Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 25

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 25

Ye Zhongtai heavily frowned, "You did such a thing?"

Madam Guo's cursed in her heart but she remained calm and collected. She snickered and said, "All of those things are precious and costly, and I was afraid that the big girl will damage it. So I took it all away and stored it in my courtyard. I was going to give it back when it needs to be used. Since the big girl said so, then I will immediately depart and hand it back."

Ye Qingli smiled and said, "Very weil, then I'll be in my courtyard waiting for Aunt to hand it back. Aunt better move quick, if you don't give back the complete dowry, how will I explain Ye Jinli's situation to the Ceng Family?"

Madam Guo was almost choked by her words.

That was an obvious menacing threat!

She reluctantly made a smile and was about to speak when Ye Qingli continued, "Aunt, the moment I first came back to the estate, I heard some bad rumors roaming around. It was specifically saying that I elope and ran off with someone or whatnot. If this spreads out, it will affect the famous reputation of the Ye Family. Since Aunt is the one who manages the house, I'm afraid wouldn't it be something not good to see?"

Madam Guo was currently the head over all the personnel in the estate, they have to bow down to whatever she commands. .

She said while accompanied while a laugh, "The big girl should rest assured, if those servants continues to gossip about it, I will naturally clean them up one by one!"

At this time, the sky was almost about to light up, Ye Qingli sluggishly stretched her waist, "Well, Aunt should remember what I said today. I was there when mother wrote down a list of the dowry she left me. I want all to be right there, each and every one. Otherwise, I will not give my signature!"

With the aura surrounding Madam Guo, she was already restraining her anger to the point where she can't play kind any longer.

She originally wanted to steal and hide a few of the precious objects.

Jiang Yunge was born in the Jiangnan Family, and that was the real family which one can call extremely extravagant. It was a family that this upstart Ye Family, which just recently became utterly wealthy, can not match nor compare to.

In those days, when Jiang Yunge married Ye Zhongtai, she did not know how many hearts she has broken and smashed into pieces.

The dowry she left was not just immensely rich and extravagant, it was treasures handed down from generations prior. Madam Gup had already decorated some of it inside her room, she even divided and gave some of it to her daughters.

Now thinking about giving those things back, a burst of pain exploded within her.

Ye Qingli this slut clearly just seized seven inches of her.

She grudgingly filled her face with a smile, feeling that she no longer can't support it there.

At this time, Ye Qingli finally said, "I'm going to have a rest. Aunt don't you dare bother me today and remember that!"

She was still a person afterall, so after finished, she went back towards her courtyard.

When she first arrived at the Ye Estate, it was also her first time seeing her own personal courtyard. If she did not possess the residual memories of the original Ye Qingli, she absolutely wouldn’t have found where it’s located..

It was just too remote and isolated!

Moreover, it was near the west gate where vehicles carrying feces and slobs passed by. Thus, her courtyard has an overbearing stench of utter smelliness.

She opened her courtyard and Little He worryingly welcomed her, "Young miss, are you alright?"

Ye Qingli once again lazily stretched out, " Little girl, did you do what I said? Have you transferred my things?"

Little He hurriedly nodded cutely, "They are in the study room!"

Although this courtyard was in terrible condition, but after all, it was still somewhat better than the firewood room. Besides the bedroom, there was also a study room.

Her mother, Jiang Yunge, was the Jiangnan Family's famous, talented woman. The books that she lovingly left for her can all fill up three huge rooms, Madam Guo was not interested in these things so she just piled it in a heap in the room.

Ye Qingli was not interest in these books either, she threw the books in a corner, freed up the table, and then began dispensing the various herbs and medicine.

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