Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

"Good!" Logan was trembling in excitement .

'Ah, does this mean I'll be getting a brother or sister?' Davis never had any siblings . He was dumbfounded but he was extremely happy when he heard it .

Claire approached them while coming out of the restroom, suddenly she collapsed .

"Mother!" "Claire!" Logan moved quickly and stopped her from falling .

"I . . I'm fine, I just feel dizzy . " Claire explained .

"Enough, you need some rest Claire . Davis, your mother needs some rest"

"I understand . " Davis nodded .

"No need to worry Davis, mother will soon come back to you . " Claire comforted him . Claire's love for him is boundless .

"I'll be waiting, mother . " Davis nodded again .

Davis's parents then left the study . He watched their backs as they left him alone .

Davis vaguely laughed "Hah, Haha, Hah"

'I gained loving parents in this world and on top of that I get a sibling too?'

'It's something I can't get even if I wished for . I can only hope that I won't do something stupid and disrupt this family . ' Davis sighed

'Hmm? What's this?' Davis felt that he could now access that black book that delves in his soul .

'Should I? No, I shouldn't do anything suspicious while still in the Royal Castle . Father did setup some kind of barrier here, so people should be able to monitor this place . '

What Davis didn't know was that the study already had a barrier setup normally . It's just that Logan had setup a stronger barrier than that . Other than that, there are always hidden experts protecting him in secret .

… . .

[In the private quarters of the Empress]

Logan made Claire rest in her bed . He looked at her with a gentle gaze .

Claire also looked at him with love .

Logan and Claire had gone through life and situations together when they were young and during the rebel .

Even though Claire had ignored Logan for 3 years, he didn't fancy any woman other than her . He was totally smitten and deeply in love with her . With his status as the Emperor, if he wished so, he could have hundreds of concubines . But he chose not to do it, he also went far as publically announcing that anyone who tries to talk with him about making him marry another woman would be dealt with severely, and there were such cases as well .

"Logan, Davis is our son . " Claire said worriedly .

"I know" Logan sighed . "No matter what, reincarnated or not, he is still our son, I won't do anything to him . "

"Then why did you . . "

"What if he was an evil person in his previous life?"

"He's not, there's no way my son will be evil even in his previous life . "

"That's why I wanted to make sure . " Logan calmly explained

The Loret Family highly values peace and honour and wouldn't stoop to do evil and low things .

Loret Empire was the only Empire in the Grand Sea Continent who didn't war with other Empires . It's adjacent Empires were in a state of war, and that's why it didn't get attacked by other Empires during it's internal unrest . Although it's peaceful times has caused certain backstabbers to rise up in rebellion, it had remained still powerful as ever . But it had let it guard down .

The cause of the rebellion was like more of an opportunity . The death of the previous Emperor, Logan's father, proved to be a timely opportunity to assassinate the Royal family . Except Logan and Claire, almost all the members of the Royal family who were in the capital got assassinated .

That's why Logan took immediate measures to send away his son . Only two noble families didn't take part in the rebellion, while the other six noble families joined forces to eliminate the Royal family .

The two noble families then joined the Royal family to help quell the rebel . The Nolan family and Cauldon family . Of course, at the end of the rebellion, the six noble families were either entirely annihilated by the Loret Empire Army or locked up in prison after the higher ups of the six families were killed .

Only the heads of 2 noble families, Farnwen family and Hawkwood family managed to escape with severe injuries .

Then Logan left Claire to rest and went to the Throne Hall to announce about the pregnancy matter . His subjects congratulated him and praised him . He felt awkward .

Even though he was the Emperor, he had not received teachings on how to be an Emperor, because he was the Fifth Prince . He liked to be free and unrestrained but had no choice other than to be an Emperor . He could only take this position because his family in the capital was annihilated . Only his Seventh and Eight Brother were alive and somewhere out adventuring .

Logan had lost too much in this war, and he utterly hated the six noble families for it . He wished he could find and kill the 2 heads who escaped . His only support was his love, Claire . Now he distanced himself from his son . Things have grown awkward between the three of them . He felt ridiculous for it .

Somewhere in his heart, he felt that he should make this right . So, at night after much deliberation, he decided to visit Davis .

… . .

Davis was in the study . He was still in the mood to learn about this world . He had his determination after all . Or you could say that he directed his focus on other matters rather than to think about the earlier event .

*knock* "Davis" A voice could be heard from the other side of the door .

"Hmm? Father?" Davis turned back and stood up .

Logan opened the door and entered .

"You are still studying at this time?" Logan found a topic that he could start on .

"Hmm" Davis nodded .

"I see, are you fine?" Logan asked .

"Hmm" Davis again nodded .

Seeing that the conversation isn't going anywhere, Logan decided to be direct .

"Davis, about the matter earli… . "

"Can I speak?" Davis suddenly asked .

Logan passed for a moment before nodding . "Go ahead" .

Davis took a deep breath .

"Father, it's true that I am my own self, but it still will not change the fact that I am your son . In my previous life I didn't have any parents nor siblings, I was just an orphan . "

"I lived my whole life alone without any familial love . I didn't even have anyone to accompany in my life, I lived alone in soltitude . If you want me to go, then I will immediately leave this place . " Davis had tears in his eyes .

"But it's jus… it's just that, can I also be a part of this family?" Tears fell out of Davis's eyes while he had a gaze full of longing .

Logan kneeled down and held Davis's shoulders . "You are a part of this family . " He strongly replied, his eyes full of resolution .

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