Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"Thi . . this, I swear on my noble name, what I've said is the truth, your Majesty . " Ray declared .

There was a moment of silence in the throne hall which made the people fidgety .

"This matter concerns my son, you won't blame me if I conduct investigations right?" The Emperor asked .

"I wouldn't dare, it is only your right to check the health and environment your son lived in, your majesty . " Ray tactfully said .

"Good, you're pardoned . " Ray let out a sigh of relief when he was released from this harmless pressure .

"Tonight, arrange a banquet, we're celebrating the return of my son, the Royal Prince . "

"Yes, your Majesty" The people shouted in unison .

The Emperor and Empress left the Throne Hall and made their way to their private quarters .

In the private quarters .

"Logan, I don't mind if the investigation is conducted or not since it is advantageous to us that our son wasn't influenced by any weird or evil characters" The empress was fine as long as her son was well and healthy .

"Yes, but there are lot of questions left to be answered, such as how our son who was in fatal danger 3 days ago managed to recover healthily . Is it a miracle? or an unknown expert decided to save our son with unknown motives . "

"Hmph, if it was an unknown expert with good intention, I'll be surely thankful to him even in death . On the other hand, you sent our son to an unknown place that I don't even know about and you won't even tell me about it . "

"Claire, I had no other choice but to do that, it is for the absolute safety of our son, even I didn't know where I sent him, not until that messenger pigeon arrived from Ray . " Logan told the truth .

"What?" Claire received a shock .

"All this time you were saying that you knew where you sent our son and that he is safe? You . . you did this all to assure me?" Claire had tears in her eyes .

"Yes, my love" Logan cupped her face .

They looked into each other eyes and slowly engaged in a passionate kiss .

A minute passed .

"Gar . . sae . . niii . " Tian Long couldn't stand it anymore, after all he was still a virgin .

The both of them were startled, then looked at their son and burst laughing . After laughing till they were content, they hugged each other .

"I'm sorry" Claire whispered .

"Its fine, I know your sufferings . " Logan comforted her .

"But I was stupid, heartless, all this time I ignored you, I know I was doing wrong, you didn't even look at other women but I stopped paying heed to you . " Tears started dropping out of Claire's eyes .

"It's my fault, any mother would be angry if her son or daughter were taken away from her . " Logan said .

Claire felt guilty because she blamed everything that happened to her on Logan and ignored him almost for 3 years .

After 5 minutes of warmth, the both of them then distanced from each other awkwardly . Obviously them reacting to their reaction of their lower part of their bodies and their son's gaze .

"Haha" Logan awkwardly laughed .

Claire's face was red as she smiled, enchanting her with a bewitching smile . Logan was in a trance seeing her beautiful blushed face . He would've already jumped on her if it weren't for Tian Long kept gazing at them curiously .

'I feel sorry, but I won't let you guys do anything in front of me, can you guys please do it somewhere else . ' Tian Long didn't have any weird fetishes .

*cough* *cough*

"Our child must be educated in the ways of the royalty, I'll arrange it now . " Logan took another approach .

"No! I'll be the one to teach our child . "

"Huh? N . . "

"I won't take no for an answer, 3 years, I wasn't with my child for 3 years . We missed the bonding period, I'm not sure if the child will wholeheartedly even accept us as his parents . Therefore, I will be with him until he finishes his education . "

Logan was dumbfounded . He realised that he fell into his own machinations . He buried himself with his own plan . He didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

Claire and Logan readied Tian Long with a royal outfit . They didn't require the help of servants because this was the first time they were dressing Tian Long, their son .

Tian Long felt embarrassed when Claire removed his pants but he then realised that he was still a child . It made him even more embarrassed for having dirty thoughts . He then kept reminding himself that she is his mother which he still hasn't come to terms with yet . Logan laughed when he saw him blushing obviously misunderstanding with something else .

Tian Long had complex feelings about being taken care of by a mother figure which he never experienced in his previous life . He felt warm and cozy .

They then picked him up and went to the Banquet Hall .

"We welcome his Majesty . " When people saw him coming into the Banquet Hall, they stood up, bowed and shouted in unison .

"At ease, my subjects" Logan acknowledged .

Everyone then took their seats .

"This banquet is to celebrate the return of my son and the start of our prosperous Empire, glory to the Loret Empire!" Logan lifted his drink and drank commemorating the start of the banquet himself .

"Glory to the Loret Empire" The subjects also drank their drinks .

Everyone enjoyed the banquet and after a period of time .

"Your Majesty, isn't this the best time for that" The Royal Advisor, Hendrickson commented .

"I guess it is" Logan muttered .

"Everyone, it is time for the main event of this banquet . "

The people in the banquet were silent .

Logan looked at Claire who was seated by his side, the both of them nodded together .

"I, the Emperor of Loret Empire, Logan Loret, hereby declare that the name of the first prince, my son, to be, Davis Loret . "

"Ahhh, Glory to the Empire, Long live Davis Loret . " A person exclaimed .

Everyone looked at Tian Long and started chanting his name loudly which made the banquet end in high spirits . Today was also his third birthday .

From that moment, Tian Long knew that his name was Davis Loret .

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