Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3147 Birth Of A Flame Essence?

Chapter 3147 Birth Of A Flame Essence?

*Sizzle~* *Sizzle~*

Davis watched Fallen Heaven's life energy embrace with its sacred luminosity.

It was like a mother, surrounding the flame with its own warmth. The flame danced with an ever-shifting tone of ignition as though wanting to let the world know that it was alive. Within the heart of its flickering body, a white spark of pure potential appeared and laid dormant, waiting to be kindled into existence.

Even within the crimson-gold body of the flames, it radiated a light of brilliance, appearing quite even as it grew in size. It didn't seem to have gained sentience yet, but it radiated an essence of purity and boundless potential as though it was out of this world, a new life that had yet to walk this universe.


At this moment, the heaven and earth energy began resonating with this annihilative heavenly flame; a symphony of berserk yet harmonious energies began to swirl around it in a matter of seconds as though playing a resplendent crescendo of nature's way of welcoming a new life.

The white spark lay within the annihilative heavenly flame's fiery embrace.

Time passed as it continued to be nurtured with the primal energy of life stemming from Fallen Heaven.

Davis also fully invested his concentration on this white spark, intending to garner insights into Life Laws as he knew he could be witnessing the birth of a spirit, a cosmic dance of nature.

In his realm of focus, it was unknown how long it took for a change to occur, but when it finally did, Davis came out of his reverie and began noticing its changes.

The white spark shook and released an aura as though it was whispering a thought of awareness, blooming like a rare and delicate flower. Its senses spread, gazing upon the world, but Davis realized it quickly locked onto him, perhaps looking at him curiously.

However, his heart shook, unable to believe a new life sprouted just like that while his battle intent anticipated an annihilative heavenly tribulation to descend any moment.

He stole annihilative heavenly flame from the heavens and double-downed as he created a life out of it. It was unknown what kind of punishment he would receive, but he was confident that he could break past it.

Regardless, as he saw the white spark flicker and hide deep within its body of crimson-gold flames, he knew that it had retreated in fear.


Davis went speechless.

Back then, he had given sentience to a plant spirit and watched it gain the ability to talk with him, so he knew that this spirit should only be able to understand intent at this point of its life.

He used his Heart Intent to relay that he was not dangerous while still waiting for a rumble to echo throughout heaven and earth.

The annihilative heavenly flame wisp blazed as though putting up a wall, but it was unable to deny his intent from gaining entry, causing it to feel his intent. As Davis hoped, its blazing body became stable, and it displayed its vulnerable spirit to him. In a human's terms, it was basically its true soul.

"Yes, I mean no harm…"

Davis spoke as he continued to relay a harmless intent, allowing it to get closer to him.

He maintained a gentle smile on his face as much as possible to let it bond with him.

The annihilative heavenly flame spirit attribute source finally seemed to understand that he was not a harmful entity and began to close the distance. Its crimson-gold flames flickered as it slowly hovered across the distance and finally reached Davis's hand, which was reached out to hold it above his palm.

As though a puppy was cutely planting its face on its master's palm, the annihilative heavenly flame essence finally placed its body on Davis's hand.

Davis was about to nod in satisfaction and praise it when he suddenly felt a hostile intent blaze from it.


His entire body lit up in crimson-gold flames in an instant. Within a beat, from his palm to his entire body, he was fully covered in annihilative heavenly flames that sought to incinerate him into ashes.

However, with a single flick of his sleeve, Davis snuffed out the annihilative heavenly flames that tried to turn him into ashes.

"You're one disobedient child, aren't you?"

Davis's brows twitched as he watched it retreat.

This Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Flame Elemental was definitely trying to kill him once it deemed that he wasn't a threat anymore, but as soon as it saw it failed and no longer felt good intentions from him, it flew away. However, he wasn't mad as he mused that it was because some sort of remnant Will to destroy divergence was still left in it.

It was a new life, after all. He found it hard that it could be influenced by another entity than its own previous Will that sought to punish sin and crimes.

He knew that it most likely managed to recognize him as an Anarchic Divergent, although he didn't know if it even knew the significance of that term and instead just looked at him like he was a target for destruction.

With a flicker, he disappeared and reappeared in front of it, blocking its path.

"Spirit Formation: Fourcrossed Lattice Seal."

Davis clasped his hands, forming some seals before he quickly drew on the air, a bunch of inscriptions appearing before it directly constituted a complex rune that shone brightly and encased the annihilative heavenly flame essence.

It tried to fly in the opposite direction but was met with a wall of condensed soul force that it was able to melt its way through even though it practically stuck itself to the wall, trying to run as far away from his as possible.


Seeing this scene, Davis didn't know how to deal with this flame essence. However, he turned to look at the skies with narrowed eyes, still wondering why there wasn't an annihilative heavenly tribulation descending to smite him.

'Could it be that this heavenly tribulation only descends when this annihilative heavenly flame essence turns into a full-fledged spirit by undergoing tribulation at the peak of the Immortal Emperor Stage…?'

Davis turned speechless, unable to believe that he currently didn't need to face a heavenly tribulation for this ridiculous matter. Fallen Heaven was also unsure of what had happened, not expecting itself to be wrong despite accumulating a vast amount of knowledge from its previous owners.

However, that made them wonder how ridiculous its heavenly tribulation would be, not to mention that it would have to undergo heavenly tribulation two times if it wanted to become a spirit and surpass the Immortal Emperor Stage.

Thinking all this made Davis feel tiresome, causing him to forcefully grin at the newborn flame essence.

"Don't you know that a good flame essence would share its flames with its creator?"

The annihilative heavenly flame essence shook, moving from the center of the wall to the corner as it seemed to shudder in his presence. The more he closed the distance, the more it trembled, but soon enough, his intent flowed into its Will, causing it to understand him once again.

But Davis didn't force it. Instead, he sat down and began absorbing the other annihilative heavenly flame wisps.


Suddenly, the annihilative heavenly flame essence reacted as though it found food, causing it to move towards Davis as its flame flickered, appearing to signal him as though it wanted to partake in it and then came an unconcealed smirk as he looked at it and invited like a child kidnapper as he waved his hand.

"Come here. Come to your father~"

Without even knowing his true intent, the annihilative heavenly flame crossed the soul wall that came down and floated right into his trap.

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