Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 23

Ye Qingli coldly said, "If you want to marry into the Ceng Family, then you better be obedient and shut your mouth for me!"

She turned around, and gravely told the unfortunate events that befell upon her from start to finish.

Finally, she looked straight at Ye Zhongtai, "Father, I told you the whole story, what do you think the truth should be?"

Ye Zhongtai's facial complexion was lividly ashen.

Although he guessed a bit of what the truth really is, but he did not expect that this mother and daughter actually did such a horribly disgusting deed to this extent.

He looked at Madam Guo coldly and said, "You……I want an explanation from you!!!"

Obviously, Ye Jinli single handedly planned for the marriage to become successful.

In fact, if the accident midway the wedding ceremony hadn't occurred, then Ye Jinli had long been married to the Ceng Family, By that time, , and Ye Zhongtai can only accept the events that happened.

If the truth of this scandalous matter spreads out, what will happen to the Ye Family's reputation?

Perhaps, even his position of being the Kingdom's number one imperial businessman will be put into dire jeopardy!

At this time, Madam Guo's heart was beating irregularly. For many years, this is the first time she saw Ye Zhongtai so madly enraged.

She twisted the scarf in her hands, not knowing what to do nor say.,

Then, Ye Yunxiao suddenly came crying, knelt down before his feet and said, "Mother does not know anything about this. If you want to blame someone, blame me and sister, If you have any punishment, I beg father to punish the two of us instead. Mother is already suffering because of this matter. I plead father won't harshly blame mother for this!"

She said with tears flowing down her eyes, "All these years, mother took care of grandmother, dealt with numerous household matters, and educated us children. Because of her worrying and exerting great deal of effort everyday, her body became very bad. And there are always people in the house making thoughtless gossips and remarks discriminating her. Father does not know, but mother often wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about it, It can't help but block my heart in sadness seeing her always crying until down."

She discreetly made a wink to Madam Guo in which Madam Guo instantly understood, and immediately also knelt in front of Ye Zhongtai, "Your woman also understands that no matter how good our relationship is, I would only be the second wife, and can not be able to equal and match the identity of the original madam. This is my life, …..and Jin'er, she merely follows my every word, truly my heart is grieved that it takes my breath away……."

While watching Ye Zhongtai's heavy facial expression and seeing his anger fading away, she took a deep breath and continued, "This time's matter, she and some of my evil servants did it. Me these days, was busy praying for mother's sickness, but I did not know that they actually took advantage of it."

She cried like a the bird, "The reason why the big girl's wedding ceremony became unsuccessful was all mine fault. Only beneath the grave will I be at peace, since it is only there I can ask forgiveness from elder sister Jiang!”

After speaking, she immediately took out a golden hairpin on her head, and stabbed it towards her own throat.

Ye Zhongtai was shocked and promptly grabbed the pin and threw it to the ground. However, it still scratched her neck, and a trace of blood dripped down.

Ye Jinli flew to Madam Guo's body, and sobbed very hard. The hall was in chaos.

Ye Qingli was just coldly watching the show like a nonchalant bystander.

At this time, she even wanted to applaud Madam Guo's stupid performance.

It was perfect, honestly!

In order to capture, one must let loose, show weakness to the enemy, and conquer by retreating……

Not only did she did succeed in abating down Ye Zhongtai's anger, he was even was totally fooled by her.

She realized with a bit of thinking that her former mother didn’t have the cunning foxlike tactics of these women in the house.

Madam Guo’s acting alone left her way in the dust!

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