Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 21

At this time, Ye Qingli suddenly found out Ceng Monan and Madam Chen exchanged weird glances. There seemed to be a kind of dubious looks on their faces.

Although they were deeply concealing something, but it was still reflected and emerged with the subtle changes in their facial expressions.

A few years back on earth, she had racked her brains studying Behavioural Psychology in depth, thus finding the meaning for even someone's slightest facial expression was her forte.

From their expressions, she knew that the relationship between these two people was not so normal as it may seem on the surface!

If the truth of their relationship goes out, the Ceng Family would instantly be covered in tremendous scandalous mess.

She glanced at Ye jinli. Such a clan, even if you aren't going to hell, won't you be in one once you married into that hellish family?

Madam Guo with a face full of resentment looked at Madam Chen. She can not stay patient anymore, she leisurely went up to Ye Qingli and said, "Qingli, this matter is causing an uproar outside, and the reputation of Ye Estate is being damaged. With your ugly appearance right now, it's not suitable for marriage. If Jingli can marry in place of you, it will be best for both of the two families. You are the elder sister. Even if your younger sister did something that offended you a little, just look on its surface, and don't mind it too much in your heart. Now quick hand over your marriage certificate!"

When Ye Qingli heard her words, she almost want to laugh and applaud at her.

How can Madam Guo invert right from wrong. She will at last enrich her knowledge today!

In that case, perhaps she would expose a thing or two about the bastardly things they did to her in the past!

And Ye Jinli only offend her a little? If she did not pass through into this world, the original Ye Qingli not only would have died, she would have been sexually ravaged by brutes until she dies!

Fortunately, she had already prepared beforehand!

The moment she wanted to speak, Ceng Dichen suddenly blurted out, "According the the law of this dynasty, if you want to break off the agreement, it must be agreed by both parties who made the marriage agreement, it must be signed by a person's name and signature. Since the mother of the first young miss had already passed away, so then apart from her father, there is only the Ye's first daughter herself who has the qualification to sign her signature in it. Her signature can not be substituted even if it's the Ye Family's master himself."

Ye Qingli was somewhat surprised and looked at him.

Is this person somewhat wants to help her?

The moment she looked at Ceng Dichen, she suddenly felt that the warm and gentle eyes of the person swept throughout her body.

But after that fleeting feeling, he was still sitting there with a serious facial expression. Ye Qingli doubted that it was just perhaps her imagination.

At this time, Old Madam Qiu can not help but shout out, "This damned girl has a really ruthless heart. Can you bear looking at your younger sister fall into the fire pit, Did you not said you want to break off the marriage? "

Ye Qingli faintly smiled, and did not bother about these people anymore. She instead went in front of Ceng Dichen and bowed in courtesy.

"Thank you General Ceng. i will surely give an explanation to the Ceng Family. Can the general please wait for the news three days later?"

Ceng Dichen gave a satisfied smile.

It seemed this little girl had already understood what he meant.

In fact, he actually came to the Ye Estate with the sole purpose to say such words.

He got up, "Very well then. Everyone, let's go!"

After he shouted, he and his soldiers went out and completely deserted the place.

Madam Chen, seeing that nobody gave a fuck about her, became pale in anger that actually fainted. Ceng Monan and her few maids quickly took her away and departed.

When the huge doors of hall shut with bang, Ye Zhongtai with an ashen face turned towards Ye Qingli and screamed, "Kneel before me!"

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