Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Yes! I finally managed to obtain it!" A person with a hoarse voice exclaimed full of exhaustion .

He looked haggard with a face full of wrinkles yet young at the same time like a youth who has aged much . His hair was white while his nose sharp and his lips dried .

'It's been 10 years since I, Tian Long managed to obtain the Death Note, I have only used it to kill my one and only enemy back then and I haven't used it since then . ' he sighed feeling the passage of time .

Walking out of the cave, he proceeded to get off the mountains to go to the airport .

'It's time to go back to my homeland to pull off this crazy idea that has been gnawing at my heart since 8 years ago!'

After arriving at the airport, Tian Long boarded the airplane and returned to China .

After going to his home, he started having second thoughts about his plan at the last minute .

'Eyyy, it's do or die . I don't have much of a choice . '

'Hmm, I don't have much time to live in this world anyways . ' Tian Long comforted himself .

He packed his things and went out of the house .

"Alright, it's time to leave this world . " Silently muttering that, Tian Long left for the place ancient temple that has many rumours including that it's connected to another world .

'Honestly, my chances of crossing over are pretty low, way low . '

'I only thought of this idea because having only few more years left to live makes me feel useless and empty, I want to live more . '

After arriving at the ancient temple, he searched the whole day for any unusual signs .

"This place is pretty abandoned yet it's kept clean, why is that?" Tian Long muttered .

After seeing that he hasn't found anything for today, Tian Long decided to sleep .

Just as he was sleeping in his tent, a sound startled him awake .

"Who's there!?" Tian Long shouted .

"Whoa! Don't startle me old man" The young man exclaimed .

Hearing that he was called old man, Tian Long's eyes started twitching .

"Who are you little man?" Tian Long asked even though he knew the answer .

"Me? I'm Xiao Yi"

"Why are you here?"

"I'm hired by the nearby temple to clean this place every week and patrol once in a while"

Hearing that, Tian Long was astonished .

"Wasn't this place abandoned?"

"Yeah, it was but it's now the property of the nearby temple . They bought it a month ago . "

"Oh, I See . " Tian Long said .

"Now that you understand that it's a private property, shouldn't you be leaving?" Xiao Yi asked .

"Uhh, yeah once it's dawn I'll leave, It's pretty late right now"

"Reasonable, I don't want you camping out here tomorrow old man, just leave"


Then Xiao Yi left the ancient temple .

'Still, what is he doing here at night? Does he have a rendezvous with a woman or something?' Tian Long chuckled .

'Looks like I don't have any time left to sleep, this old body of mine can't take this anymore!' shouting in his mind Tian Long started searching the place again .

Switching on the torch light, Tian Long started looking around for any kind of unusual signs in the place he hasn't searched yet .

An hour has passed since he continued his search .

Moving around Tian Long entered a room, he came in front of a wall and started tapping around .

*tok tok*

*tok tok*

*tok tok* A muffled kind of sound echoed across the room .

"Yes! found it"

He pushed that certain part of the wall which created the muffled sound .

An underground door opened in the room which made Tian Long check it immediately, he checked for some traps for some time . He couldn't find any which made him feel a bit better .

Tian Long started moving down the underground door . He climbed down a lot of stairs and arrived in front of a iron door .

Tian Long stared at the switch right beside the iron door and pulled it down .

The iron door opened up and Tian Long entered the underground area .

Tian Long gasped in astonishment as he saw the unknown formation . The outer circle was spherical in shape while the inner circle was oval in shape with an eye in it .

"Oh, this must be the formation which makes this place unusual"

Tian Long walked towards the formation and arrived at the centre of the formation .

"That's a creepy looking eye alright, I should probably be in the centre of this formation to increase my chances . "

Tian Long took out a stone which emitted a faint green and purplish light .

"The transmigration stone" Tian Long's eyes shone brightly .

"If the nearby temple people knew if that I had the stone would they become mad?" Tian Long laughed loudly .

Tian Long then walked to the stone which looked like a podium . "Hehe, an obvious place to keep the switch to activate the formation, I like it"

The switch was half-spherical in shape and it kept glowing .

"Does this mean they have charged this formation already? Perfect!" Tian Long exclaimed .

The formation takes at least 2 years to charge which Tian Long didn't know about, if he knew he certainly wouldn't have approached this place .

"But, why did they charge this formation? It can't be that they are warmly welcoming me? is it?" Tian Long was deeply in doubt and couldn't help but joke .

"Hmph, thinking about this is useless, after I activate this formation, either I die or live in another world" Tian Long stopped wasting time thinking about it .

Tian Long took out the Death Note as he sighed .

"It's time"

Tian Long took out a pen and wrote in the Death Note .

'Tian Long

Death by heart attack

Tian Long activates the formation and during the space time travel his soul jolted out from his body, his soul then enters the Transmigration stone . After the space time travel ends his soul possesses a body that is weak below 20 years of age using the Transmigration stone and after 5 minutes dies of heart attack . '

*hisss* Tian Long drew a cold breath .

"The Death Note can control and kill people to certain extent meaning that it is capable of attacking the soul, since it can control people, it should be able to control the soul to an extent"

"It's fine, I will be tying the Transmigration stone behind my head, there's not much distance between my soul and the stone, so it shouldn't be a problem for the Death Note to succeed"

"If only my theory is correct"

"Damn! Stop getting cold feet already, I've done it now, there's no going back" Tian Long made a determined face and started the formation .

As the underground area trembled, space-time fluctuations appeared, the formation had activated a space-time passage . Tian Long went to the centre of the formation immediately and left his fate to luck .

"Goodbye, Earth"

Tian Long was absorbed into the space time tunnel and suffered a fate extremely bad than people getting crushed by a huge rock . He was pressured by the spatial tunnel . He felt like his body was being grinded by thousands of blades .

'Ahhhhhhh! Why isn't this spatial tunnel not stable? I'm doomed'

Tian Long saw his hand being disintegrated by the spatial turbulence .

"Haha, It's over"

Just when his shoulder started to disintegrate, Tian Long's soul jolted out of his body and entered the Transmigration stone .

Tian Long didn't notice that his Death Note being shredded to dust . A black book spirit flew out from it and entered the Transmigration stone .

Tian Long then saw his body being disintegrated into nothingness which made him nauseous and puke but he couldn't as he was in his soul form .

The Transmigration stone then flew in the space tunnel and made it to the other side of the tunnel . Tian Long couldn't count how much time has passed, he was listless through the whole journey mourning the loss of his body and the Death Note .

The Transmigration stone flew out of the spatial tunnel, Tian Long arrived to a brand new world .

Meanwhile on Earth

"Who activated the formation?!!" The head priest of the nearby temple flew into an anger fit and started breaking the nearby furniture .

"Check the abandoned temple immediately!" The head priest shouted out loud .

Many people ran away to check the abandoned temple quickly .

The head priest then calmed down after a minute and then harrumphed .

"Hmph, I don't know who activated the formation but travelling in it is useless, countless experiments has been made and we don't even know if a person has managed to reach the other side . Sometimes the body disintegrates even before one enters that incomplete and unstable formation . It is totally useless . "

"What do you mean by useless?" A voice could be heard coming out of a bald man who appeared out of nowhere .

"We have confirmed that it is indeed connected to another world through various means . If only we had the Transmigration stone which can hold a soul, we might be able to reach the other side . " The bald man sighed .

"Hmph! What use is there to have the stone? If you can't move the soul to the stone it is still useless . "

'Heh, you may not have a method to move your soul but I do' The bald man sneered .

"Too bad, the Transmigration stone appears every thousand years and it should have appeared by now considering the last appearance of it . Quick, search for it"

"I know" The head priest replied .

A man came running quickly .

"Head priest, we found Xiao Yi outside the temple and he . . " The man hesitated

"He what?" The Head Priest was impatient .

"He . . " The man's face was full of black lines .

"Quick, tell!"

"He was fucking a woman under the tree nearby the abandoned temple and escaped once he saw us!"

The Head Priest was stunned while the bald man started laughing out loud .

"Kill both of them and feed them to the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hea . . Head Priest!"


"That woman… . . is your ille . . Illegitimate daughter"

The Head Priest sprayed a mouthful of blood and fainted while the bald man laughed out loud madly .

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