Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After 5 minutes . Davis opened his eyes, he couldn't fathom what had happened just now . He felt that his soul started growing and attained a shape all of a sudden .

Claire wiped off Davis's tears and smiled proudly .

"You've made Mom proud, Davis"

"Mo… Mom what happened to me just now?" Davis decided to ask since he couldn't understand what had happened just now . "

"Davis, you just advanced to the Nascent Soul Stage!" Claire exclaimed .

"Nascent Soul Stage? What is that?" Davis had some idea about it but decided to ask anyway .

"Silly, for this you need to know about the Cultivation System . Let me explain it to you slowly . "

Davis got excited .

"There are 3 types of Cultivation Systems . First, Essence Gathering Cultivation . Second, Body Tempering Cultivation . Third, Soul Tempering Cultivation . "

"What you achieved is the first step of Soul Tempering Cultivation, Nascent Soul Stage . What you've done is quite unbelievable Davis, usually only people who reached the third step of Essence Gathering System, Revolving Core Stage, will be able to advance in their Soul Cultivation because a human's soul is rather weak, you can't sense it, not until you reach the Revolving Core Stage . "

In fact, Davis was only able to reach Nascent Soul Stage because of two things, his powerful soul and he managed to conquer his Heart Demon .

Davis took a moment to understand what she said .

"Davis" Claire called out to her son with a solemn expression .


"Did you awaken your previous life's memories?"

Davis looked like a cat that had its tail stepped on, he immediately took a step back .

Claire immediately hugged him again, not letting him go .

"It's fine, Davis, you don't have to say anything, you're still my son . This doesn't change anything . " Claire comforted him hurriedly .

"Mother, I'm sorry" Davis started crying again . He can only let her misunderstand the situation .

Seeing that Davis was crying, Claire smiled, she was reassured that it was still her son and not some Old Demon of ancient times .

After a few moments of Mother-Son bonding . Davis decided to be wholeheartedly her son, both in body and soul .

"Davis, let's call your father here and explain ourselves to him, shall we?" Claire wanted to respect his privacy .

"Mother, is it fine? Won't father get angry?" Davis had his misgivings .

Davis's father, Logan, had visited him a few times, to play with him . Albeit he was stricter because he wanted his son to be headstrong while facing hardships .

"He will get angry only if you don't tell him, if you come out with it, he will start believing and trust you to a certain extent . If you don't tell him, it is possible that he will entirely distrust you because you simply have no way to hide your cultivation for now . " Claire explained .

"I'll obey mother . " Davis said sadly with a cute face .

"Lovely . " Claire pinched his face, she couldn't get enough of that cute expression .

Claire then contacted her husband through a fist sized crystal telling him that she wants to see him immediately .

"Mother, what is that?"

"This? This is a transmission crystal . This is used to contact whoever owns the other half . There are many types of crystals, I'll explain about them later to you . "

Davis nodded his head .

"Hahaha, what is it? My love? What is so important that you made me hurry here alone?" Logan opened the door to the study and closed it .

Logan then looked astonished . "Nascent Soul Stage?"

Davis and Claire looked at each other . They nodded to each other .

Logan immediately noticed the solemn atmosphere in the room .

"Logan, I and Davis have something important to tell you . " Claire informed .

"Hmm? You and Davis? Let me hear it then" He then setup a barrier knowing that it's important .

Claire then explained the series of events that happened few minutes ago .

"So you are saying that Davis has gained his previous life's memories?" Logan had a weird expression on his face .

"Basically, yes" Claire had a helpless expression .

There was a moment of silence, albeit heavily awkward .

Logan took a deep breath, he then looked at Davis but his gaze wasn't one of looking at a son anymore . He released a horrifying pressure .

Davis trembled, his father's gaze was sharp and his aura pressured him heavily .

"Logan!" Claire defended her child .

"Stay quiet! I only want to question him for now . "

"Who are you?" Logan questioned .

"Davis" Davis replied .

"Lies! What are you after?"

"Father, I'm not after anything!" Davis had tears in his eyes . He really was not after anything after all .

"Don't call me father"

"Father, please . "

Davis had an aggrieved expression on his face . He couldn't take this anymore .

"Logan! You've gone too far . " Claire shouted with an angry expression on her face .

Logan sighed . He took back his aura and retracted his gaze . He looked at him again . His gaze was back to like what one would look at a son .

"At least tell me if you were a Mortal or Immortal?"

"I'm a Mortal" After a moment of silence, Davis chose to reply without averting his gaze . His gaze was pure with no evil intentions .

Logan could feel Davis's soul fluctuations . If he lied then he would know about it . There were no unusual fluctuations in his soul so he could at least verify that his son wasn't lying .

Logan heaved a sigh of relief .

Logan carried his son and whispered . "I'm sorry . "

"I could only do this for the safety of our family . "

Davis nodded his head not taking it to heart . He knew that his father took action based on family security, and also must be very worried about his son .

The family then hugged each other, not feeling good about their insecurities . The hug was heart-warming and it was the best comfort for them now .

"Husband, you really took your prank too far . " Claire teased Logan .

"I know, I'm sorry . " Logan chose to end the embarrassing topic right there .

"Hahaha" The three of them then laughed together .

Claire suddenly had a change of expression . She hurriedly went to the restroom .

"Mom!" "Claire" Both of them shouted

Sounds of vomiting could be heard . After a period of time .

Claire came out shyly and said . "Looks like I'm pregnant . "

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