Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

After an hour had passed by, outside the Blue Tiger Mercenary Headquarters .

"Oye, look at the sky!" A random person exclaimed .

"Where?" Another person questioned .

In the sky, a big silhouette can be seen above the clouds .

"It . . it's a Dragon!!" Another person exclaimed .

"The Dragon's going to destroy the town, everyone run" That random person exclaimed in fear upon seeing such a silhouette .

"Idiot, that's a Wyvern" Another knowledgeable person commented after seeing the silhouette come down from above the clouds .

The Wyvern was 12m long, long faced with a razor sharp teeth . On its back was a 30-year old man dressed in shiny red armour . His face was valiant with vigour, he excluded an aura that is capable of supressing almost all the people down there .

He scanned the area and spotted the Blue Tiger Mercenary sign on a building . He headed to that direction . The Wyvern then landed in front of the Blue Tiger Mercenary Headquarters .

"The captain of the royal guards, Renard, commands the captain of the Blue Tiger Mercenaries to come out!" That man then shouted out loud which shocked many people because he belonged to the royal guard .

"Oh my god, what is the royal guard doing out here?" Many people started whispering to others .

The members of the Blue Tiger Mercenaries didn't dare to lash back at him . They could only wait in silence .

The captain then came out of the building and hurriedly bowed to Renard .

"Noel of the Blue Tiger Mercenaries, at your service" Noel thought to himself 'Wow, the empire sure is establishing their authority all over the country . '

"Hmm, Is Grey he . . " Before Renard can finish his sentence, he saw Grey coming out of the building with a child on his back .

Renard glanced at Noel and uttered "Good, you will surely be rewarded with riches . "

"It's been a long time, Ray" Renard smiled .

Hearing that a smile crept upon Ray's face as well .

"Yes, brother . "

Then the both of them bear hugged lightly and laughed .

"Is the Royal Prince fine?"

"Yes, as you can see . "

"Alright, let's leave this place then . "

"Please do, I'm sick of this lifestyle . " Ray laughed loudly .

Ray then turned his head back .

"If you encounter any trouble, head to the Nolan family and drop my name, Ray Nolan . "

"See you later, Noel . " Ray bid farewell .

Noel just stood there dumbfounded by this revelation . He thought to himself 'All of them are big guys, I've struck it rich . '

When both of the brothers got on the Wyvern, Noel shouted "Don't forget your words Grey, no, Ray . "

"I won't . " Ray smirked . He had an amiable relationship with Noel .

The Wyvern then flew to the skies heading to the Royal Capital .

… . .

6 hours later .

A huge wall could be seen in the distance .

"Finally, we reached the capital with the help of this speedy Wyvern . " Ray spoke joyfully .

The two had a lot to talk about so they chatted the whole way .

Meanwhile Tian Long couldn't understand what they were saying, so he just gave up and enjoyed his first flight on the Wyvern .

'Ahh, the air is so fresh in this world . The sceneries are so beautiful . Am I on a vacation trip already?'

Tian Long felt that his choice to come to this world was the best one he ever made .

The Wyvern passed above the walls and headed to the Royal Castle . It then landed below the main entrance of the Royal Castle .

The trio then entered the Royal Castle without any obstructions, as if they were the masters of this Royal Castle .

They arrived in front of the throne hall in a short time . Just as they were going to request the audience of the emperor . The door opened and a young woman of extraordinary bearings came out with a worried face .

Tian Long was shocked when he saw this kingdom toppling beauty with rich bearings .

She was 5' 5" tall, her skin was fair, has almond royal purple eyes that are like two drops of wine . Her wavy, long-length blonde hair was gorgeous as ever . Her face is warm and graceful like a caring mother . She has a body that is perfectly refined with curves at it's right place .

She looked toward the child who was in middle, clasped hands with both the brothers . She slowly started running towards the child and hurriedly hugged him with all her might .

"You're safe, you're safe, thank goodness, I'm sorry, I'm sorry that Mother wasn't be able to be with you all this time" The young woman started shedding tears of joy .

Tian Long was dumbfounded being hugged by this woman . Even though he couldn't understand what she was saying, he could feel the warmth from the hug which he never got to experience in his previous life .

'Is this woman, the mother of this child?'

Hearing the ravings from the mother of this child, he was again encroached by complex feelings of guilt and sadness . He almost couldn't hold his tears from dropping .

A young man, who was full of joy can be seen behind the young woman who is currently hugging Tian Long .

He was 5' 9" tall, his skin was fair, has royal sapphire eyes that emits a regal aura . His wavy, long-length black hair was lush as ever . Has a short beard . Has broad shoulders with quite a muscle that fits a ruler of an empire .

"Finally, my son has returned safely . " That young man said .

The two brothers immediately got down on their knees . "We pay our respects to the Emperor and the Empress . " They shouted in unison .

"Good, stand up, follow me to the throne" The young man chose not to interfere with the mother and son reunion .

The Emperor then sat down on the throne .

All of those who were in the throne hall bowed to show respect to the Emperor .

"Lift your heads! Ray, you've done a very great job of protecting my son in the time of chaos . I'll award you with the Title of Duke, a Duchy and 1000 Platinum Coins . "

"It's my honour, your Majesty"

"Renard, you did a great job of escorting them back safely . "

"It's a given, your Majesty . "

At this time, the Empress walked into the throne hall carrying her child .

Seeing the Empress, the Emperor nodded .

"Alright, Ray, explain the events that took place when you were protecting my son . "

"Yes, your Majesty . " Ray obeyed and explained the events that took place during his secret mission without hiding anything .

After 20 minutes .

"And that's all, your Majesty . " Ray concluded his report .

"So… you are saying that my son just woke up 3 days ago?"

Hearing this question, beads of sweat started to form on Ray's face as he gulped .

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