeless self again . He felt like he no longer had a chance to escape from the clutches of Twizer . He put all his hopes into that note, he had expected too much from it . He had fallen into despair again . In this 10 years, he didn't know how many times he fell into despair only to dream of hope again .

"Hmph, don't get full of yourself Mutt! Stay obedient . " Twizer thought Tian Long was going to bomb him, but on second thought he realised that Tian Long had no means to secure a bomb .

Twizer didn't want to stay anymore, he left swiftly .

Tian Long was lying down, he kept staring outside the window . His eyes looked lifeless . Suddenly, he focused his eyes only to see a monstrosity with long wings that appeared outside the window . He kept staring at it silently with a shocked face . He couldn't believe his own eyes . He wondered what happened to him in this week .

After a moment of silence .

"Who are you?" Tian Long asked, his voice trembling .

"Are you the human who picked up my Note?"

"Note?" Tian Long had a momentary lapse of his memory, he quickly remembered the Death Note he picked up 3 days ago .

"Yes, yes . I was the one who picked up the Death Note . Quickly help me kill that bastard Twizer, I wrote his name in the Death Note but he just won't die! Are you the one who's going to kill him?"

"Hey, wait a moment . My name is . . , leave it, you can just call me the Death God Overlord . "

"Death God Overlord?" Tian Long gulped of hearing such a grand title .

"Yes, are you sure you wrote the real name of the person you want to die?" The Overlord looked at him with a condescending gaze .

"Real name?" Tian Long muttered .

"It's his fake name . " Tian Long immediately remembered when Twizer introduced himself, he said people called him Twizer .

Actually, Tian Long was with Twizer for over 10 years . He wasn't at fault when he thought that Twizer was his real name . After all, that name was plaguing him for over 10 years .

"Then . . then help me kill him, Overlord . "

"I can't, even though you are now the owner of this Death Note, I will not help you kill someone . If you want to kill that person then you have to find his real name . "

"How? I have no idea and he doesn't leave any traces either . "

"Boy, I have a deal which can make you find his real name . But for that you will hav…"


"Quick answer! But let me finish . "

"This will deal will require half of your remaining life span, in return you will get the Death God Eyes which can inspect a person's real name and lifespan . Consider carefully . "

"Deal, there isn't anything to consider . " Tian Long said determinedly . He thought that it's better to live a year freely than live 2 years in hell .

"Alright . "

… .

A week later .

*Creak* The door silently opened .

"Yo, Mutt, I see you are obedient . "

'Mo Wuming, huh . ' Tian Long sneered .

"You disobedient dog! Let's see how you laugh again . "

Mo Wuming immediately started beating him up again . Tian Long endured it as he always does, albeit he was a little excited .

Mo Wuming felt a little uncomfortable and shouted . "Aren't you going to kill me? You mutt!" He suddenly lost the excitement to beat him up and so he left the room .

Tian Long immediately stood up and went to jot down his name in the Death Note .

[Mo Wuming]

"Finally, finally, Hahaahahaha"

Tian Long then laughed hysterically . After 30 seconds, he dashed out of his door in full speed . He caught upto Mo Wuming in 10 seconds, who was walking on the corridor . There was a distance of 10 metres between them .

"You Mutt! You dare to come out?" Mo Wuming slowly approached Tian Long .


"Mutt, what is that note in your hands?"

"Four!" He showed the note to him .

"Death Note? What's that? An artifact?"


"What the fuck are you counting this time around?"

"Two!" Tian Long had an evil smile on his face .

"'Fess up, mutt . " Mo Wuming got hold of his collar .

"One! Die!"


Mo Wuming immediately clutched at his chest . He had a shocked expression on his face filled with pain .

"You!" Mo Wuming pointed at Tian Long and fell on his shoulders . He lost his life permanently .

Tian Long pushed him away and laughed hysterically . Mo Wuming's corpse fell on the floor with a thud .

After laughing for who knows how long? A voice can be heard in the corridor .

"Papa?" A 6 year old girl can be seen standing 5 metres away from him .

She moved closer to the corpse and stood beside it .

"Papa, wake up . " She gave a tug to the corpse .

After seeing her father not wake up, she started crying .

Tian Long stared at her and smiled evilly . "Oh? Mo Wuming had a daughter? Unexpected . " He used his Death God eyes and saw that her name was Mo HuanHuan .

"For all the mistakes he'd done, looks like I can vent myself on his daughter . " Tian Long smirked, his eyes were red due to the Death God Eyes which made him look pure evil .

Tian Long kicked the little girl away from her father .

"Iiyahh" She growled in pain .

"All is your father's fault!"

"Papa! Help me!" She cried miserably .

Tian Long then started stomping on her little face . She had her hands blocking her face from his kicks .

She tried to crawl back to her dad . She kept muttering 'Papa, Papa . '

"You know how many times your father trampled on me! You know how many times your father made me crawl! This doesn't even compare to one-tenth of what your father did to me!" Tian Long let her crawl back to her father while he kept kicking her .

She got hold of her father's shirt and didn't let go .

"Oh, what's this?" Tian Long found a knife on Mo Wuming's body .

"Maybe I can make my heart be at peace if I cut you piece by piece . " Tian Long smiled evilly and made a slash at her face .

"Nooo!!! Help!!! Papa!!" She screamed miserably while crying .


A punch came out from nowhere, sending Tian Long flying through the corridor . He suddenly disintegrated .

"I remember I immediately ran away miserably after seeing this girl cry her heart out sadly for her Dad . The 10 years I spent in this hell doesn't even compare to the guilt when I saw this child cry . If it weren't for this child, I truly would have turned evil . "

A sigh escaped from a person who stood beside the child .

"Still, to play such an evil role with my body, did you think you can change my heart? My Heart Demon?" Davis had a smug face when questioning himself .

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