Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3437 Everlight's Immortal Emperor Beast Tribulation

Chapter 3437 Everlight's Immortal Emperor Beast Tribulation


The skies were dark, and the clouds were dark crimson in color.

The heavenly tribulation that seemed to be brewing above in the terrifying skies was none other than an Annihilative Heavenly Tribulation.

Davis thought it would be a Destructive Heavenly Tribulation, but it seems like Everlight reached a point where she turned Anarchic. Perhaps she had already turned anarchic in nature when she underwent her Immortal King Beast tribulation.

He felt that it couldn't be helped, considering she had him as her master and Saintess Lunaria, another Anarchic Divergent as her teacher, not to mention his and every one of his women's soul essence.

Some of his women had also turned anarchic, so this was not unforeseen. He had time and time again told Everlight this day would come, but she wanted to remain with him no matter what, duty-bound but now love-bound, so he wasn't about to fret over it.

Still, he narrowed his eyes at the rumbling skies.

Although Davis was fast, he visited the Void Dust Empress first, so he imagined he would've missed ninety percent of Everlight's heavenly tribulation.

But when Davis chanced upon Everlight and her beautiful fox figure, he was stunned.


After a blinding light blotted out the heaven and earth, a spearhead-shaped heavenly lightning strike descended at an incredible speed and struck Everlight on her head. She lowered her head a bit, taking it with just her physical body.

Arcs of crimson annihilative lightning danced around her azure-white fox wings and fur, but she didn't seem to be harmed in the slightest. In fact, her wolfy expression appeared to be one of pleasantness.




Davis's brows raised as he saw three more strikes fall on her, but the dark crimson skies still failed to dissipate.

Her heavenly tribulation was still going on, and it didn't seem to be on its last legs any time soon with how active the dark crimson clouds were, still undulating enormous waves of its tyrannical aura all over the place.

'Could this be an Eighteen Strikes Punitive Tribulation? No, Everlight has become a fox, and since she's a descendant of a Paragon Magical Beast, she must have her fox race's unique tribulation factor…'

Davis mused since there was a three-second interval between every lightning strike for Nadia, while Everlight's had a nine-second interval, which was longer than anything he had ever seen for an Immortal Emperor Tribulation.

"What did you do?"

Suddenly, Shimei appeared beside him, looking at him with shock.

"There's no way Everlight's heavenly tribulation would be this weak… It's even weaker than mine…"

Davis turned to look at Shimei. Her human form was exquisite, voluptuous, and dazzling, to say the least, but his eyes were taken by Saintess Lunaria's appearance, who also appeared near and stared at him curiously.

It could be seen how they were confused, considering Everlight was undergoing her tribulation by not even bothering to use her life energy to defend herself.

It was no more than five levels higher, while Everlight, as an Emperor-Tier Beast, possessed at least six levels of prowess. It was unknown how powerful she was with Saintess Lunaria's teachings, so it could be said that she was merely bathing in a shower even though the water was tribulation lightning.

"How many strikes are there?" Davis asked his own question, causing Shimei to answer.

"The fox race is a part of the Paragon Magical Beasts, but this glory only belongs to life and light-attributed foxes. Our unique tribulation factor is called the Thirty-Three Strikes Everlasting Tribulation, and this is the nineteenth strike."

"So there's fourteen more to go…"

Davis pursed his lips. He smiled in a carefree manner, knowing Everlight wouldn't even face the slightest danger.

"You… tell me what you did…"

"Senior Shimei wants me to speak about such secrets in front of the heavens?"

"So you admit you did something."


Davis's answer was a bit playful as he denied it, causing Shimei to be flustered. It seemed as though she really wanted to know the answer.


Saintess Lunaria called out, finally causing Shimei to freeze. She realized that she had become too flustered to know what had happened as it could allow her to survive her future tribulations as well.

"Forgive her rudeness." Saintess Lunaria spoke up as she stood beside Davis.

"Although not as bad as the wolf race's Eighteen Strikes Punitive Tribulation that led them to near extinction, the fox race's Thirty-Three Strike Everlasting Tribulation isn't much different. It goes on for a long time compared to any other tribulation, causing the foxes to run out of energy before they can reach the thirty-three strike, hence the name Everlasting Tribulation. If they have large reserves of energy, they might survive. If not, meet their end. That's why Shimei was eager to know but lost her composure instead."

Saintess Lunaria turned to look at him, carefully surveying his reaction.

When Everlight underwent her Immortal King Beast Tribulation, she had barely managed to lower two levels of prowess from nine levels, bringing it down to seven levels, but for the Immortal Emperor Beast Tribulation, Everlight said that she was fully confident— that she could clear the tribulation without her help and her reason was that her master, Davis had simply said so.

Everlight's belief in him was astounding but also funny since if belief from a single person could do anything, then life would be so much easier.

She had been worried when Everlight sneaked out and decided to undergo her tribulation despite her warnings, but now, she was forced to accept reality.

How could the Emperor of Death lower Everlight's tribulation prowess by four levels from just staying together for a bit of time was beyond her. For one, she didn't see him do anything to Everlight. Secondly, she was aware lowering four levels would mean one needed at least third-tier karmic virtue.

Ever since Davis visited Everlight the last time and had a chat with her over tea, she sensed Everlight's sacred aura to be more profound and comforting. Perhaps it had just been her imagination, but now, she wasn't so sure.

'No way… it couldn't be because of that apex treasure… right?'

She didn't say it out loud but thought, her brows furrowing with the same kind of curiosity that Shimei held. But with Davis remaining silent, she could only return her gaze to Everlight's heavenly tribulation, watching her slowly breeze through comfortably as though she had been bestowed with a Heavenly Water Tribulation.

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