Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3439 Ridiculous Thirty-Third Strike

Chapter 3439 Ridiculous Thirty-Third Strike

Davis's jaws dropped, not to her solemn words at the end but to the fact that she killed that strong-sounding guy named the Divergent Slaying Emperor. Did she do it alone?

If so, her eyes that appeared kind were like that of a prey locking onto her foe.

'Well… those who have mastered Enigmatic Heart Laws are more or less like that…'

It was because they understood human emotions better than anyone, they could manipulate others as they willed. From another perspective or extreme of improving in this path, they were no different than psychopaths as they could erase their emotions and not feel anything. If any one of the Enigmatic Heart Laws users had bad intentions, it would be extremely difficult to escape from their hands that could control them like puppets.

But still, he couldn't help but see Saintess Lunaria as anything but a wild cat. She was still kind and benevolent in his eyes and was only making a show of force.


They moved their conversation into some awkward territory that they didn't notice that the thirty-second strike had descended and struck Everlight.


The dark crimson skies shuddered, beginning to create the last strike as it unleashed a torrent of tyrannical undulations upon them, finally causing Saintess Lunaria to take her gaze off of him.

'What…? Is she afraid that I would bring calamity with overuse of Fallen Heaven and warning me not to use it anymore…?'

Davis speculated that she low-key guessed that he was using karmic virtue to decrease the difficulty of Everlight's tribulation, so since she was a part of that through Everlight, she could be a bit frustrated that what he did might also come to affect her sect.

Perhaps he was just overthinking it, and she could just be trying to be teasing as she was a bit playful in nature.

Saintess Lunaria's thoughts were quite an enigma. Her expression and voice couldn't be taken at face value as he couldn't tell what she was thinking. However, now he at least understood that her prowess was quite high with how she was able to take down a boss character that he should've faced but didn't because she took them down.

He smiled, turning to look at Everlight, wondering if she would display her prowess to him in this last strike.


Davis's eyes twitched as he saw the thousand-meter-tall annihilative heavenly lightning dragon. Its prowess was the same as he had expected, but it was ridiculously big and had a massive amount of energy.

He hoped that this would end soon so he could collect the massive amount of annihilative heavenly lightning strands for refinement. He was sure Eldia would love it, but he already gave her so much, so he was planning to eat them by himself.

The quality of the annihilation factor even seemed to be greater than Nadia's or Eldia's.

'This… is Everlight going to face more than one Paragon Magical Beast in her Heavenly Yin Tribulation…?'

Davis wondered, finally becoming worried as karmic attacks had little to do with prowess, so if many Paragon Magical Beasts crept upon Everlight at the same time, it would be difficult for them to defend against them. They might leave everlasting damage that could not be healed with the current knowledge he possessed, although he felt Fallen Heaven could most likely cure that.

Fallen Heaven was a treasure at the primordial level, so he was not worried if it could not heal, but still, doing such a thing would end up just inviting more karmic burden.

'Ah, what a well-structured system the heavens have made…'

Davis could only lament, but as he did, the skies flashed with a blinding crimson light, which made his eyes close ever so lightly.

The giant thirty-third annihilative heavenly lightning descended, shrinking all the way down until it was only a hundred meters tall before it arrived before Everlight and stared at her with its intimidating gaze.

Everlight narrowed her eyes. Finally, she put up a layer of life energy around her, not playing around anymore, but the dragon harrumphed.

Its arrogant voice resonated throughout heaven and earth before it shot with an incredible speed and struck Everlight's tail.


'Oh…? The heavens are also targeting the soul essences in the azure orbs in her tail now that it sees that it couldn't harm Everlight much…?'

Davis saw Everlight didn't even use her tail but her claws, yet the lightning struck the tail as it went around her.

Unlike him, Everlight didn't go as far as to provoke the heavenly tribulation, so this kind of reaction from it clearly stated that it didn't like to keep the soul essences affixed there alive after finding that it couldn't do anything to Everlight.

It was pretty smart, but he knew it was bound to fail.


However, he was shocked as she saw Everlight's eyes blaze with killing intent.

"How dare you!"

Everlight roared at the annihilative heavenly dragon. One of her tails was struck by it, and through coincidence or not, it was the same tail that held Davis's soul essence. It enraged her, even causing Saintess Lunaria to be dumbfounded, now knowing if it was possible for Nine Lives Gracious Fox to become so angry.

Everlight's remaining eight tails gathered from the sides and stabbed at the dragon at the same time. Their big figures clashed, and the dragon simply shuddered before the light in its eyes dulled.


Davis was shocked to see its Will was destroyed as its energy body remained. He couldn't see what kind of attack she used as she injected the attack from her tail while she was already clad in life energy.

The outer layer of the dragon disintegrated, causing a lighting sea to erupt above her.


However, the tribulation wasn't over yet as the Annihilative Heavenly Yin Tribulation brewed in the dark crimson skies. The ominous clouds brimming with tyrannical annihilative energy that sought to end all things beneath it roared in fury while gathering its destructive power at the center.

A sharp gasp escaped Everlight's lips as she felt an unfamiliar presence intrude upon her very soul. It wasn't a mere imagination; it felt like an icy whisper from the heavens themselves. Instinctively, she recognized the source: the icy-purple luminescence beneath the looming tribulation clouds. Heightening her senses, Everlight summoned her soul force around her soul, creating a formidable defense weaving from the threads of life energy.

She didn't underestimate it all, but exactly nine seconds later from the last strike, Everlight shuddered.

She saw a few icy-purple lights suddenly invade her soul sea.

To her shock, her soul was attacked simultaneously by four yin-attributed Paragon Magical Beasts!

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