Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

[The next day]

Davis went to the royal training grounds that was in the Royal Castle . Only the Emperor's direct descendants were allowed to train there .

When Davis reached the entrance, he saw a middle aged man about 30 years old . That middle aged man who was looked sideway, shifted his head to see Davis approaching him .

'Hendrickson huh? Isn't this guy the Royal Advisor? He is my Tutor now?' Davis used his Death God's eyes to inspect him when he turned sideways . He was not sure whether if it would work on him, but it worked .

"Welcome Prince, I am Hendrickson, the Royal Advisor and also act as a Military Advisor at times of need . From now on I'll be your Tutor in Body Tempering Cultivation . " Hendrickson bowed lightly and introduced himself .

"Hello Mister Hendrickson, I'll be in your care from now on . " Davis acted cutely as if he was really excited to have him as his Tutor .

"Oh, my Prince, please drop the honorifics, Hendrickson is fine . " Hendrickson didn't dare to act arrogantly . The Royal Family might have many plots when they have too many members, but he can sure see that there are no schemes in this small royal family . He knows that they are incredibly protective of one and another .

"Okay, Mis . . Hendrickson . " Davis purposefully made a mistake .

"Haha . " Hendrickson laughed weakly . 'Still, why did the Emperor ask me to train a 5 year old child, isn't it too soon? Even though I rejected, he won't take no for an answer . ' He sighed .

"Prince Davis, I heard from the Emperor that you have already trained your body to some extent . Let me check your body . " Hendrickson released his soul sense and checked Davis' body, he noticed the Sky Grade Treasure Amulet and Locket, and he can deduce the locket's property but didn't know the amulet's property .

"Hmm? You have trained your body well, follow me, the Empress is waiting in the Body Tempering Chamber . " Hendrickson started walking .

"Hmm? Mother? Okay!" Davis followed .

"Mis . . Hendrickson, what is your current cultivation in all Cultivation Systems?" Davis had an excited face when he asked that .

"Ohoh, My Prince, it isn't anything great . Out of the three Cultivation Systems, I specialize in Body Tempering Cultivation System . I've reached Peak Level Silver Stage, Mid Level Body Transformation Stage, and Peak Level Young Soul Stage . " Hendrickson explained calmly even though he was secretly proud .

'What? My Death God's Eyes were able to inspect a Young Soul Stage cultivator?' Davis was secretly astonished . He didn't dare to use it on his Mother and Father . He didn't even dare to use it on the maids and servants afraid that they might be secretly experts assigned to protect him . He was afraid that if they were to know him inspecting them then he would have to explain himself which he didn't want to . The Death Note is the only secret which he shouldn't reveal .

"Oh, that is wonderful! Mis . . Hendrickson . "

Hendrickson had black lines on his face . He can only hear Davis calling him 'Miss Hendrickson', he could only suffer this humiliation silently .

'Should I try using The Death Note, no no, that would mean killing him, killing him is no good but I don't know if it will even work on him . Will the Death Note even work on cultivators who are way stronger than me?'

'Humans back on Earth were all equal in soul level, so the Death Note was able to work on them, even so it was full of limitations . Here, I don't think the rules are the same . There must be different kinds of limitations . ' Davis had a huge headache, he would have to experiment on people to find out it's powers .

'Then that would mean, I can only use it on people who deserve to die . The prison would be a good place to experiment . ' Thinking this, Davis smirked .

They soon arrived to a place . The chamber was filled with various kinds training equipment . Davis saw his mother patiently waiting there for him . He saw her smile and he immediately ran to her .

"Mom arranged this for you, so your body's foundation and strength might be even stronger than other cultivators on the same level . " Claire smiled . She then pointed at a bathtub .

"Woahh!" Davis had to act like a kid in front of others .

"In that bathtub, a Low Level Sky Grade Tyrant Body Pill is diluted in that water . Your body isn't powerful enough to eat the whole pill, your body will explode . "

"Empress, may I?"

"Go ahead, Royal Advisor . " Claire said .

"Isn't it too soon for the Prince to be Body Cultivating? What if he undergoes a trauma and is unable to cultivate because of it . " Hendrickson was clearly worried that if Davis were to be in danger, he would be blamed for it .

"No need to worry, Royal Advisor, we have utmost trust in our child, he will be able do it . " Claire declared confidently .

Hendrickson was baffled, he looked at Davis's childlike pure innocent face . 'Where do they even get the confidence from?'

"Alright then, Prince, get inside the bathtub and start cultivating the Tyrant Body Secrets . You could have diluted the pill and drank it but we want your body to endure less pain . We want to have your body get used to the pain . " Hendrickson said .

Davis smiled innocently and nodded . He got inside the bath tub . He suddenly felt pain all over his body except his head . Davis eye's shot wide and he now knew that Body Tempering Cultivation was no joke .

Davis immediately started cultivating Tyrant Body Secrets and endured the extreme pain for two hours, gradually he got adjusted to it .

Claire came closer him and fed the diluted pill essence more powerful than the water in the bathtub . If his pores were open, then he could have absorbed the diluted pill essence but it had now gone to waste .

Davis felt like his internal organs were burning, he continued to cultivate Tyrant Body Secrets . This pain lasted for 2 more hours until a sound could be heard from his body .


Davis emitted a little reddish brown aura from his body . He could feel his strength soar . He felt like he could now lift a car single handedly if he tried .

Claire beamed, she could see that he achieved Copper Stage while Hendrickson was astonished that he could withstand the excruciating process .

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