Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 24

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 24

While hugging her, Madam Guo mercilessly pinched the back of Ye Jinli. She probably came to understand something as she immediately knelt in front of Ye Zhongtai. While grasping his feet she cried, "Father, daughter knows she did wrong this time. Daughter did not think straight at the past. I didn't meant to harm elder sister at all. Fortunately, elder sister has now safely come back, I am willing to put all my personal possessions and give it to elder sister as an apology gift, I am willing to accept father's punishment, I would willingly accept it, but can you please not blame mother?"

Ye Zhongtai frowned his eyes, "Urgh!"

He was silent for a long time, sighed and said, "Jin'er, you must give your elder sister an apology!"

Madam Guo suddenly took a deep breath.

She immediately dragged Ye Jinli towards the front of Ye Qingli, "Serve your elder sister tea and humbly apologize to her!"

Ye Jinli obediently held a cup of tea and loudly said, "Elder sister, please forgive your little sister!"

Her poisonous eyes stared daggers on Ye Qingli. She did not expect the day where she will have to actually admit her mistakes before the woman she had tried to kill.

Sooner or later, I'm going to torture you, torture that you will be begging to die. But I will not let you die, I'll make you suffer!

Madam Guo hurriedly said, "Well, your younger sister has already promised to compensate for her crimes. You are the elder sister, in that case, are you still going to lower yourself to her level and not forgive her? This matter, let it be a thing of the past!"

With a stiff expression, Ye Zhongtai said, "Can a mere apology justify for such a big matter?.Go back to your courtyard, for three months, you are not allowed to come out!"

Ye Qingli sneered watching their performance.

Her last positive expectations of this family faded away.

Including in this pious father.

He but merely raised it high, and gently laid the matter down. .

i'm afraid, she was just nothing to the eyes of the people present. In their own eyes, is she just a thing that they can sacrifice at any time?

When she saw Madam Guo was about to take Ye Jinli away, Ye Qingli waved her hand and said, "You can't just leave too soon!"

She looked straight at Ye Jinli and devilishly said, " Actually, It is not difficult for me to forgive her. I just want her to obediently kneel in front of me and kowtow nines times..You must also give back my mother's dowry that you stole with your filthy hands! Then I will forget the matter as if it did not happen at all!"

Ye Jinli bit her lips until it was about to burst out, "You'll die for this….."

Madam Guo quickly covered her mouth, so that she did not say it aloud.

Madam Guo's face was also somewhat ugly.

Forcing a young woman to kneel and kowtow to a person even if she is her own elder sister, is absolutely not a nice thing to do.

Old Madam Qiu laughed like she heard a very funny thing and said, "Haha Tai'er, you see, this dead girl simply does not put her parents in her eyes at all!"

Ye Qingli did not mind the barkings of the dog. She instead turned around and looked at Ye Jinli, "If you still want to resolve this matter, if you still want to marry to the Ceng Family, then you better do what I say obediently!"

Thinking of the marriage certificate, Madam Guo eventually suppressed the burning anger in her heart.

She smiled and said, "The hatred on big girl's heart still did not vanish. Well I hope your grudge against your sister will vanish tonight. Jin Li, are you still not going to apologize?"

Ye Jinli's heavy footsteps slowly went towards the front of Ye Qingli, her knees went soft as she forced herself to kneel down.

Then she said, word by word, "Please….sis…sister forgive me!"

If she could kill with her eyes, Ye Qingli would already have been killed a hundred times, over and over again.

Ye Qingli snickered as she watch Ye Jinli kneel before her. She smiled and said to Madam Guo, "Aunt, in those days, my mother left enormous possessions meant for my dowry and they are in your yard. Since I don’t have any desire to tie the knot, so I would trouble you to give it all back!"

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