Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 22

Ye Qingli unrepentantly just stood there, with no slightest inclination to kneel down before him.

Back on earth, she would kneel before the heavens, she would kneel before the earth, she would kneel before her mother and father, but in this world, nobody is worthy to make her kneel down!

She proudly raised her head and said, "Daughter does not now what she did wrong. Can father please expound on what he meant!"

Ye Zhongtai coldly groaned and said, "Your behaviour damaged our family's reputation and prestige, you’re a girl who disgraced our family principles and traditions, you are a woman totally unworthy to be my Ye Family's daughter!"

Ye Qingli loudly laughed, "Oh, so does father also believe that so called matter about my elopment during the eve of my wedding is true?"

She sarcastically glared at Ye Zhongtai that his words simply won't come out anymore.

He was constantly out of home travelling the seas for several years. Thus, its naturally to see Madam Guo and her daughters freely ran amok holding the highest power in the estate because of him out for business affairs.

However, just now would have been the perfect opportunity to resolve this annoying matter, even if he would sacrifice her daughter a little bit. This girl is usually shy and mumbly, but how can she be so devilishly stubborn today?

Ye Qingli said in ridicule, "I do not know if father really is unaware of what happened or is just pretending to be afool. Why don't you let me talk over the things that truly happened during the past days..….."

Leaning on the side of Old Madam Qiu, Ye Jinli was horribly shocked out of her wits, "Father, you can not let her talk!"

She quickly rushed to Ye Qingli's side and fiercely declared, "This bitch disgraced our family and broke our family traditions. Just hand her the Bai Ling for her to hang herself with!"

Ye Zhongtai heavily frowned, " Jinli, get out and go down!"

Ye Jinli cried out "Father!"

Madam Guo's heart became anxious and pulled Ye Jinli away, "How can you yell your mouth at your father. You got no right to make a decision, and your father alone can do that!"

Ye Jinli hurriedly said, "Mother, did you forget, isn't that what you said to me? As long as she is fixed up, I will have have the power and position of the Ye Family's first young miss……."

The color on Madam Guo's face greatly changed. She was itching to stitch up this stupid daughter's mouth.

She honestly had spoiled this daughter too much, that she made her develop a conceitedly arrogant temper, A daughter who speak without using the brain.


Ye Jinli's voice hardly fell over when a hand suddenly appeared three feet near her and came crashing down on her face. She pointed towards Ye Qingli and cursed, "You actually dare hit me?."

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

Before her voice even stopped, another three consecutive slaps were slammed into her face. Half of her face instantly became all red swollen.

Ye Qingli leisurely pulled back her hands amidst the commotion like nothing happened, and merely looked at Ye Jinli in front of her who was raging in humiliation and anger. At this time, Madam Guo already dragged her tightly aside.

Ye Qingli only said, "Considered as the Ye Family's young miss, how can you easily blurt this kind of thing out? It violates the edicts of seniority. If word of this emerges out, won't people say that we Ye family are full of uneducated morons?"

Ye Jinli furiously said, "I don't care! You bitch, what qualifications do you have to hit me……”

Ye Qingli coldly said, "I am you elder sister! If you did wrong, I can take advantage of my privilege and beat you in place of parents to discipline you."

She slightly bend down, turned towards Madam Guo and mockingly asked, "Aunt, did what I just said is right?"

Speaking of Madam Guo, her burst of anger at Ye Jinli a while back did not calm down. Her face was pale, she should restrain herself lest she injure her internal organs, she had no choice but say, "The first girl is right."

Then she ruthlessly dragged Ye Jinli back to her side, and gave her a devilish look, "What kind of discipline does the mama give you! Just you wait, I will strip her of her position, give her thirty lashings as a departing gift, then throw her out of here."

Ye Jinli was so scared that she dared not speak loudly, and whispered to Madam Guo side of the ear, "Mother, just do not make her speak a word, otherwise, we would be entirely blamed……

Madam Guo fiercely glared at her. Is this daughter so dumb having no brain? Can she not understand the current situation at all?

However, she herself does not know what happened to Ye Qingli. It was as if her whole personality changed. No, it was as if she is a whole new person. A person who can not be controlled nor intimidated.

If she talks, the question is not whether the truth would be exposed, but how horrible the aftermath would be!

Notes: Bai Ling is a kind of silk rope handed to you by someone of great authority. It’s a symbol that ‘you did something horribly, extremely wrong and you should hang yourself with this rope.’

The mama/mamas mentioned in the story are old women that are maids/slaves to the family. Kinda the lackeys of the Madam and other high positioned female members.

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