Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter -1 (Glossary)

Chapter -1

I apologise!

I apologise for the year-long break I took .

Everyone has their real-life problems, and mine is more or less the same except there had been many deaths this year . . .

So, I really took a long time before deciding to start writing again last month .

Did a lot of editing to the best of my ability and wrote a few chapters . I even read my own story, refreshing my memory on it to gather more details .

I wrote numerous plots before and had to discard it because I couldn't decide on one . . . because everything felt . . . a little bland . This is also the reason why I stopped writing for a long while .

Then a month ago, I noticed few people started reading my novel for no reason, and I was like, 'There are people still reading this?

Even two weeks ago, a comment was made asking me to post more chapters .

For some reason, I felt happy and decided to type again .

Anyway, thank you all for waiting, and if you all forgot the plot, I typed a quick yet simple summary which might help you remember the events of Vol 1 and Vol 2 .

Now, let's move on to Vol 3!!

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Volume 1

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Volume 2


Volume 3

From 14th October onwards

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Warning!!! Spoiler ahead!

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Chapter 1-10

Tian Long transmigrated to another world through a temple located in China . He used something known as transmigration stone, and a spatial formation to transmigrate .

He arrived at the new world and took possession of a 3-year-old child .

The one who took care of him, Ray Nolan safely delivered him to his home .

Tian Long came to know that his home was the Royal Castle and that he was a part of the Royal Family . He came to know that he was the First Prince .

Having met his father and mother, Logan and Claire, he came to somewhat accept his identity that was until he spent three months with his mother .

Her motherly love had melted his cold heart and he was able to forgive himself for indirectly killing her child and wholeheartedly accept his new identity .

At that moment, he had made a breakthrough in Soul Forging Cultivation and reached Low-Level Nascent Soul Stage .

From this point onwards, he lied that he was reincarnated and made his parents accept for who he was rather than lying to them that he was their real child .

Still, they slowly accepted and welcomed him into their family .

A year later, his little sister, Clara was born .

Chapter 11 - 50

-Logan realised that his family was more important than his revenge, realising a breakthrough into the Adult Soul Stage .

-Claire got conceived again and Davis decided to increase his Soul Cultivation using the Redemption Tower .

-Davis faced his past again and met the person he didn't want to, Twizer .

-Breaking through the evil will of his heart demon, he successfully advanced to the next level in Soul Cultivation, Mid-Level Nascent Soul Stage

-Davis practised Body Tempering Cultivation and Essence Gathering Cultivation .

-During cultivating Essence Gathering Cultivation, he absorbed Fallen Extinction Lightning which is a Lightning Elemental which increased his Essence Gathering Cultivation battle prowess but also helped him to reach Peak-Level Nascent Soul Stage .

-Wanting to know about the uses and limitations of the Death Note, Davis went to experiment with the Death Note in the Prison .

-During this time, the Loret Empire capital was invaded and the were too many undercurrents causing havoc .

-Faced with a million sized army from two opposing empires namely Tritor Empire and Raven Empire, Davis had no choice but to kill all of them by using the Death Note .

-Davis then pushed the action of the massacre to his non-existent master, which then later became a legend, causing all other empires to be wary of Loret Empire .

-All the neutral Emperors gathered and discussed about that mysterious senior .

-During this summit, Davis got engaged to Shirley, and later, he found out that he was engaged to Evelynn even before he was born .

-In his eighth birthday, he had been given a maid because it was custom to have a personal maid in a prince's life according to the Royal Family . The maid's name was Ellia .

-He went out to roam, but instead, met with his first fiance, Evelynn .

-After making Ellia his friend, he taught her cultivation, battle techniques .

-There was slight friction between Ellia and his little sister Clara, which he solved by making them friends .

-He went out to meet with Evelynn during the night, but he was followed by two people who were the ones to escape the rebellion massacre . After successfully killing one of them and taking control of the other, he left to find an Assassin Organisation .

-Joining the Dark Earth Organisation, he performed assassination of targets that he deemed evil .

-He met with Evelynn during the day and let her know his thoughts about her . He favours her and gifts her a Core Expansion Pill, but hidden in the container was a message for them to meet alone .

. . .

Chapter 50 - 100

-Davis's acts as an assassin made him a local legend known as Dead End after he had killed Harman and numerous experts .

-With absorbing the soul essence of numerous experts, he reached Young Soul Stage .

-He secretly met with Evelynn and conveyed his favour to her but unknowingly angered her .

-After three weeks, his father came back and Davis staged a farce, making his father get rid of the two traitors he had subdued .

-Davis then came under the tutelage of Alchemist Highwood and started learning Alchemy .

-His mother exposed his liking towards Ellia but he denied it, after that, he met with Evelynn and told her not to cultivate to the third stage while Evelynn promised that she will be his if she can't beat him in the Grand Sea Continent Meet .

-He then reached Low-Level Silver Stage mainly because of his tolerance to bearing pain .

-He then travelled to the Grand Sea Continent Meet and arrived at the Gote Island .

-A dispute occurred because Emperor Tritor targeted Ellia but Davis solved it by striking the guy who came to give trouble .

-Realising her weak fate, Ellia and Davis to teach her more .

-In the first round of the preliminaries, Ellia killed six pursuers for targeting her life . After that, she fainted and only woke up a day later . At this time, Davis had no idea that something was taking root and growing in her soul, instead, he took it as something that happened because it was the first time she killed people .

-After that, he met Evelynn and battled her . The result was that he won, but Evelynn duped him by saying that although her heart and soul were his, her body wasn't . Davis wasn't worried and left, but then her team which had been with her made her realise her own feelings deep down .

-In the second round, they had to hunt Magical Beasts .

-Davis did something which tarnished the reputation of Tritor Emperor, and in turn, Tritor Emperor planned to assassinate him but it backfired .

-Davis used the Death Note to kill Emperor Tritor and Emperor Raven at the same time after the second round ended .

-He cancelled the marriage with Shirley with her consent .

-The finals began and he utterly dominated Shirley since she had provoked him into proving his arrogance .

-The emperors then gathered and explained the significance of the competition .

. . . .

Chapter 101 - 160

-Davis returned and absorbed the two souls he got from killing the two emperors . Subsequently, he broke through to Adult Soul Stage .

-His Death Note became able to talk and articulate its thoughts into words . It already had consciousness but wasn't able to display it because its powers had been sealed .

-Using the powers of his Death Note, he removed the seal from his mother .

-Gets to know about the First Layer from his mother .

-Trains in Alchemy for a period of five months .

-His mother explains the reason she told him to stop cultivating Essence Gathering Cultivation and also explained about variation in cores .

-He was then invited to Shirley's birthday along with Evelynn .

-Davis realises that Ellia was acting weird but he chalked it up to her growing up, being in a rebellious phase .

-He brought Evelynn into the Royal Castle and an accident happened, Ellia had been possessed by her previous incarnation and wrecked part of the Royal Castle .

-Davis was unreconciled as he didn't want to kill Ellia, but neither did he want to kill Ellia's previous incarnation because it might harm Ellia . Instead, with a positive attitude, he thought of somehow befriending Ellia's previous incarnation but still couldn't help feel hatred for her .

-He was again sad that he had totally forgotten about Evelynn and felt like shit . To make it up to her, he used Shirley's birthday to travel to the Ashton Empire with her .

-After they arrived at Ashton Royal Capital, they were welcomed by Emperor Ashton and Shirley .

-They then stayed at Sign Lento's Inn where the situation has developed into an ambiguous air . From that moment, they crossed the second hurdle and kissed each other passionately .

-Suddenly, he got a letter from a scrawny man which pointed out that it was from Shirley, telling him to meet her alone at the Bright Star Royal Palace . He decided and left .

-Getting involved in Trivial Undercurrents, he saved Shirley from a sinister aphrodisiac .

-Learning that she was not the one who sent him the letter, he instantly dashed away through a secret entrance in the Bright Star Royal Palace .

-When he returned to the inn, he managed to save Evelynn in the nick of time and killed two women who were responsible for severing her arm .

-Returning to the Loret Empire's Royal Capital, he broke his marriage agreement with Evelynn when he learned that the Cauldon Family Elders were plotting, instead, he personally proposed to her as an individual .

-Going back to the Royal Castle, he met with his new step-brother and step-mother .

-Dealing with the problems and convincing Evelynn to make her wait for him, he finally left to the secret entrance .

-In that place, he once again met with Shirley but eventually left after a situation had occurred .

-Killing all the geniuses with the Death Note, he made it to the other side!

. . .

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