Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter -2 (Glossary)

Chapter -2

Davis Loret (around 3 years old)

He is 36 inches tall, has fair skin, has a pair of blue eyes that look adorable, while his face looked emaciated . His short blonde hair is messy . Has a tiny frame that is normal for 3-year-old children .

(around 11 years old)

He is 1 . 5m tall, has a fair skin, has a pair of ocean blue eyes and a sharp nose . His long blonde hair reached until his waists . He wears black imperial robes which has golden dragons etched onto it . His wide sleeve cuffs were embroidered with golden threads .

Claire Loret

She is 5' 5" tall, her skin is fair, has almond royal purple eyes that are like two drops of wine . Her wavy, long-length blonde hair is as gorgeous as ever . Her face is warm and graceful like a caring mother . She has a body that is perfectly refined with curves at its right place .

Logan Loret

He is 5' 9" tall, his skin is fair, has royal sapphire eyes that emits a regal aura . His wavy, long-length black hair is as lush as ever . Has a short beard . Has broad shoulders with quite a muscle that fits a ruler of an empire .


A guy with muscles and brain, Royal Advisor

Ray Nolan

Easy going, yet prudent . Trusted by everyone in his clan . Protected Davis for the first three years anonymously with a fake identity of Grey .


Head Prison Guard


Commander . An old man with a great disposition, he is covered in a dark blue armor .

Evan Cauldon

A handsome middle-aged man with sharp features . He had green hair that was neck length long . He is the head of the Cauldon Family .

John Nolan

A handsome middle-aged man with calm features . He had red hair that was waist length long . He is the head of the Nolan Family .


the Sect Leader of Ruthless Sword Sect


the Sect Leader of Piercing Dragon Sect

Mike Raven

Emperor of Raven Empire . Looks like a fat middle-aged man .

Ken Tritor

Emperor of Tritor Empire . Looks like a thin and cunning man .

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