Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3148 Flames Roaring

Chapter 3148 Flames Roaring

"You're saying that he's still trying to absorb apocalyptic flames?"

Myria narrowed her brows at a crimson-purple-robed woman.

It was none other than Fairy Thunderblaze.

"That's right."

She shrugged, "As a flame cultivator, I can intrinsically understand its dangers, so I wouldn't even get close to it as these are flames that are capable of incinerating realms, but he's adamant about absorbing them into his heavenly physique."

"And why are you saying this to me?"

"Are you sure you want to let him die?"

Fairy Thunderblaze smirked at Myria. However, Myria remained indifferent.

"I can ask the same thing to you."


Myria turned around, heading deeper inside the palace while Fairy Thunderblaze narrowed her eyes.

"He might really die this time, as I saw what happened when he combined annihilative heavenly flames and apocalyptic flames. Are you sure you want to-"

"I believe he knows what he's doing."

Myria's voice resounded as she interrupted Fairy Thunderblaze without looking back, causing the latter's gaze to flicker.

"Without struggling and making sacrifices, nothing can be achieved. I'm sure as a rogue cultivator yourself with no backing, you would know what pain you would need to endure to stand at the place you arrived at."

Fairy Thunderblaze's pupils shook as she watched Myria leave.

A sense of respect swelled in her heart for this white-haired woman, but she couldn't help but giggle the next second.

'I got influenced by a Saintess. She's truly charismatic without even trying…'

However, the trust they had between them…

She shook her head and then left the palace to find her own spot to cultivate.

If the Saintess who tried to buy Davis's life from her when she imprisoned him wasn't worried, then she came to understand that what Davis was trying could be barely achievable.

Myria walked into the room where Tina and Dalila were there.

"Master, you're here~"

Tina's amethyst eyes lit up, but Myria didn't seem amused.

"I'm not your master."

However, Tina smiled as she always viewed Myria as her master and Ellia as a half-master, or perhaps she wondered if it would be better to designate them as teachers as neither of them accepted her as a disciple. Nonetheless, she didn't know in what way she could show gratitude as they were the ones who helped Four Elements Physique blossom.

"Seems like you have both recovered. He doesn't even let you suffer the consequences of your dangerous actions for a while, does he?"


Dalila giggled.

"Let me see Epsila."

Myria reached out her hand, causing Dalila to take out Epsila and place her on Myria's palms.

Watching Epsila's crystalline emerald body release a powerful aura seeping with potential, Myria's gaze flickered.

Her brows twitched as she had once warned Davis not to sympathize with a pill that would not be able to cultivate to their level, but here it was in a new body, managing to do something that she had never tried.

'Has he finally surpassed me in using Life Laws…?'

Myria inwardly sighed, not knowing the answer as her knowledge was wide while his knowledge was focused. Nonetheless, looking at Epsila, she could think of ten ways where she could maximize the efficiency of Soul Forging Cultivation for herself and the others in this room.


*Sizzle~* *Sizzle~*

The annihilative heavenly flame essence resisted Davis's claws, but eventually, it knew that it had no choice but to give in.

It started absorbing flames.

However, it wasn't annihilative heavenly flames but apocalyptic flames. It was denied its natural food and was instead force-fed with apocalyptic flames in very minute amounts as Davis appeared to pluck little by little.


Davis inwardly laughed as he fed the tiny strands of apocalyptic flames to it, and as he previously confirmed with his experiment, it was able to devour and absorb it.

Unlike Eldia, who had absorbed heavenly lightning when she had undergone her heavenly tribulation for the first time to become a spirit from a spirit attribute source, this annihilative heavenly flame essence was still in its infancy and had more potential to grow.

And just as he expected, it was being molded into an entity that had both annihilative heavenly flame and apocalyptic flames.

It made sense to him, considering that a remnant Will of a heavenly entity would take thousands or millions of years to manifest into a Spirit Attribute Source, but by taking that long, it gets molded or rather contaminated by the surrounding heaven and earth energy, causing it to bloom as into different types of Elementals and Essences.

Otherwise, he imagined pure Spirit Attribute Source with heavenly properties would be born.

Nonetheless, with it being able to absorb apocalyptic flames and become molded in it little by little, as he could see purple flames starting to sprout in its body, he began to start his cultivation as well.

He kept the annihilative heavenly flame wisp on the other side so this newborn wouldn't steal it from him and began his cultivation. Perhaps he was feeding it, it didn't attack anymore and kept sucking the apocalyptic flames in like a breastfeeding baby.

Davis could sense that its prowess was also growing bit by bit, but it was steady and terrifying as he could see that it had great potential. It was like a pure entity absorbing all that was given to it, making him feel excited in its stead.

Time passed in this manner.

Perhaps it was a day or two.


The volcanic mountains in the core region had melted long ago, but a resounding explosion spread throughout the area, causing apocalyptic flames to spread throughout the region.

*Sizzle!~* *Sizzle!~* *Sizzle!~*

Land, trees, mountains, and even rivers lit up in flames as thousands of apocalyptic flame wisps flew in the air like meteors. One even approached Davis, flying at him with an incredible speed, its purplish-black hue flailing like a demon pouncing at him.


Abruptly, a wall of purplish-black flames soared into the air, causing the apocalyptic flame wisp to crash into it.

Within a second, it was extinguished by the wall of apocalyptic flames put forth by someone.

Davis opened his eyes calmly as he turned to look at the newborn Spirit Attribute Source. Its body flickered and blazed as though it was angered at being bombarded, but then, he was dumbfounded as he saw that its body was now almost fully purplish-black, only left with a bit of crimson-golden flames that could only be said to make up around ten percent of its body.

'Oh shit…'

Davis was fully focused on his cultivation, leaving only a bit to feed this newborn Spirit Attribute Source with tiny strands of those five refined apocalyptic flame wisps, so he didn't foresee that he would break the balance he needed for it to maintain his future cultivation as it was essentially an apocalyptic flame spirit now.

However, he knew he didn't have time to contemplate things as apocalyptic flames were bombarding him from the core region.

Quickly, he wrapped his soul force around the newborn Spirit Attribute Source and left the space, breaking a spatial talisman as he made his exit towards the east.

When he arrived outside, he contacted his people, only to learn that they evacuated half a day ago already, causing him to sigh with relief. Regardless, he inwardly grumbled as he saw the newborn Spirit Attribute Source grumble at him for more apocalyptic flames as it summoned a wisp of its own apocalyptic flame and ate it with its mouth wide open.


It seemed like it was addicted to apocalyptic flames now, leaving him speechless.

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