Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 20

Madam Guo originally had already laid out a scheme that would immediately make Ye Qingli voluntarily hand over the marriage certificate. However now, that plan seemingly crashed into an obstacle.

She hesitated, turned her head, and stared towards Ye Yunxiao.

At the same time, Ye Yunxiao turned towards Madam Chen and pouted. Just a moment ago, they were expecting a huge advantage. Yet, isn't now the time for Ye Qingli to make her move?

Madam Guo suddenly snapped out of her stupor. Then she whispered something to Madam Chen, in which Madam Chen instantly jumped out.

"Yo, is this really the Ye's first daughter?"

Then she sneered with a sharp voice, "I heard, you elope off with someone on your wedding day. This action resulted with your younger sister replacing you on the marriage sedan chair. Why did you ran back here now?"

She threateningly stood in front of Ye Qingli, her saliva almost spread all over Ye Qingli's face.

Ye Qingli raised her head and looked at the person barking furiously in front of her. Just like a breeze of air, she said, "I don't know how a worthless slave of the Ye Family became in charge of our affairs. And that slave dare talk nonsense gibberish in front me?"

Madam Chen became furious, she pointed at Ye Qingli and said, "Monan regards me as an elder, and you……you dare call me a slave?"

She shouted in a cocky way, "If you marry to our Ceng family, I will force you to serve me tea sooner or later, because if not, I will definitely…."

Before her sentence ended, suddenly, the sound of a palm slapping a face sounded out.

For Ye Qingli smoothly raised her hand and heavily slammed it onto to her arrogant face.

After being that hard, Madam Chen staggered to the ground. She retreated a few steps and snarled at Ye Qingli, she can not believe it, "You actually dare hit me?"

She shouted towards Ceng Monan, "Is this bitch really the woman you want to marry? Be off with her, off with her!"

Ye Qingli coldly said, "Don't ever tell me to get married, because even if I marry into the Ceng Family, I too will srill become the indisputable madam of the house. You cheap, worthless, concubine, do you have any qualification yelling like a dog in front of me? Even I kill you, no one would say word!"

With her identity as Ye Estate's first young miss, what qualifications does a worthless, cheap concubine have to clamour in front of her? She can easily kill her and no one will bat an eye!

Madam Chen was so rattled by the series of words she just heard that she actually can not utter a sound.

For indeed, if her identity is to be compared to Ye Qingli, it is basically like heaven and earth.

Even if Ye Qingli really meant what she said and beat her to death, the most she will get will be a rebuke because of her improper conduct. And can the Master of the Ceng Family be angry at this young woman who is the first young miss of the Kingdom's richest family? Can he do anything about it?

That would really be the biggest joke in the world.

But, she would not likely make the Ceng Family's madam blood to boil to death, as they can only wait for the day when she becomes their master.

Well, looking at this little refined and cultured girl, she Monan should be a good match. But if Monan brings this devil in, are there home gonna have peace?

She screamed, "Let's go, we will be certain to break off the engagement!"

Ye Qingli coldly said, "You would naturally break the engagment off, however, you are not the one qualified to say it!"

She proudly said, "You all listen well, it is not the Ceng Family who wants to break off the marriage. It is me who will break it, I do not want him!"

Her sharp eyes swept throughout Ceng Monan body. His body trembled as he felt her glare that he actually cowered a step back.

Ye Qingli does not know why the former Ye Qingli was so blind that she was deceived by such an attractive young man.

How can the Ceng Family send a concubine to represent them in such matters, I am afraid the Ceng Family are also perhaps filled with idiots.

This kind of matters will make others back off, or at least will make them politely decline!

She interestingly glanced at Ceng Monan once again, he ought to have remembered that he lacerated Ye Qingli's face right?

Ye Qingli was not aware either that Ceng Monan now already become a eunuch. He basically can not use his man’s treasure anymore.

Well, won't the wedding night with his soon to be wife be fun? It will be a night of surprises for the woman!

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