Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3438 Thirty-Three Strikes Everlasting Tribulation

Chapter 3438 Thirty-Three Strikes Everlasting Tribulation


A spearhead annihilative heavenly lightning strike fell on Everlight again.

This was the twenty-fifth strike.

Then Davis raised his head and saw that the twenty-sixth strike was beginning to gather beneath the center of the dark crimson clouds like the previous strikes. Every nine seconds, another heavenly lightning strike descended, so there were eight seconds left.

Everlight was now simply letting the heavenly lightning fall on her and allowing it to temper her body each time. The annihilative aspect only wanted to kill her, not even giving her an ounce of aid in tempering her body like normal heavenly tribulations would have, but it was unable to harm her, so Everlight began to absorb the annihilative heavenly lightning arcs through her pores, allowing herself to be injured.

But as an innate master of life energy, she was able to heal it and temper herself. Life energy was godly when it came to hard workers.

Even Shimei was jealous as she saw Everlight heal such injuries when it shouldn't be possible, even with the life energy of a Nine Lives Gracious Fox, making her guess that this should be related to her Emperor-Tier nature.

Even though her practical knowledge of life energy was more, the quality of their innate life energy held a vast difference akin to the difference between heaven and earth.

Davis could also use this method to try getting hurt and tempering his own body, but considering his physical body was already at a ridiculous level even without the Chaotic Genesis Physique, the increase simply wouldn't be much against this kind of lightning. He would only be undergoing self-inflicted torture at that point.

Nonetheless, Davis still wasn't worried as he saw the ridiculous number of lightning descend. Even when he saw the vast amount of energy in each strike, he didn't worry because Everlight wasn't using up much energy in the first place. These strikes weren't that different from each other.

Every annihilative lightning discharge had the same striking force. The only thing different was the increasingly thick capacity of energy, but even that was unable to tire out Everlight the slightest.

The only worry in his soul was that he was making this rather obvious for the heavens to know something was wrong with almost everyone around him going through easier tribulations and making him wonder when the backlash was going to come.

He could only hope that his actions through Fallen Heaven weren't noticed.

Still, looking at the Everlasting Tribulation, he was fascinated.

Nadia's final eighteenth lightning strike had been extremely powerful, increasing her tribulation's prowess by one level higher, but for Everlight, he guessed that the last strike would also have the same prowess as the previous thirty-two strikes but have a humongous capacity of energy to strike with, reminding him of his own tribulation when the last lightning tribulation strike had grown to a massive size.

Regardless, he felt the unique tribulation factor of the fox race was quite terrifying.

If he thought death was discriminated against by the heavens, then no. Life was also discriminated against by the heavens. Both these Laws were taboo since they tilted the balance of the universe, and the races that carried these innate Laws were subjected to harsher heavenly tribulations.

He felt even the Dragons and Phoenix had it easier compared to them, but these two races were always stronger individually, so they were able to clear their unique tribulation factor quite optimally.


The twenty-sixth annihilative heavenly lightning struck Everlight's head again, causing Davis to look at Saintess Lunaria.

"Saintess, have you finished studying Everlight's runes?

"Yes," Saintess Lunaria's lips moved, her voice sounding melodious, "I've finished deciphering ninety-one percent of her runes. The Emperor-Tier runes are hard to comprehend even for me, so I need more time, but with how Everlight is hasty, I don't see how I can keep her here any longer. You wouldn't give her to me for an extended period of time either, so this Saintess is quite dejected~"

She giggled lightly, causing Davis to shake his head smilingly.

"I'm sure Everlight can learn more from you, so I am not completely objecting to her being by your side, but I want her right now. Our marriage is in two months, so please visit us with a sumptuous gift."

"Aha~ How many marriages are you going to have? Normally, when the number of spouses reaches ten, marriages won't happen unless the woman you're going to marry is quite beautiful or skilled in cultivation. I can understand you marrying Everlight and inviting me, but don't tell me there's a lot more in the upcoming years?"

"Oh, yes. I need gifts for each and every one of them from Saintess Lunaria, or I'm going to be dejected."

Davis grinned. Saintess Lunaria was a legend, so his women would be more than happy if they were to be visited by her during their marriage. Even Zestria and Bylai, who were not denizens of the First Haven World, were extremely happy over it.

"You're quite shameless in every way possible."

Saintess Lunaria lightly laughed and turned to look at the twenty-seventh strike falling on Everlight, "I hope you can treat Everlight well. That child doesn't have ulterior motives and remained steadfast even under my goodwill, not even considering me over you. I must say I'm quite jealous."


Shimei let out a whimper, causing Saintess Lunaria to instantly turn around and embrace Shimei.

"Aiya~ You still haven't been able to control your emotions when it comes to Everlight, even embarrassing yourself before this child over here by acting rudely. How many times should I have to reassure you that Everlight wouldn't be able to replace you even if she agrees to be with me? You're a good girl, aren't you?~"


Shimei's expression was dejected, but she hummed with a bit of delight, causing Davis to look at this grown magical beast woman and chuckle, finding her funny. Shimei appeared to be extremely attached to Saintess Lunaria, appearing to be inseparable.

However, his brows twitched at Saintess Lunaria, calling him a child again. It gave him the urge to change her mind, but he shrugged inwardly. She was millions of years old, so it was normal. Everything in her eyes seemed younger than her, even calling her long-time companion, Shimei, a good girl.


*Bang!~* *Bang!~*

The twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth strike fell during the time Saintess Lunaria consoled Shimei before turning to look at him.

"Well, I said what I have to say. I'm going to enter seclusion shortly to digest my gains from Everlight, so I won't be able to come to any of your marriages, but I'll still prepare you some gifts as you want. This way, I hope I can escape your wrath."

"Haha. How can I get furious? Besides, Saintess Lunaria can use your soul body to pay a visit."

"That would be rude of me."

"Of course not. Your time is more precious than any one of ours. Please visit with your soul body if you can't make it."

Seeing Davis remain adamant, Saintess Lunaria blinked.

"Alright. I thought if you had anything else to say, now would be the time, but I guess you'll treat me like a family elder. I'm honored~"

"No, I am honored to have your protective aura over my family. People may fear me, but now that they learned that even Saintess Lunaria is somewhat on good terms with the Emperor of Death by paying a visit to one of my marriages, they no longer view me as something that would only bring utter destruction. Honestly, there are no attacks or trouble that I'm practically free of nowadays, and it's thanks to you and the sect you have painstakingly built. I am in your debt."

Davis cupped his hands towards Saintess Lunaria.

Of course, he also had the wretched and hateful Accursed Warlock Fraser Herrion to thank for killing all, if not most, of the Heaven Warriors. If not, he and the Aurora Cloud Gate would be having some trouble right now.

It was said in the legends that the Heaven Warriors challenged the Aurora Cloud Gate every few centuries in a hidden battle, so it was possible whoever their boss appeared to be was still hidden somewhere or killed by the Accursed Warlock.

He didn't know, but he ended up benefiting from Accursed Warlock's actions while the World Master pretty much destroyed the outsiders after that.

"Oh, you don't need to be indebted. It was time for me to leave soon, so I personally went ahead and took down the Divergent Slaying Emperor of Heaven's Requiem. It is my foremost duty and wish to protect the sect. I couldn't wait for them to attack, so I made my move first. I wouldn't allow anyone to threaten its survival, not even if an existence like you were to appear."


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