Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

"Mom, I've did it!" Davis animatedly exclaimed .

"You've made mom gratified, Davis . " Claire smiled proudly .

"Congratulations, Prince Davis, you have taken the first step to cultivation, earlier than anyone else I've known . " Hendrickson nodded in acknowledgment . He didn't expect this naïve looking child's tenacity to be this high .

"Thank you, Hendrickson . "

Hendrickson nodded even more appreciatively . He didn't call him 'Miss' this time .

Davis got out of the bathtub . He then excitedly stretched his limbs . He can feel that his body was filled with overflowing power that he never experienced in his life before .

Hendrickson commented . "Good, unlike the other two Cultivation Systems where you accumulate energy and advance slowly, cultivating in Body Tempering Cultivation, you only need resources and resolve to advance, but It only gets harder and difficult as you advance . " He shook his head lamenting the fact that he still finds it difficult to break into Gold Stage .

"Davis, there's a strength gauging equipment over there . Go punch it . " Claire said .

Davis moved to that equipment and punched it normally .


'532 kg'

Davis then punched with all his strength .


'1021 kg'

'Woah! Goddamn, this is so awesome' Davis was excited inwardly .

"Davis, perform the First Layer technique of Tyrant Body Secrets . " Claire looked forward to his performance .

Davis nodded, he started gathering power in his right fist, reddish brown aura suddenly covered his right arm and he punched forward with all his might .

'5164 kg'

"Good, with the Tyrant Aura Amplification, you could even rival Low Level Bronze Stage cultivators in power . For those who cultivate in an Earth Grade Body Cultivating Manual, you could rival a High Level Copper Stage cultivator in power . " Hendrickson commented

"But, if I were to face a Low Level Copper Stage cultivator who cultivates in a Sky Grade Body Cultivating Manual, won't we be evenly matched?"

"Yes, but that also depends on the Manual that the other person is cultivating in, even Sky Grade Manuals have levels . "

"Of course, it even includes your individual battle prowess too . " Hendrickson added .

Davis sighed . 'Looks like I'm only powerful in Soul Cultivation . '

"But by the time you reach Gold Stage gradually, you would have developed a Tyrant Physique which even increases your strength and defense double the times . "

"At that time, no one in Gold Stage will be your opponent . That's why it's named as Tyrant . "

"Hmm? Can't I achieve the Tyrant Physique now?" Davis asked curiously with a confused expression .

"The Loret Empire doesn't have that kind of resources, well, it had before, but for now, there are no whereabouts of the Mystic Tyrant Fruit . I will inform your father if we find one . "

Davis eye's shone brightly . 'Looks like I still have hope . '

"Alright, you just have to cultivate like this till you reach the Peak Level . If you find yourself in stumped in front of any bottlenecks, you can visit me in this Chamber, in the morning . At other times, I won't be available . " Hendrickson informed .

"Okay!" Davis nodded .

"Davis, let's go . " Claire held Davis .

"Hmm . "

They both then left .

… . .

In the Empress's quarters .

"Brother!" A baby jumped excitedly in it's cradle .

She was one and a half years old and 30 inches tall . Her face was chubby and extremely cute . Her cute purple eyes glowed mystically as if it could see through lies . Her short blonde hair was silky smooth .

"Clara! Your Brother is here!" Davis hurriedly ran towards her, pinched her cheeks and tickled her .

"Haaha . . no . haha" Clara laughed .

Davis lifted her up and held her . He then turned to Claire .

"Mom, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have jinxed it . " Davis was extremely regretful .

"It's fine . Atleast . . it's a good thing . " Claire sighed .

Clara had a set of unique eyes from her birth . After one year, they discovered that her eyes were glowing . The three of them panicked and later when they researched about it, they calmed down .

Clara had the Transcendent Truth Eyes . It could see through lies and deceit . If she manages to perfect that power then no one could lie in front of her .

"The only problem now us that her eyes lit up randomly . She's just a baby, she couldn't possibly control it . " Claire couldn't help but worrying .

"It will be fine Mom, when she grows up, she should be able to control it . After all, the records mentioned that those who possesses Transcendent Truth Eyes are natural born rulers . " Davis stated proudly .

"Hmm, you're right . " Claire nodded but her face showed otherwise . Such is the fate of a mother .

"Mother, you can rest today, I'll start cultivating Essence Gathering Cultivation tomorrow . "

"If you say so . " She smiled .

"But in exchange, you have to tell me about that treasure, you said that we have it in our Treasury . " Davis asked excitedly, the name itself seems grand .

"Alright . " Claire couldn't help but laugh, her son seems to be extremely interested in Treasures .

"The Fallen Extinction Lightning was captured by our previous Emperor, your grandfather . He went singlehandedly and captured it from the Lightning Fall Mountains that is very far from our Empire . But during the battle, sadly, he underestimated the Fallen Extinction Lightning, he was grievously wounded but he still managed to capture the Sky Grade Lightning Elemental . "

"So, my grandfather, the previous Emperor died from injuries? How can it be? He was so powerful, more powerful than father!" Davis couldn't believe that a mere injury could make his grandfather succumb to death . His grandfather was in the fifth step of all the cultivation systems after all .

"Unfortunately, the Fallen Extinction Lightning possesses corrosive and annihilation properties . He succumbed to the corrosive injuries that the Fallen Lightning Star left behind in his body . " Claire sighed .

"Since grandfather went to hunt it down then he should've known the properties behind the Fallen Extinction Lightning . I don't believe that grandfather didn't investigate before . " Davis shook his head .

Claire sighed . "In fact, he did, but the information was outdated . He originally went to hunt a Peak Level Earth Grade Silent Extinction Lightning for the First Prince's son, but by the time he discovered that, it had already evolved to a Sky Grade Fallen Extinction Lightning . Everything was for naught . " She shook her head sadly .

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