Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Logan and Claire looked at each other with worry in their eyes . They could only hope that Hendrickson had rescued Davis in time .

There was a moment of silence before a voice sounded out .

"Do you promise not to touch the Ruthless Sword Sect and Piercing Dragon Sect?" The two Sect Leaders came forward together .

"Of course, I have heard of your famous names across the continent, Sect Leader Heian and Sect Leader Pedro . "

"Good, then we'll sit this one out . " Heian, the Sect Leader of Ruthless Sword Sect accepted .

"Your Majesty, this isn't considered betrayal as we are just going to watch from the side-lines . The result doesn't concern us as we are staying out of this mess . " Pedro, the Sect Leader of Piercing Dragon Sect gave out some trivial reasons .

Logan didn't even glance at them and was just looking at the two Emperors coldly .

"Anyone else? Our promise still stands, we don't attack anyone who stays out of this war . " Emperor Raven still expected some people to defect as he can see some hesitation in the two Noble Family heads .

Those two Noble Family heads were in deep contemplation . After a few moments, they raised their heads and declared . "We will stand by the Loret Empire, nothing will stand in our way to protect our Empire . "

"Hmm?" Not expecting the two Noble Family heads to reject, Emperor Raven frowned .

"Hahaha!" Logan laughed heartily .

"Emperor Raven, do you think that those who have crossed the rebellion with me can betray me that easily? If they wanted to betray, they would've done it long ago during the rebellion . " Logan nonchalantly said .

"So what? I've still got a proposal . Oh Little Emperor, we both know that we don't have to harm each other . If we fight, we cannot say who might win this battle . " Emperor Tritor suddenly said .

"Heh . . What is this? Are you backing out?" Logan sneered .

"It isn't we who needs to back out, but you!" Emperor Raven shot a look at Claire who was beside Logan .

"Hmm? What's this? Isn't the Empress pregnant? What a joyous affair! Do you want to see your wife brutally murdered and raped before you die?" Emperor Tritor shouted out . His voice echoed throughout the battlefield .

"You dare!?" Logan immediately tried to rush out but received a Soul Transmission .

"Dear! Don't go! They're provoking you!" Claire shouted in his mind . Her stomach was a little bloated .

Logan stopped, but shot a glance filled with hatred towards those two Emperors . He could only swallow down this humiliation . If he went out to fight, one would hold him back while the other might possibly do something worse to Claire .

"That's why I've got an idea . Why don't we play a game? We make our armies fight each other . If your side wins, then we will immediately back out of this Empire . But if we win, hand over the Loret Empire to us . You see, we don't want to pillage this beautiful Capital filled with beautiful women . " Emperor Tritor laughed deviously .

"Isn't the result already out? You bastards will surely win! What is this game for? Further humiliation?" Logan grit his teeth and shouted in anger .

"Are you up for this game or not?" The two Emperors further laughed, clearly wanting to humiliate him before enjoying the riches .

Logan grit his teeth so hard that blood was coming out his mouth . His eyes spewed flames of anger and hatred . If he made a move then he can say goodbye to Claire, but if he doesn't make a move then his army will be decimated .

'I have thought I would be able to die proudly defending my Empire! Naïve, I was too naïve! I couldn't give my family up! I'm a failure of an Emperor . ' His palms were bleeding, he put so much pressure with his fingers tightly clenching his fists .

At this time, he received a sound transmission from Hendrickson . His face immediately turned ugly .

"What did you do to my son!?"

"Oh? Did the assassins succeed? No worries, I will release your son if you accept the game and win . "

"Nooo!!" Claire cried miserably hearing the conversation between them .

'No!!! Am I going to lose him again? I don't want to lose him again!! This isn't happening, no!' She started having a mental breakdown .

Logan wished that he kill and slice them to pieces . He wished that he could subject them to every available torture method in this world .

"Your Majesty, allow me and my subordinates to leave our lives for the Empire . " A voice could be heard behind him . He checked behind to see Commander Randal kneeling in front of him .

"You all will die . " Logan replied, his voice sad .

"I know, I just ask Majesty to give us a chance to prove ourselves in the battlefield, that we aren't cowards who would run without facing our enemies . Please let us get back the honour we lost in the Alfred Kingdom . " Randal kowtowed .

Logan turned back to those two Emperors and said unwaveringly .

"I agree!"

"Good, let's sit back and enjoy this show to our heart's content . " Emperor Tritor laughed .

An army of 2,500,000 soldiers marched outside the Royal Capital . Raven Empire had 1,000,000 soldiers while the Tritor Empire had about 1,500,000 soldiers . Most of them were at the first step while some of them are at the second step, very few were in third step .

They probably conducted a mass recruiting in their Empires to invade this Empire . But no one know if it were true or not .

The soldiers of the Raven Empire were clad in black armor while the soldiers of the Tritor Empire were clad in grey armor .

An army of 1,000,000 soldiers came out of the gates of the Royal Capital . They were the soldiers of the Loret Empire . They were clad in blue armor . Most of them were at the first step while some of them are at the second step, very few were in third step .

"Hoho, this is pretty pitiable, why don't we add some fun?" Emperor Raven shook his head and laughed .

"You are right, jejeje . Little Emperor, you can call people from the Royal Capital, to fight for you . Anyone below the 3rd step is welcome . " Emperor Tritor added fuel to the flames .

Logan had an ugly face . He could see that this battle was utterly hopeless .

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