Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Hendrickson made a slight pause in his steps but kept walking immediately .

"Clara is in the Empress's quarters while Davis is in the prison, adventuring . Find a chance to slip out and immediately secure them . " Logan then immediately told Hendrickson on how to deactivate the formation guarding the Empress's quarters . As for what that formation was for, one could guess easily .

Logan then turned around his head, as if checking who were all currently following behind him .

Hendrickson slightly nodded his head so anyone didn't notice . Logan's Soul Cultivation was too powerful for them to detect his Soul Transmission .

They then continued to travel towards the North Gate . Not even halfway there, Hendrickson suddenly echoed . "Your Majesty! Your subordinate has forgot his weapon in the Royal Castle, without that I would not be able to use my full strength . Your subordinate will quickly return once I retrieve my weapon back . "

"What? Are you scared? Are you trying to escape? Logan shot a glare at him .

"I wouldn't dare! My Emperor! If you command me to die then I will quickly kill myself to prove my innocence!" Hendrickson trembled as if his plan was seen through .

The other five of them thought that it was weird . They heard that Hendrickson was brave and courageous, as well as a loyal man . They didn't expect him to back out at this last moment .

"Kill yourself then!" Logan commanded with a cold hearted tone .

"Yes!" Hendrickson severely trembled .

He took out a normal sword from his spatial ring and stabbed at his heart .

*Puchi* *Bang*

Just when his sword was already halfway to his heart after piercing the body, an energy rebounded the sword from his hands .

"I now know your loyalty, you can go and quickly comeback . We need your strength in this war . " Logan replied, his face still cold .

"Yes, your Majesty . " Hendrickson then left to the Royal Castle while healing the wound in his chest .

"Does anyone here would like to get their weapons back?" Logan asked with an indifferent face . He was emitting dense killing intent that made the other five shut their mouths .

Logan then continued to travel while the others followed behind .

'Wasn't that a lame reason to use? But thanks to his act, I was able to successfully send him out without much suspicion . ' Logan slightly grinned while he started flying, Revolving Core Stage experts were able to fly, after all .

"Let's make haste . " He commanded and sped off to the North Gate .

… .

[10 minutes later]

Hendrickson made his way to the Royal Castle and went to his room before sneaking out stealthily . He arrived in front of the Empress's quarters and knocked out the hidden guards and maids . He went inside and took Clara . Clara was sleeping, so she didn't notice and cry . He covered her with a black sheet then made his way out . Just when he headed out, he saw a flash of light .


A blinding light slashed at his head, Hendrickson immediately ducked down . He immediately retreated back and saw the attacker's clothes .


"Eh? Nice dodge . Brother, are you here to abduct that baby as well?"

"Yes . " Hendrickson replied with a hoarse voice .

"Hehe, you sure are kind . Only knocking out those guards . "

Clara who was in his hands was startled awake, she immediately cried upon seeing strange people .

"Brother, just leave the baby, I won't make this difficult for you . "

'Tch, a trash trying to waste my time . '

Hendrickson immediately took out his sword . He released his Peak Level Silver Stage Aura .

"Ah! Brother, it's a misunderstanding, you can have the baby and we'll have the…"


Hendrickson immediately covered the distance between him and slashed . He then made his way out the palace to the prison hurriedly .

'Did they find out where the First Prince is? This is bad!'

. . .

"Logan Loret! Get out here now and face our Emperor!"

"Logan Loret, you coward, get the fuck here now!"

"Cowardly Logan, show yourself!"

Various degenerating shouts were heard behind the northern gates of the Royal Capital . The soldiers of the two invading Empires were throwing out various provocations . They weren't afraid as there were two Emperors standing behind them .

"Hahaha, it seems like we will be able to win this war . " An hearty laugh sounded out .

"Surely, didn't we ally for this endeavour? Jejeje" An eerie laugh sounded out, it almost sounded depraved .

The man who heartily laughed looked fat . He had two beauties on his thighs . He was holding their waists while flirting with them and commenting about the war . He was the Emperor of Raven Empire .

The other man who laughed eerily looked thin and cunning . He just provided these two beauties to the fat man, either enriching his relationship with the fat man or plotting something . He was the Emperor of Tritor Empire .

"Two bastards who dared to invade my Loret Empire! Come out!" A voice could be heard shouting out loud that it resounded through the whole army .

"Ah . . He is here . " A middle aged man beside the Emperor Raven voiced .

"Tch, how can I enjoy these beauties now? His timing cannot be any more perfect!" Emperor Raven had dissatisfaction on his face .

"Emperor Raven can enjoy these beauties later, I'm sure these gifts will be worth your time . " A voluptuous woman who was wearing revealing clothes chimed in with an alluring voice . She was beside Emperor Tritor .

"Haha, you are right, my daughter in law . " Emperor Raven laughed .

The 4 of them flew out and stared at Logan and his subordinates .

"Hahaha, little Emperor, you sure are powerful . "

"Adult Soul Stage around 30 years old! Jejeje"

Both of the Emperors cackled eerily .

"Greetings, allow me to formally introduce myself, I am the Emperor of Raven Empire, Mike Raven . " Emperor Raven introduced himself to the crowd .

"Ken Tritor, Emperor of Tritor Empire . "

"Aren't you ashamed of yourselves, teaming up to beat an Empire which has already lost it's strength during the rebellion?" Logan questioned coldly .

"Shame? Can you eat it? Can you change it to cultivation resources? Heh, stop your nonsense Little Emperor . " Emperor Raven laughed .

"Jeje, we do have shame but do you think that we are supposed to attack when you are strong, naïve! This is the world of the strong, weak ones can only beg . " Emperor Tritor grinned deviously .

"Oh, you think you can defeat us with this line-up, don't think you will be safe enough to leave in one piece!"

"Haha, you are right . Everyone, I, Mike Raven will not destroy anyone who does not help the Loret Emperor . In fact, I will award you with the plundered riches . How about it? Those behind him?" Emperor Raven shot a greedy look to the people behind him .

Logan was waiting for this exact moment as well . He wants to see who and all will chose to desert him in this hopeless war .

But right at this moment, He and Claire felt the soul marks they left on Davis being erased .

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