Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Transmigration stone disintegrated which caused the green purplish glow to wrap around Tian Long's soul . The glow then travelled somewhere faster than the speed of light .

At a place few km's away from the stone which appeared in the air few moments ago .

"Not good, he's not going to make it" A middle aged man sighed full of sadness .

That middle aged man was wearing a blue armour with a tiger imprinted on it . It was quite damaged .

"He's been in coma ever since you found him, is it even worth to care that much for a child you don't have relations with, Grey?" Another middle aged man with the same blue armour asked .

"I picked him up, then I should be the one to take care of him, shut your mouth Mel" Grey snapped back at him . He had an irritated expression .

"That's it . Enough of your bullshit Grey . You don't even do the things captain commanded properly, all you do is take care of that child . Is that child your illegitimate son?" Mel couldn't help but find trouble with Grey .

"I know you have some enmity with me Mel . Stop finding fault with me time and time again . If you have the guts, let's fight" Grey unsheathed his sword out of his scabbard .

"You think I am afraid of you . I'll show you who's after the captain in this Blue Tiger Mercenaries" Mel also unsheathed his sword and took a pose to fight .

Hearing that he indirectly accepted the fight, Grey shot out with an unbelievable speed for his cultivation base . He created a blinding light with his sword which covered the whole area with brightness .

'What!? A battle technique?' Mel almost peed his pants when he saw this . He didn't move since he couldn't see as his eye was blinded by the light .

And at this moment a glow which was dimmed by the brightness emitted, shot to the child who stopped breathing just now . Both of them didn't notice it .

Mel opened his eyes only to see a sword in front of his neck . He could feel his life slipping out of his hands . He started shivering out of fear .

"I think I had enough of you moron" Grey said . Just when he was going to slice his head off, a voice could be heard .


"Tch, It's the captain" Grey muttered and backed off .

Tian Long started feeling warm .

'Is the Transmigration stone healing this body?' Tian Long thought still not accepting the fact that this is his own body from now on .

"Haha, I'm saved! I'm saved! Captain, Grey was going kill me for real . Kill him, he's a traitor" Mel exclaimed full of happiness and framed him .

"Is that so?" The captain walked to where Mel was standing .

Just when Mel thought that he could get his revenge, a punch appeared in front of his face . The captain hit him with force . He flew 2 metres away from where he was standing and crashed on the wall .


"Why!?" Mel muttered dumbfounded .

"You think I don't know your ploys . How many times have I told you not to mess with Grey?"

"Grey, please forgive my nephew Mel, he won't do this again, and I will personally handle the punishment for him . "

Grey nodded his head and didn't say anything, he could only accept his hardships out here .

"By the way, did you see anything glowing around here?"

"Hmm, the only thing glowing here was my sword"

"Not tha . . Alright" The captain stopped giving information . He thought he had found a treasure and wasn't willing to share with anyone .

Tian Long who possessed his new body started sweating when he heard this . Not because he heard the captain mention about the glow but because he couldn't understand anything they said .

'Is my fate so worse? Of all the weak people out there, why a child? I couldn't even take care of myself in this state, I'm doomed . ' Tian Long had a listless expression on his face .

Tian Long looked upwards the cloudy sky which looked like his own fate, gloomy as ever . He quickly made a determined face to keep on living in this world which was quite cute in itself .

Grey turned around and returned to where Tian Long was lying down . He was astonished to see that the child was awake .

"Kid! Can you hear me? Are you fine?" Grey shouted in excitement .

"Calm down Grey, he's just a kid who was in coma since the time you found him, do you expect him to talk?" The captain chuckled .

"Ah right, I just lost myself in happiness, sorry . "

"Alright, take care of the kid, I got things to do" The captain bid farewell .

'What the hell are these guys talking about? I can't understand, what language is that?' Tian Long thought .

Suddenly Tian Long's glabella started throbbing painfully .


"Kid! What's wrong? Oh no!" Grey started to get worried again .

'What is this black thing in front of my eyes?' Tian Long kept holding his head until he fainted of pain .

Grey checked his pulse and sighed . "He's just fainted, thankfully . "

'This child sure does like to keep me hanging on a thread . ' Grey laughed ruefully .

'It's almost this child's 3rd birthday, good thing he woke up before that or else I would have had my head sliced off'

Then Grey carried Tian Long to his room and made him sleep in his bed . Grey then sat before the table and wrote a letter . He then stood beside the window and whistled .

A pigeon flew through the window and stood on Grey's hands . He then tied the letter to the pigeon's leg . The pigeon then flew away from him to its destination .

"That's about it, my mission is finally going to be over soon I guess if everything goes smoothly"

"It's been almost 3 years since I left the empire, hopefully the tide has crossed over, and if it hasn't then we'll both die . " Grey laughed ruefully and then slept on the floor .

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