Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 26

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 26

She took the medicine called "Ling Yu Zhi" (Spirit Jade Fat). She first saw this written on a medicinal prescription within an ancient book. In her past life, she used this treatment to make a facial treatment mask. If knowledge about this emerged, it will definitely cause big shot royal and aristocratic families to go crazily berserk. This small bottle will cost millions, for you can't see anything like this in the market.

Little He stared at her with eyes of awe and amazement. When Ye Jinli saw the determined and committed look on her small face, she suddenly remembered something and asked, "Little He, you are staying in a room with Liu mama right? Is your relationship with her good?. "

Little He timidly nodded, "Liu mama and my mother are pretty close, so she is like a second mother to me."

"Uh huh." Ye Qingli nodded her head, "You should meet her today, and tell her the words that I'm about to say. You should then learn from her. "

After Ye Qingli said the words, Little He tried to remember the sentence, word by word. But after listening, she was absolutely surprised, "Young miss, you are…..but doing this……will completely ruin and corrupt the second young miss's reputation ah!"

Ye Qingli said with disapproval, "Everyone has witnessed this with their own eyes, I would just truthfully announce it out to all once more, and nothing more."

Back in the city, Ye Jinli was discovered that she had committed illicit sexual relationship, and owing thanks to the participation of the army, there were not many people who heard about it. Undoubtedly afterwards, the Ye Family tried to find ways sealing the mouths of the people. At least within the Ye Estate, Ye Qingli haven't heard of such rumors roaming about.

All she now has to do is quietly spread this rumors around.

In an estate filled with people, of course their most favorite pastimes was sharing gossips.

It won't take long until the reputation of Ye Jinli will stink like feces in the streets.

She wants to successfully marry into the Ceng Family? In her dreams!

Little He quietly said, " Young miss, I'm afraid doing this would not be so good. It will damage your own reputation too. You also fought against the Madam today, if word of this spreads out, people would undoubtedly say that you have a very bad temper."

Ye Qingli said with a smile, " Little He, are you questioning me? Could it be that you are still thinking of the days of the past?"

After she said in a slightly much more heavier tone, Little He immediately became scared and kneeled to the ground, "Young miss, that is not what I meant. You wouldn't be able to marry right now. And if such reputation about you spreads out, how will you able to marry well?"

Little He anxiously cried out quickly.

Ye Qingli laughed involuntarily, "If possible, I am more willing expose the reputation of how evil the mother and the daughter pair are, even if it costs my reputation. Then no one would ever dare bully us again."

She grabbed the shoulder of Little He and seriously said, "You have to remember that in the world, we could not count on anyone, we can only rely on our own selves."

She curled up her own lips, "For example, a person like Ceng Monan, what would one count on after marrying him?"

She had already understood that this world does not consider men as superior beings to women. Although the status of women is still a bit lower than that of men, but they can come out and do things that they want. For example, Madam Guo and Ye Yunxiao are the ones who handles Ye Family's many businesses.

If she relies on her hands, feet, and her own medical skills, how can they die of extreme hunger? If she is able to live well by her own, does she still need to rely on a man?

At this moment, she does not want to leave the Ye Estate yet. At least, she wants to ask a repayment for the the things she endured. She will make those people utterly suffer!


The Orchid Pearl courtyard was in an utterly chaotic mess.

Ye Zhongtai did not come back here, and directly slept on the yard of another aunt. (TN: Another bitch aka a concubine I think. )

Madam Guo knew that he was extremely dissatisfied with the events that occurred.

She wasn't concerned about it at all, there are a lot of ways she can restore back her husband’s heart.

The thing which made her extremely angry was none other than Ye Qingli!

"That slutty bitch, how did she become so clever?"

At her feet were the remains of seven or eight smashed vases, her chest were heaving up and down as she paced around the room, breathing heavily..

After a while, a person's smile came behind her.

"Well, after hovering above the gates death, her whole personality totally changed. There was nothing strange about it. Mother, how about we first use her, we oblige to her till some degree, and after all of this is over, we can then fix her up."

"Yunxiao, you are my only good daughter. But now, we are still within her fingers and there are other people helping her. Do you have any way to deal with her?"

Ye Yunxiao's face revealed a hint of a chilly smile, "Although we can not mention anything about elopement, but she did fell into the hands of the bandits. Plus, she did spend a night away from home, and if what I'm thinking is true….."

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